Moon seeding calendar

relationship of the moon and plants
The cycles of the moon have been influencing farmers that are part of different cultures and that have been developing around the world for centuries.

And while science has not yet fully understood how sowing works according to a lunar calendar, anecdotal evidence has shown this to be true and offers excellent results.

The study of the lunar seeding calendar

Study each of the phases of the moon and the way in which it influences people and plants, has undoubtedly served to establish when is the right time to sow in order to optimize our health, in addition to improve performance and the development that our plants will have.

How does moon seeding work?

different moon phases to sow
There are a wide variety of methods to sow according to the lunar calendar, although there are several that are really complicated, since those constellations that are very far away should be taken into account and it can become something that is not easy to understand, there are also others, which seem to be simpler and are easy to understand and basically the one that we will give you below consists of relating the ebb and flow of the sap with each of the lunar phases.

During the crescent moon phase

Crescent moon
When moonlight increases the flow of sapThis is why this is the ideal time for you to plant and transplant the annual and biennial growth flowers, as well as melons and grains. Essentially, you can sow any type of plant that has a short life span and that you want to grow its seeds, fruits or flowers.

In addition, it is an ideal time if you want to use liquid fertilizers, prune or make grafts, because the increase in the flow of the sap allows new and much faster growth to develop.

During the waning moon

waning moon

When the light begins to decrease in size, while passing from the crescent moon phase to the new moon phase, the flow of the sap is also diminished And for this reason it concentrates all its energy on the roots, for this reason this is the ideal time if you want to plant those perennials, it is also ideal that you plant plants that have a life span of more than 2 years.

In addition, it is the perfect time if you are going to use solid fertilizers, prune those dormant plants and carry out the harvest, because during this phase there are fewer chances that what you have sown will rot.

In the new moon phase

full or new moon
This is the most suitable phase if you want to plant or transplant some annual growth plants, of which you will consume their leaves and stem, that is, plants such as spinach, celery, cabbage, and lettuce.

During the first lunar trimester

lunar first trimester
It is the best phase if you are going to plant annual growth fruits
but that are not fruit trees, that is, it is the ideal time for you to plant broccoli, tomatoes, beans and squash.

In the full moon phase

full or new moon
This is the ideal phase for you to sow or plant some root cropsIt is also perfect for planting both decorative and fruitful perennials, such as asparagus, potatoes, apples and rhubarb.

During the last lunar quarter

last lunar quarter
This is a phase where you should avoid sowing and the best thing you can do is focus on making improvements to your soilFor this you can start by eliminating the weeds, the excess fertilizer that has remained, the mulch, you can also plow the land.

What you should know about this method is that at least 12 hours before and after each transition time between one phase and the next, you should avoid any interaction with your crops.

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