All about Justice Scheidweileri

Justice Scheidweileri

Curious and pretty is the flower of the Justice Scheidweileri. Also called pink shrimp, perhaps because its shape, in terminal spikes, with a tubular shape and open in two peaks that simulate a kind of lips, one shorter and the other longer, reminds us of these crustaceans. But it is not only its flowers, but also the intense green leaves that also give it beauty. 

We still have a lot to learn about botany and plant species and justice is a good example of this. For this reason, we have decided to give space in this article to learn many curious facts about it and, why not, perhaps some of our readers will be encouraged to cultivate it. 

Having Justice in the garden is a real gift, because its flowers are capable of attracting multiple pollinator species and turning the space into a happy landscape full of positive energies. In addition, it is another of those plants that have medicinal properties, so it is advisable to have it nearby. 

Where does Justice Scheidweileri come from?

Justice Scheidweileri

Justice is a tropical plant whose origins we find in Mexico. Hence it is also called Mexican Justice. Although it receives other names such as Pink Justice, because the main color of its flowers is usually this or, as we mentioned before, “pink shrimp”. In addition to being a popular plant in Mexico, the Scheidweileri is found in areas of Central America

The most common thing is to find it on the edges of the forests, although we can also see it in other places, as long as the environmental conditions are appropriate. 

Characteristics of Justice Scheidweileri

Justice Scheidweileri

This plant belongs to the Acanthaceae family. It is a tall plant that can reach meter and a half and become quite an attraction wherever it is planted. It will not only attract the attention of those who come to see the species, but, especially, of animals such as insects, birds and even hummingbirds. It is precisely for this reason that it is a favorite species to decorate gardens and public places. 

It is a dense plant that has vibrant dark green leaves that are oval in opposite shape and slightly toothed edges. The intense color appears at the top of the leaf, while at the bottom the tone lightens, creating a striking and beautiful contrast. 

But without a doubt, it is its flowers that make the passerby fall in love with it. With its pink, red or purple colors, in the shape of tubules and open into two lips of different lengths, which grow like a spike. It is nature's wise way to make the work of pollinators easier. 

What care does Justice Scheidweileri need? 

As you may be imagining, it is a species that needs climatic conditions typical of a tropical area. In short, the key factors to successfully cultivate Mexican Justice They are as follows. 

Indirect light

Justice Scheidweileri

La Mexican Justice tolerates direct sun, because it is a resistant plant. Although it is not advisable to leave it exposed to the intense sun for too many hours. This must be taken into account when locating it. 

The ideal is to have it where it receives light but indirectly. This way it will receive the light it requires but without risking its leaves.

Mild temperatures

The temperature that will make your Justicia Rosa thrive is a soft temperature, that moves in the ranges from 18º to 24º. If the temperature rises a little, there is no problem, as long as the degrees are not unbearable and excessive. But what the plant will not tolerate are temperatures below 10 degrees. Let us remember that we are dealing with a tropical species and, therefore, cold climates are not its thing. 

How much watering does the “Pink Shrimp” need?

Pink Shrimp needs humidity but not waterlogging. So watering should be sufficient but not excessive. It is best to wait until the top layer of soil has dried before watering again. However, it will be good for it to have stones or pebbles to help it always maintain some humidity or, if we have it at home, place a humidifier nearby. 

What should the floor be like? 

When choosing the soil that will house the crop, it must be soil rich in organic matter and have good drainage to prevent water from accumulating. In addition, it will be good for the plant if you help it develop by adding a good fertilizer in the spring and summer months. 

Justice asks you to prune

Justice Scheidweileri

A frequently asked question when we are faced with the care of a new crop, especially when it comes to ornamental species, is whether or not it is advisable to prune and how often to do this pruning.

The answer in this case is yes, Justice will appreciate that you prune it from time to time. The right moment will be when you see that there are damaged or lifeless leaves. By pruning, you will be able to revitalize the plant, boost its growth and, at the same time, make it look more beautiful. 

How Justice is reproduced

If you are thinking of reproducing specimens, a good formula is to take advantage of the cuttings. But be patient and wait until they have reached at least 10 centimeters, so that they are strong enough to grip the soil and grow.

Common pests and diseases of the species

This is a plant prone to pests and diseases, so you should pay close attention. As for pests, make sure there are no aphids, mites or mealybugs, since they are the most common problems. 

Of the diseases, root rot is the one that occurs most often and is due to excessive watering. You will avoid the disease if you water sparingly and change the substrate so that it has good drainage.

Why plant Justicia Scheidweileri

We have been talking at length about the beauty of Justice and its ability to fill its environment with beautiful and attractive animal species. So with this alone we can give you plenty of arguments to encourage you to cultivate it. 

In addition, there are cultures that have taken advantage of this species for years to treat respiratory diseases and inflammation. It is a medicinal plant, apart from an attractive ornamental for your environment. 

For all this, we found it interesting to talk to you about the Justice Scheidweileri. Did you already know her? What do you think?

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