Where does maidenhair come from and what are the uses of this magnificent plant

Uses of maidenhair

To talk about maidenhair is to talk about a fern, but a very special fern that has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes. One of those plants that you will always want to have at home, to enjoy it, take care of it, watch it grow and use it as a home emergency kit when necessary. Due to its popularity, we wanted to discover Where does maidenhair come from and what are the uses of this magnificent plant

You will like to know it, because it is a species that has attracted the attention of botanists and experts, both for the majestic appearance of the plant and for its properties. Are you looking forward to meeting him? Let's start our guide on the maidenhair or “Adiantum”, as it is also known.

What is maidenhair

We have just mentioned that the maidenhair is also called “Adiantum” and this is because it belongs to this botanical genus. It comes from the Pteridaceae family, which are, in turn, family of the Ferns

Uses of maidenhair

The maidenhair is visually characterized by its thin, divided leaves, a vibrant green color.

Another curiosity about the maidenhair is that its botanical name, “Adiantum”, means “not to get wet,” in Greek. And it receives this name because of the ability of its leaves to repel water. 

Where does maidenhair come from?

The maidenhair is typical of humid and shady areas. In Spain we can find many specimens of this species in regions of the Canary archipelago. But you can also grow your maidenhair at home and, in fact, it is a houseplant that will flood your home with very positive energy. 

What uses does maidenhair have?

Uses of maidenhair

Maidenhair has different uses: medicinal, phytotherapy, decorative and, of course, landscaping. We are going to see each of these uses in more detail, so that you can get the most out of this spectacular plant. 

Medicinal uses of maidenhair

Maidenhair has important therapeutic propertiesAmong them, we can confirm the following, because traditional medicine has been using it for years. Among other properties, maidenhair is:

  • Expectorant: plant extracts help mucus become more fluid, facilitating expulsion of mucus and cleansing the lungs. 
  • Antitussive: maidenhair helps relieve cough when we have a cold.
  • Anti-inflammatory: the active components of “Adiantum” have anti-inflammatory effects, which benefits people who suffer from diseases such as arthritis and others of a chronic inflammatory nature. 
  • Diuretic: maidenhair is a natural diuretic which increases urine production. If you have fluid retention problems or want to cleanse your kidneys, it can help you. 

Uses of maidenhair in phytotherapy

Phytotherapy has also echoed the maidenhair properties. Anyone can benefit by incorporating maidenhair into their life through infusions and teas, extracts and tinctures or by applying it topically in the form of a poultice. 

To prepare tea or maidenhair infusion What you have to do is use its dry leaves and infuse them. It is a good remedy to improve respiratory problems, urinary and digestive

For greater effect, there are the tinctures and extracts. While to relieve muscle and joint pain The poultice is very good, it also relieves the minor burns and accelerates the healing of the small wounds

Maidenhair in decoration

Uses of maidenhair

If you are concerned about the aesthetics and styling of spaces and decorating your home in a personalized way, the maidenhair is a perfect indoor plant for this purpose. Its thin, divided leaves give it a delicate and elegant appearance that will look great in any corner of your house. 

Decorate the terrace, living room, kitchen or any place where you can place it in a space with enough light, because even if it lives inside, the maidenhair needs to receive indirect light to stay lively and fresh. 

Maidenhair and landscaping

Despite being a preferably indoor plant, “Adiantum” can also be placed outdoors, although it will have to be in shady places. For example, in the corner of the garden where the sun reflects less or where it is covered with other vegetation. 

In addition, maidenhair is ideal for the garden, because it is an option to fill the land with green without serious danger of pests, since it is a fairly resistant species. You can have maidenhair along with other plants that require similar conditions such as Ferns and water lilies. 

Why it is beneficial to have maidenhair at home

Uses of maidenhair

It is beneficial to have maidenhair due to all the properties that we have seen it has, but there are more reasons why we recommend trying its cultivation. For example, because purifies the air, making the environment healthier. 

In addition, the roots of maidenhair help to stabilize the soil, preventing erosion, making it very beneficial to have on any terrain. 

How to grow maidenhair

Having seen what we have seen and, if you were attracted to the idea of have a maidenhair at home or you want to grow them in your garden, you have to know that growing them is quite simple. It is a species that reproduces through spores. These spores are found on the lower part of the fronds and are suitable for planting when they are mature. 

To sow the spores you just have to sprinkle them on the substrate and cover them, but at a shallow depth. The environment must remain humid and warm until the seedlings appear.

There is also the option of dividing the plant, taking care not to split the roots. It is a faster and more interesting method for the most impatient or for gardening novices. 

To properly care for maidenhair, place it where it receives light but not direct sun, because it is delicate if the sun is strong and can burn. Additionally, water frequently so that the substrate remains moist but not waterlogged. And make sure the leaves also have some moisture, which you can achieve by spraying them or with a humidifier.

With this care, your maidenhair will be healthy, vigorous and will bring joy to your garden or your home, if you prefer to keep it indoors. And knowing what the uses of maidenhair I'm sure you'd be interested in having one nearby. 

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