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lawn fertilizer

If you have grass in your garden, surely you have started adding fertilizer to it with the aim of nourishing it so that it looks healthy. However, are you always using the same brand? Perhaps you are thinking of changing brands but you don't know which one?

Now, We are going to help you to know what you should look for when buying a lawn fertilizer and we will talk about some of the best-known and most appreciated brands for their quality and price.

Best lawn fertilizers

Best lawn fertilizer brands

Would you like to know some of the best lawn fertilizer brands? Then take a look at these that we have collected. We tell you a little about their history so you know where they come from.


Fertibono are specialists in fertilizers. In fact, they are dedicated exclusively to fertilizers, being able to find them not only for lawns, but also for citrus and fruit trees, as well as for the orchard. They also have products for pest control and urban gardens.

Batlle seeds

Semillas Batlle is a fairly old company, since it began in 1802. It has evolved over time but has been focused on specialized agriculture, as well as the marketing and production of seeds.

He currently has two businesses, On the one hand, that of Large cultivation, which is the traditional activity (for which they started) and is based on research, obtaining new varieties of seeds, conservation, production and commercialization of seeds.

On the other hand, they have the orchard and garden division, for gardening enthusiasts.


Solabiol is a subsidiary of the SBM company, but we don't have much more information out there about it. The SBM company is French. It is a family group that was created almost 30 years ago and is currently present in more than 31 countries both in Europe and North America.
It focuses on the care and protection of crops and gardens and has several lines of activity.


Finally, we have Compo, one of the best-known brands for plant care and for the agricultural sector. This company began its journey in 1956 selling potting soil and currently They have a fairly wide range of products based on quality at an affordable price for customers.

Lawn fertilizer buying guide

If you have grass in your garden, surely you take care of it as well as possible so that it does not have bald spots or deteriorate (since the grass itself is quite problematic). Therefore, among the accessories to care for the lawn will be the fertilizer. But, what kind of fertilizer do you use? Is it the most suitable for the type of grass you have? And does it nourish well? Do you have deficiencies?

If you have never wondered before if there are several types of fertilizers according to the needs of the lawn, or if the one you use is the right one, perhaps you should take a look at what, for us, is the most important thing to see before buying ( and no, it's not the price).

grass type

Did you know that there are specific fertilizers depending on the lawn you have? As you know, there is not just one type of grass, but many of them, and each one has different nutritional needs. Therefore, knowing what you should cover the grass will help you choose a good fertilizer.

Types of nutrients for the lawn

To give you an idea, the three main nutrients in a lawn are nitrogen, which is used to give the leaves that bright green; phosphorus, which acts on the roots; and potassium, which prevents diseases.

However, it may be that it needs some more nutrient.

Compost container type

Fertilizer for lawns can come, as for other plants, in several formats: liquid, powder, ground, etc. Therefore, depending on how you are going to cast it, or whether it is easier or more difficult for you to cast it, you should choose one or the other.


Lastly, you have the price. AND this will depend on the above, as well as the amount of subscription you want to buy. If it is more, it can be cheaper than if you buy a small quantity.

In general, you can find the subscriptions from 10 euros with a good quality.

Where to buy?

where to buy compost

The last step you have to take is to buy the lawn fertilizer in a store. For this reason, we have investigated the main ones that are searched on the Internet to help you choose. And this is what you will find.


Amazon is where you will find the most variety. They have well-known brands (such as the ones we have mentioned before) but they also have other unknown ones (that are not in Spain) and they are not bad for that. Sometimes they can even be better.

The only thing you should take into account is the final sale price, since that is where you can find that it is more expensive than buying it elsewhere.

Leroy Merlin

While in Leroy Merlin they have a specific category for subscriptions, The truth is that we recommend using the search engine on the page to focus your search on lawn fertilizer. This way it will give you exactly the products you are looking for.

As for prices, it depends on the quality and type of subscription you choose, but you can find it for less than 10 euros.

Brico Depot

At Bricodepot, at least online, we have not found any product related to lawn fertilizer. That does not mean that there are not, but you will have to physically go to the store to see them.

In fact, doing a more general search on fertilizers, we did not find it either.


As in Leroy Merlin, in Carrefour we recommend you use its search engine to see the products most related to lawn fertilizer. In this case you will have more than in the other stores (except on Amazon). Of course, most (if not all) will be sold by third parties. We recommend that you check in case they have a website and it is cheaper to buy it outside.

Physically in Carrefour it is possible that they have the odd product but there will not be much variety.

Have we helped you choose a lawn fertilizer?

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