Ideas with pallets for garden

Ideas with pallets for garden

Are you one of those who like to take care of the environment and recycle elements to give them a second or third life? If so, and you have some hand to build things, plus access to pallets, how about we give you some ideas with pallets for garden?

We are going to inspire you so that you can have everything you have dreamed of in the garden but in a much more sustainable and, above all, cheaper way. So now it's up to you to decide which project to start. Sure there are many that catch your attention.

Flower pot shelf

One of the easiest garden pallet ideas to make is a potting rack. This is characterized by using the pallet vertically, removing some of the boards and being guided by the three supports it has to be able to place pots on them.

You can divide them and put the name of each plant, or group them, and thus you will always know what is in each one.

Of course, we recommend that you be plants that do not grow too much, so they don't easily run out of small space.

A variation of this is to also use it as a seedbed, since you can close the part of the supports, put soil in them and use it for planting. And, of course, even easier, without doing anything (other than sanding and painting it perhaps) you could use it as a four-shelf shelf. Or more if you join several pallets.

A table made with pallets

furniture made with pallets

Another idea with garden pallets is to build a table with them. It can be very easy, the only thing you will need is to have several pallets to allocate one to the table and another to make the legs; or stack two or three and fix them on the same structure. The remaining gaps can be used to store items, and so that it moves you can choose wheels or by legs so that it rises from the ground.

If you do not want the separation between the boards to be seen, there are options, between covering them, placing a tablecloth or even a vinyl or similar to cover the area.

A swing bed

If you are one of those who like hanging hammocks, why not use pallets to build a more solid structure and where you could even put a bed? You are right, using a pallet and reinforcing it a little; By adding some chains (one in each corner) and fixing them to the ceiling, you can have a sturdy structure.

Then you just have to put a mattress and some cushions on it, and you are sure to take incredible naps in that place.

A chair or bed

sofa and chairs with pallets

And speaking of rest, do you know that among the ideas with garden pallets, one of them prevents you from buying garden furniture? Specifically, we are talking about the fact that you will not have to get hold of sofas or chairs. You can make them yourself with pallets.

The most basic consist of placing one or two pallets on the floor (one on top of the other) and fix a third vertically to one side of the pallets. This way you will have the structure of a chair. Later, buying some soft cushions will be more than enough.

In short, you will save a lot.

What do you want a sofa? No problem, you just have to use more pallets far and wide to make it as you want.

If you give the wood a primer to withstand inclement weather, you will have no problem leaving it out and you would only have to store the cushions so that they do not get wet or deteriorate.

A path made with pallets

One of the problems when laying paths is that these, over time, can sink, especially if the path is made with tiles placed on the same floor. But what if instead of using that you use pallets? These will not only lift you a few inches off the ground, but will also allow you to make a little corner in the garden or terrace that looks like a place of peace.

You could use it to meet people as a separate space, or even to have the pots and your garden placed there and enjoy the flowers, vegetables and fruits that you want.

A nice wall

Another idea with garden pallets is to build a small wall with it. It can be one of separation or even one that reinforces the walls of your garden, since you would place it fixed on the wall covering it with the wood of the pallets.

As a result is that you will have a somewhat smaller space, but also intimate and warm, as only wood knows how to do it.

Between the gaps you can hang some lanterns or even flower pots.

A pool

This is a much more ambitious project and, above all, more complicated to do. For this, at least 10 pallets are needed but if you want to make it smaller there is not much problem either. You will also need plastic tarp, both at the base and also to cover the entire circumference of the pool.

To do this, you just have to join the pallets in a circular way, or forming a polygon (a decagon) so that they are all one. Next you have to place the plastic canvas and put it tight enough and without wrinkles so that it works correctly. Finally, you will only have to fill it but, first, we recommend that you install a small portable purifier since this will conserve water much better from one season to another.

And to remove the water? Well, there are emptying systems, so you don't have to worry.

Garden lamp

Another idea with garden pallets is to create a large lamp in the garden. To do this, you just have to have a simple pallet and place in it some garlands, some led lights or even lanterns hung on the structure to illuminate.

Attach some chains to each corner and attach them all to a support. In this way, even the ceiling will be decorated with pallets.

Sandbox for children

If you have small children, this will surely interest you. And you can make them have their own sandbox. You only have to cover one side of the pallet so that the sand does not come out and, on the other, remove the central support. Fill it with sand and they can play while sitting down.

Do you have more ideas with garden pallets? For sure YES. If you want to share them with us, leave it in the comments so that other people are encouraged to do what you do.

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