How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo

How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo

Surely you have seen lucky bamboo in some decoration store and even in someone you know's house. You may have been struck by its simple appearance, with just a green stem, a flexible but compact texture and some long, narrow leaves. As soon as you have investigated, you will have discovered that it is the lucky bamboo and, perhaps, this has drawn your attention to it even more. We teach you how to propagate lucky bamboo so that you too can begin to cultivate it and feel blessed by its luck, or is its name nothing more than a myth? 

It has a simple beauty that goes great with decorative purposes in any minimalist home. That's why it has also become so popular, even though it is a plant that comes from none other than Africa. You want to know more? Keep reading.

What is lucky bamboo

It is one thing that you have come across it and another that you know all the secrets of this species, because if you like it because it is simple, it also attracts because of its curiosity and because of the superstitions, positive in this case, that exist around this stem. 

How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo

It is called lucky bamboo o lucky bamboo, although it is not really a bamboo, but it is quite similar and, because of its similarity, they have given it this nickname. The botanical name of this plant is dracaena sanderiana. And, in fact, the fact that luck and fortune are attributed to this specimen is precisely because it reminds us of bamboo. 

Lucky bamboo in Feng Shui

Feng Shui has a lot to do with this positive concept about lucky bamboo because, according to what it says, having it at home attracts chi energy. It will help us activate energy that is stagnant, increasing positive energy and, with this, attracting health, fortune and prosperity in general. 

This plant would represent the 5 elements: wood, earth, water, metal and fire. The wood would be the stem, the earth the substrate, the water its means of life, the metal the pot where it would be grown and we can represent the fire by tying a red ribbon around the stem. 

How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo

Also appealing to why this bamboo is lucky, the belief dictates that, depending on the number of stems, we will receive more or less fortune. For example, a stem would mean a simple life; while two stems call to love; three stems symbolize wealth, happiness and longevity; From five stems health, harmony and well-being are attracted.

With these beliefs, it is not surprising that so many people have joined the trend of learning to care for a lucky bamboo to make it shine at home or in the office, give a lively and oxygenating green to the space in question and feel good sharing time with this special plant. 

Do you also want to learn propagate a lucky bamboo? We are going to explain how to do it.

Learn to reproduce lucky bamboo

If you're thinking about reproduce lucky bamboo, you should know that there are several methods. We can choose between propagation in soil, in water or by dividing the stems. 

Propagate lucky bamboo in water

The most common is propagate lucky bamboo in water. For this, you have to cut a stem, immerse it in a container with water and wait a few months until the roots appear. Prevent the water from rotting by removing the leaves from the submerged part of the stem and changing the water every time you notice it becoming cloudy or, as a precaution, every week.

It should give it indirect light and, when the roots reach about 2 centimeters of growth, you can transplant the bamboo into the ground if you want. Although you can also leave it in water. 

Propagating lucky bamboo on land

How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo

If you prefer propagate lucky bamboo in soil, the steps to follow are the same as we have seen before, but once it takes root, you can transfer it to a pot with substrate. It is preferable to apply cactus substrate and succulents, as it will help preserve humidity but without waterlogging.

Place it where it receives a lot of indirect light and enjoy its beauty and good vibes!

Propagate Lucky Bamboo by Dividing Stems

It consists of separating the plant into small sections and planting each one in a pot or vase. 

What are the care of lucky bamboo?

How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo

As we have seen, light is important for lucky bamboo, so that it grows healthy and beautiful, although it is not essential either, since we have seen stems that have been indoors, in semi-shaded spaces or with low light and they have also been able to thrive. What you do have to avoid is direct sun, because its leaves would burn. 

As for irrigation, relative humidity, without the soil drying out, but without it accumulating in the roots. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid tap water and water with filtered water. Especially if you notice that the leaves have brown spots, which could indicate the accumulation of salts and fluoride that is in the water.

You should also prune, to eliminate damaged leaves and to cut canes that have too much foliage or that have become shorter. 

Most common problems in lucky bamboo

Un common problem in lucky bamboo is that the leaves turn yellow. It may be due to water as a result of salts or light conditions. Remember that the light should be moderate, neither too much nor too little, because insufficient light can cause the bamboo to collapse, but too much light can burn the leaves or turn them yellow.

Always remove dead leaves to prevent major problems and to make the plant look prettier and healthier.

With these simple cares it is how to propagate lucky bamboo making your plant last a long time healthy and, if you are a believer in these eastern philosophies, attracting fortune to your home. Don't forget to place it in the east area, so that it can perform its function as a talisman better. 

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