How to reproduce the beech tree

Fagus sylvatica seedlings

El beech, known by the scientific name of Fagus sylvatica, is an imposing tree native to central and western Europe that can grow to an incredible height of 40 meters. It is a very interesting species to have in large gardens with a temperate-cold climate, where it can grow and develop until it becomes one of the magnificent specimens that we can see in the images of European forests.

In addition, it is beautiful all year round, especially in autumn, which is when its leaves turn an ocher color. So, Would you like to know how to reproduce the beech tree?

Fagus sylvatica seeds

The beech is a tree that reproduces solely by seeds. To sow them, they have to be obtained in autumn, which is when they finish maturing, and sow directly in pots so that nature can take its course and wake them up in spring, or by stratifying them in the fridge. Let's see how to proceed in each case:

Sow directly into pots

If you live in a climate where you find these trees planted in the gardens, and if the temperature in winter stays cool or even cold, you can sow the seeds in a pot following these steps:

  • Remove the seed wrapper.
  • Fill the seedbed (you can use pots, forest trays, milk containers, peat pellets) with universal growing medium mixed with 30% perlite.
  • Place the seed on the surface, and cover it with a little substrate, enough so that it cannot be blown away by the wind.
  • Water.
  • Place the seedbed in semi-shade.

Keep the substrate moist, and in the course of two to three months they will begin to germinate.

How to stratify beech seeds

If you live in a warm-temperate climate, with winters with very mild frosts (down to -2ºC), to achieve a high percentage of germination I recommend that stratify the seeds in a tupperware in the fridge for three months.

It is done as follows:

  • Fill a clear plastic tupperware with vermiculite.
  • Introduce the seeds.
  • Bury them a little with vermiculite, so that they cannot be seen with the naked eye and are protected.
  • Spray until you see that it is very wet, but not watery.
  • Add a pinch of copper or sulfur to prevent fungus.
  • Cover the tupperware, and put it in the fridge (where you put the sausages, milk, etc.).

For prevention, once a week you should open the lid so that the air is renewed.

Once spring arrives, the seeds are sown in pots with substrates that have very good drainage, such as black peat mixed with perlite in equal parts, or even with akadama mixed with 30% kiryuzuna.

Fagus sylvatica

This way you can have several seedlings of the beech tree.

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  1.   Fran said

    Hello, where do I get the copper or does it go for the fungi? Any brand?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Fran.

      Look in The Amazon for example they sell at a good price.

      Also in any nursery or garden center you will surely find.