Ideas to decorate the garden gazebo with plants

ideas to decorate a garden gazebo with plants

When the good weather arrives, there is nothing more pleasant than being able to spend some time relaxing in the outdoor spaces of our home. If you are lucky enough to have a more or less large garden, you can install a gazebo to enjoy evenings in the company of the family, or even to read for a while quietly in an environment full of plants. So that this part of your house is as beautiful as the rest, on this occasion we bring you a series of ideas to decorate the garden gazebo with plants.

Our goal is for this small corner to become a garden that helps you disconnect from the stress of everyday life. A space in which you feel totally comfortable and that is your refuge.

Vertical vines for your gazebo

The best vines for your gazebo

A few vines can turn your gazebo into a haven of greenery. Not only They will give this structure a much more natural and aesthetic appearance, but they will provide you with shade and make this area much cooler in summer.

You can choose from classic varieties such as ivy to more exuberant and flowering ones. Here are a few ideas:

  • English ivy. It is the classic vine, capable of providing dense coverage and perennial greenery. It has in its favor that it grows very quickly and it is very resistant. In addition, it can adapt to different light conditions, and hardly needs any attention.
  • Wisteria. This vigorously growing vine is perfect for adorning the walls of your gazebo, because brings elegance and charm. Although it is beautiful all year round, in spring its beauty is even more impressive thanks to its hanging clusters of flowers.
  • Honeysuckle. Among the ideas to decorate the garden gazebo with plants, honeysuckle is one of our Favorite options for covering the vertical structure. Because it attracts attention with its colorful trumpet-shaped flowers and, in addition, its pleasant aroma attracts pollinators that will contribute to the biodiversity of your garden.
  • Climbing rose bush. Can you imagine yourself in a space covered by roses during the spring months? Climbing roses can transform a simple arbor in a romantic corner where you can enjoy the intoxicating fragrance of roses.
  • Jasmine. Speaking of good aromas, jasmine is another option to decorate the gazebo and enjoy the beauty and incomparable aroma of its flowers.

Hanging garden: ideas to decorate the garden gazebo with plants without “stealing” space

This way you can have a hanging garden.

If your gazebo is not very large and you do not want the plants to end up taking up more space than they should, you can create a small hanging garden. To achieve this, you just have to follow these steps:

Select hanging plants

You can choose different varieties of succulents, begonias, spider plants, ribbons, gypsy plants... But make sure the plants you choose can adapt well to the light, temperature and humidity conditions of your garden.

This rwill reduce the need for maintenance and it will guarantee you strong, healthy and beautiful plants.

Use hanging pots

We are decorating, so we are also going to give some prominence to the pots. ANDChoose varieties that fit well within the style What are you looking for for your garden in general and for the gazebo in particular.

The options are endless: ceramic pots covered with macramé, wicker pots, metal baskets or baskets made of natural fibers such as coconut, etc. Yes indeed, make sure your chosen pot has holes to drain excess water after irrigation.

Play with levels and heights

Do not put all hanging pots at the same height, Break the symmetry with pots of different sizes and located at different heights. This way you get a three-dimensional effect that is much more beautiful.

You can also break the homogeneity of the space if you combine plants of different colors, sizes and textures.

Strategically placed flower pots

When it comes to ideas for decorating the garden gazebo with plants, it is not always necessary for us to overthink things or go to the most complicated things. Because the classics still work today just as good as decades ago.

A simple and quick way to give your gazebo a green touch is to place pots with plants in strategic corners. For example, in each of the four corners you can place a large pot and, in them, put plants that are leafy and tall. If you are looking for an exotic touch, you can put a banana or a palm.

In three of the four holes formed by the walls of the gazebo (we will always leave one free so we can enter and exit comfortably), you can install more elongated planter-type pots. In them you can put seasonal plants with flowers, like petunias during spring and summer and pansies for fall and winter.

This way you ensure that the gazebo will always have a green and somewhat exotic touch provided by the large plants, and also some color that the smaller plants add.

If you have a large table in your gazebo, you can put some pots on top of it to create a nice centerpiece. In this case, what We advise you to plant aromatic herbs. Not only will they be used for cooking, but many of them, such as basil, are a natural repellent for mosquitoes.

Create a magical corner with ideas to decorate the garden gazebo with plants

How to distribute plants in your gazebo

Whatever style you like and whatever plants you choose, the goal is to turn the gazebo into a prominent area within the patio of your home. To achieve that magical effect, don't forget to provide soft and diffuse lighting.

LED string lights, solar lanterns and hanging lamps are good alternatives to enjoy soft lighting that is perfect for summer nights.

Transforming your gazebo with plants and decorative elements will create a natural environment and harmonious that will become the favorite corner of all family members. Even the guests won't want to leave!

We hope that these ideas for decorating the garden gazebo serve as inspiration for you. Can you tell us what you have in mind for yours?

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