How to plant strawberries in a pot

Strawberries don't require a lot of space

Who doesn't like strawberries? These delicious red fruits are very popular with people, but they tend to have a somewhat high price in supermarkets. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people decide to grow them at home. In order to help you, we are going to explain in this article how to plant strawberries in a pot. Contrary to what most people think, the plants that bear this fruit do not require much space.

When planting strawberries in pots, the only thing we will need is a balcony or window-type space with a large windowsill in our home. Obviously, a terrace or a garden are also ideal to place these plants. Nevertheless, There are a number of things and aspects to consider, not to mention the aftercare that strawberries require. If you want to know how to plant strawberries in a pot, I recommend that you keep reading.

How are potted strawberries planted?

Strawberry pots must have a good drainage system

There is the possibility of planting strawberries by cultivating the seed. Nevertheless, the chances of success are higher if we reproduce the plant through seedlings or cuttings. When choosing the soil, the ideal for growing strawberries is a clay soil mixed with soil, as it retains water better. But beware! Too much water is bad for these plants as their roots rot easily. Therefore we must drain it as soon as it is too much.

Strawberries on the plant
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How is growing strawberries in a pot?

To know how to plant strawberries in a pot, it is important that they take the plant right at the point that is above the surface of the earth. A good option is to create a small mound in the soil mix and spread the roots over it. Then we must cover them and add water. If necessary, we can also add a potting mix that is sold ready-made. Once we have planted or sown this vegetable, it is essential to keep the soil always moist.


After planting the strawberries, there are a series of cares that we must carry out or promote so that the plant grows and develops correctly, thus providing us with the desired fruits. First, strawberries require six to eight hours of sun each day. With this amount the plant will have more fruits and more flowers. In the event that it can only obtain sunlight from a single direction, we must rotate the pot about three or four times a day so that the plant ends up growing equally in all parts.

Considering that we already know how to plant strawberries in pots, we must also be aware of the amount of water they require. No matter how good the drainage of the pot is, we must always be aware that the soil does not dry out and keep it moist. Otherwise, the strawberries will end up wilting and dying. At least one watering a day will be essential. We must also remember that plants need nutrients, including strawberries. For these vegetables the ideal is feed them once a month with a liquid fertilizer with a high phosphorus content.

Also, strawberries are not safe from pests and diseases. Like all other vegetables, these also require special attention in terms of insects, birds and other beings that can affect strawberries. A screen is a good idea to protect plants from birds and other larger animals that might eat them. Among the most common pests of strawberry plants are the following:

  • Strawberry beetle
  • Mildew
  • Gray mold
  • Rot
  • Aphid

Types of strawberries

Apart from knowing how to plant strawberries in pots, we must also be aware of the type of strawberry we are growing, since its care may vary slightly. Anyone can grow and develop in containers. While most strawberries can be started in early summer, neutrals may take a little longer. Instead, they can be planted during more times of the year. Neutral strawberries can be harvested between two and three harvests each season. However, if we plant strawberries during the winter, they will need protection from the cold in order to thrive properly.

To choose the type of pot, the only thing we really have to take into account is have a good drainage system. This implies that it has holes in the lower part through which the water can escape, or several holes distributed throughout the pot. Since strawberries have a small root ball, the pot can also be quite small. With a diameter of thirty centimeters and a depth of eight inches, it is enough. However, we must bear in mind that the irrigation depends on the size of the container: The smaller the dimensions of it, the greater the frequency of irrigation required.

When to plant strawberries at home?

The best time to plant strawberries is between November and March

Now that we know how to plant strawberries in a pot, we have to find out when to do it. The best time to perform this task is between the months of November and March. Luckily, strawberries adapt quite well to any room. However, his favorite places are sunny. Even so, they bear well the low temperatures that winter brings.

How long does it take for a strawberry plant to grow?

Once the strawberry planting has been carried out, these plants produce their fruits after approximately ten months, although this time changes depending on the variety. The ideal time to collect the fruits is between May and June on a regular basis. When the strawberries are completely red is when they should be picked. Once they start to fade, they also lose flavor. It is generally recommended not to collect strawberries during the first year, as this helps the plant to gain strength and end up producing many more strawberries in the coming years.

With this information about how to plant strawberries in pots, we already have everything to be able to enjoy these delicious fruits grown in our home.

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