How to plant potted tomatoes

Determined tomatoes are ideal for potted plants

One of the most consumed foods in our diet is most likely tomatoes, so we are going to explain how to plant tomatoes in pots. It can be consumed both raw and cooked. Also, it is easy to combine in many different dishes, such as sauces, salads, baked, etc. The tomato has many beneficial properties for our health, since it is rich in some antioxidant vitamins such as, for example, A, C and E. It also contains a very high level of some B vitamins, folic acid and different minerals.

If you are starting to grow your own vegetables and fruits at home, we are going to give you some tips on how to plant potted tomatoes. Having our own crops has several advantages: We get fresh fruits and vegetables, we make sure they do not carry harmful products, we save money and we generate a very good feeling of satisfaction.

How do you plant a tomato in a pot?

To plant potted tomatoes we must cut the tomato from the supermarket into slices

Before explaining how to plant tomatoes in pots, it is important that we know how to differentiate between two large groups of tomatoes:

  1. The determined tomatoes: Branched and compact plant that does not need to be pruned. Its growth is limited. This is ideal for potting at home.
  2. Indeterminate Tomatoes: They have unlimited growth and need a very large space. They are usually grown in gardens.

First Steps

We can plant potted tomatoes through purchased seeds or even using a tomato that we have bought in the supermarket. Next we are going to explain the steps to follow to grow this vegetable in a pot:

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  1. First you have to fill the pot with moistened substrate.
  2. If we want to buy the seeds of a tomato bought in the supermarket, we must cut it into half-centimeter slices.
  3. These slices are placed in the pot filled with moistened substrate separately.
  4. Once the slices are placed, We cover them with more substrate.
  5. In the event that the substrate is not damp, it must be watered.
  6. It is best to leave the pot with the seeds near a window to give it sunlight.

Individual seedbeds

After taking the first steps, after five to seven days the seeds will begin to germinate. Once this happens, we must plant these sprouts in individual seedbeds in order for them to grow properly. We are now going to comment on the steps to follow for this activity:

  1. First we must fill the seedbeds with the substrate.
  2. Then we will plant the shoots one by one.
  3. Finally we must add new substrate above each of the seedbeds. The objective is to ensure that most of both the root and the stem remain inside.
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With this we already have the potted tomatoes ready. The only thing left is provide good plant care and wait for them to grow to be able to enjoy some delicious homemade tomatoes.

When is the time to plant tomatoes?

The most advisable thing is to plant the seeds of the tomatoes early spring. At this time, temperatures no longer tend to drop below 11ºC, which is essential since this plant does not survive at lower temperatures during its growth stage.

What pot to use to plant tomatoes?

To plant potted tomatoes, the type of pot is important

An important aspect to take into account when figuring out how to plant potted tomatoes is the type of pot that we should use. Obviously, the bigger it is, the better for the plant. However, the recommended minimum size is 30 inches in diameter and 45 inches deep.

It is also advisable to avoid that the pot is made of some heavy material so that it is not very difficult to move it. Thus, plastic pots are a good option. In addition, it is a good idea to place a specific plate underneath so that the drained water remains there after irrigation. So that the water can be drained, the pot should have at least one hole in the bottom. Otherwise, the plant would end up rotting due to an excess of water.

How to Plant Tomatoes in a Pot: Care

Potted tomatoes require certain care

Finally, we have to talk about the care that we must provide to the plant. Now that we know when and how to plant potted tomatoes, let's discuss the maintenance it requires.

  • Irrigation: It is necessary to avoid that the earth remains dry, but with care, we must not go with the water either so as not to drown the plants. As a general rule, the hotter it is, the more water the tomato plant will need.
  • Pests: All crops are at risk of plague. These can be caused by insects, parasites, snails, viruses or fungi. It is important to determine the cause in order to find a solution.
  • Sunlight: Although it is vital for their development, the sun can burn plants if you are exposed to it for a long time.
  • Wind: We must avoid placing the plants in places with a lot of wind.

Now that you know everything you need to plant potted tomatoes, you just have to get down to work. You can see that it is a simple task that will provide you with delicious tomatoes. Good luck and enjoy!

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