How to water trees

how to water trees

The trees do not have the same care as the rest of the bushes and flowers that we have in the gardens. They tend to get much more water because they generally need. Irrigation in trees is somewhat more complicated to control than it seems. Especially if the specimens are kept on the ground directly. Have to know how to water trees if we want to keep them healthy.

Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you how to water trees and what you should take into account for it.

Amount of water trees need

city ​​trees

Fortunately, we live on a planet with diverse climates, soils and habitats, which means that a large number of tree species live in areas with different conditions. Some live in areas where Rainfall is scarce and the sun is so strong that the land dries up quickly. However, other species have adapted to living in a place where the rain is very abundant and the temperature is always warm. In between these two extremes, there are many other settings or habitats.

Therefore, when we want to buy a tree for the garden or plant it in a pot, we have to find out its origin, because the care it has received until then is not always enough.

How to water potted trees

tree watering

If you plant a tree in a pot, it is not difficult to control the watering. You just need to pour the water in until you see it coming out of the drain hole and soaking into the substrate. If you see that the liquid flows to both sides, that is, between the substrate and the pot, you should put the pot in a basin of water. This is because the soil is too dry.

The frequency of watering will vary greatly depending on the season you are in, which is why I always like the same advice: check the soil moisture, for example, water once and weigh the pot again a few days later, or use a classic stick. When you put the stick in the ground and a lot of soil adheres to it, the ground is still wet.

How to water trees in the garden

root irrigation systems

We may have the trees in a garden. To do this, we must learn how to water trees in the garden. One of the most general questions that we see is the amount of water to use. It depends on the size of the tree. There is a belief that is to irrigate the surface that occupies the size of its crown since the root system matches its size. Although this is not entirely true, it can serve as a reference. In this way, we are guaranteeing that the tree is hydrated throughout its roots.

We are going to solve some problems to avoid future ones. Broadly speaking, there are two main types of tree roots. One of them is the taproot. It is the one that is thicker and the one that serves as an anchor for the tree. The rest of the finer roots are called secondary roots that fulfill the function of the search for water absorption. The taproot is the one that grows downwards, although it usually stays in the first 70 centimeters of soil. The others grow even more distant since they have to spread out to be able to capture as much water as possible on the surface.

When we water the trees we must add more water so that it reaches all the roots. In general, if the plant is two meters high, ten liters is enough. Instead, if they measure four meters or more, ten liters is usually few.

With all this in mind, we can use a digital hygrometer to check the moisture of the soil, when it enters the soil, it will tell us how wet it is. You can do a manual method to know if it is necessary to water the tree. Is about dig a bit into the earth about 10 centimeters deep and if the earth is humid at this depth, it means that even more humid earth will be found deeper, since the sun's rays cannot reach so far inside.

Excess irrigation

One of the most abundant and frequent problems of people who do not know how to water trees is that they water excessively. This can lead to root asphyxia. The first symptoms of root suffocation are: growth stagnation, widespread decay, chlorosis, and deciduous leaves. Many people think that this is due to lack of water, because the symptoms are similar, and they insist on making mistakes.

The solution is to stop watering and let the soil dry out. If the damage is small, the tree will be improved. So some fungi can use their advantages to attack the root system. Phytophthora and other pathogens are always at risk when there is too much water. Even the use of fungicides before the onset of the disease can be an interesting measure to avoid further damage. For example, Aliette (Fosetyl-Al) is suitable for Phytophthora and Pythium.

How to water more demanding trees

As you might expect, there are also trees that are more demanding in terms of the amount of water they need. For example, ash, willow, elm, maple, and birch trees are more demanding when it comes to how much water they need. This is usually found in riverside areas so it needs more humidity.

Fruit trees require more water while fattening their fruits, especially late-ripening varieties, because they cover a longer summer. In the case of citrus or orange trees, the fruit can abort or crack due to irregular watering.

It goes without saying that the garden in Oviedo is different from the garden in Almería. Irrigation is necessary when there is a deficit between the amount of rain that reaches our plants and their demand for water.

In the Cantabrian Sea, where there is more rainfall and less evaporation, the summer water supply will be reduced to a reduced number of concentrated irrigation. On the Andalusian coast, irrigation must continue until winter.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to water trees.

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