You will fall in love with this support for hanging plants from Ikea

Ikea plant stand

If you are as passionate about plants as we are, you will have your terrace or balcony full of pots. The interior of your home is probably also adorned with flower pots that will fill you with life and good vibes every time you look at them. But it is not just about accumulating plants and more plants, but it is positive that there is an order, so that, in addition to the pleasure of taking care of your beautiful specimens, you can also have the space decorated. Therefore, this Ikea hanging plant stand you will fall in love

Plant stands are very fashionable, because they can transform any space with ease, they are quite economical and fit almost any corner. In addition, they are suitable for outdoors and indoors, which makes them versatile, allowing you to take advantage of and, incidentally, decorate any place inside your home or in your garden. 

Next, we are going to present you the fantastic support for hanging plants that Ikea offers us and, in addition, give you a few tips and tricks so that you know how to get the most out of these accessories. 

The support for bamboo plants that you will want to have can be found at Ikea

Ikea plant stand

Ikea has touched our hearts deeply with one of its latest products. Its about plant stand made of bamboo. A gadget that measures 144 centimeters, the perfect measurement to fit wherever you want to place it. It also has double utility, because you can hang pots and also place them on its shelves. This way your small garden or orchard will be perfectly organized. 

It is made of bamboo, a material that is also very fashionable currently because it is resistant and provides that touch of warmth that any home needs. It must also be added that bamboo is a renewable and durable material, so by betting on a product like this you will be contributing to environmental sustainability and, at the same time, acquiring furniture that you can use for many years. 

Regarding the support structure, they are two shelves and a bar. You can hang your pots on the bar, at the same height or playing with different heights to give it more dynamism. You can do the same on the shelves, which you can use to place small pots or to leave tools and supplies that you use to care for your plants. 

Another quality that it has This support is that it weighs very little, so you can easily move it to take it wherever you want, move it from one space to another as it suits you, or simply move it to clean. 

La bar can support a weight of 10 kilos, while the shelves can hold up to 15 kilos. Hang your hanging pots on the three built-in hooks and show off your gardening skills.

To all this we must add that it is easy to clean, as all you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. 

What uses can you give to this support for hanging plants from Ikea?

Ikea hanging plant stand

The basic function of Ikea plant stand We have told you about it, however, your imagination can give it much more use. Because an element like this allows you:

  • Decorate spaces, both in the garden and in an interior or exterior patio, terrace, balcony or roof terrace. And also within your own home, taking advantage of corners that you want to fill with life in any room, including the bathroom where, by the way, it is trendy to decorate with plants. 
  • With a stylish stand you can have more plants, because they will not take up space on your floor, but the vertical format allows you greater order and position your pots in rows, so that, where two would fit, four will fit. If the floor is short, opting for a support for hanging plants will increase the useful space.
  • If you decide to place species of hanging plants, since you have the ideal support for it, you will be benefiting your home, because there are very interesting varieties to have at home such as ferns and spiders. These plants, in addition to being beautiful, improve air quality, purifying it and helping to maintain humidity in the environment. This is essential for people with respiratory problems and for skin health, among others.

How to get the most out of your Ikea hanging plant stand

Since Ikea offers us such fantastic support, let's take advantage of it, don't you think? Here are some tips that will allow you to do it:

  • Take advantage of the charm of hanging plants and fill your home with them. But if you really want them to look great and not just house pots but take advantage of their decorative qualities, place them at different heights, as if you were creating layers of pots and plants. Visually you will achieve a very attractive depth.
  • Look for other Ikea offers and buy your pots with different styles and materials to customize according to the decorative trend you want to highlight. For example, with rustic, modern, elegant, vintage style pots, etc. 
  • Combine not only materials, but also plants. There are so many different species that the difficult thing will be to choose which one to keep. 
  • Another question is, where to place your plant stand? Take into account, above all, the light that your plants will need. Because not all species are the same, but if your plant requires light, you will have to put them where they receive light. 

Advantages of having the Ikea hanging plant stand

We have seen a lot about the usefulness and qualities that these supports have, but what other advantages do we find if we purchase one? Let's see:

  • They create a beautiful aesthetic.
  • You can use the stand to place whatever you want, not only plants and, of course, not only hanging plants, although the built-in hooks are designed for this.
  • You save space, being able to expand the number of pots you can have in your home. 
  • Pots hung on supports will have better drainage, avoiding the accumulation of water that is so harmful to their roots. 
  • It is recommended that you include hanging plants and did you know that these plants can regulate temperature? They act as a thermal insulator and also minimize ambient noise. 

For all these reasons, this Ikea hanging plant stand you will fall in love. She has already convinced us. And you?

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