Meaning of flowers

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Beautiful flowers are one of the greatest expressions of beauty. Nature has gifted us with such beautiful flowers that it is often difficult to decide which one is your favorite. The meaning of flowers vary according to the type of flower. There are thousands of meanings, but we are going to summarize the meaning of the main flowers and best known throughout the world.

In this article we are going to tell you what the meaning of flowers and their main characteristics are.

Meaning of flowers

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The daisy is a simple symbol in its purest form. These flowers indigenous to the Canary Islands they bloom every spring, giving us beautiful landscapes full of innocence. They are easy to find in gardens and lawns. Although they are part of the group of natural flowers that we do not pay much attention to, daisies have their own language.

The most common daisies have white petals and yellow centers. They symbolize beauty in a simple way. There are other daisies of different colors in nature; yellow, red, pink, blue and even colored.


The origin of this beautiful purple flower dates back to ancient Egypt, where it has been used for beauty purposes. This type of flower with an evident aroma is spread all over the world due to its easy cultivation. Traditionally, it is highly respected and used in various esoteric ceremonies.

One of the legends of this small blue and purple flower is how the ancient Celts used it in their ceremonies. When they asked for help to achieve a certain goal, they went to the goddess Áine and offered her a bouquet of lavender. In the language of flowers, lavender symbolizes purity, piety and peace. A woman who receives a bouquet of lavender flowers as a gift will be loved unconditionally all her life.

Furthermore, lavender flowers are also known for their medicinal and healing properties. Today, it is still used in many fields, such as perfume, cleaning, pharmacology, gastronomy, and the occult.

Lotus flower

It is one of the most beautiful flowers and holds more secrets and curiosities of its history. Its Asian origin and the veneration of Asian countries make the lotus one of the most popular exotic flowers. It grows in water, where there is no flow. Lakes, swamps and ponds with lotus flowers on the surface have become privileged places, favored by tourists seeking rest and meditation.

The favorite flower of Asian religious gods has many meanings. Buddhist, Chinese, and even philosophies like Feng Shui and even tattoos give this beautiful flower with large petals different meanings.

Sunflowers meaning

meaning of flowers

Sunflowers are one of those beautiful flowers, and anyone who looks at them will smile. They are the joy of summer, and their characteristic yellow makes them the true sunshine of our lives. This flower is native to Mexico and Peru, although today We can find it in European countries such as Spain, France, and even Russia and China. The most striking thing about sunflowers is the way they always look at the sun.

They chase you from east to west on your daily path, performing a movement called sunflowers. Also, sunflowers have gained a lot of attention in bridal bouquets in recent seasons. With more and more weddings, sunflowers appear in the bridal bouquet and also in the center of the guests.


Jasmine is part of the group of beautiful flowers that we find in many garden decorations, and everyone loves its pleasant fragrance. They are flowers that they represent everything related to love, affection or kindness.

It is its white color and the delicate petals that make up these beautiful flowers that symbolize deep affection and love, and at the same time show simplicity. They are ideal gifts for newlyweds, who opened their marriage and homeland. Jasmine is native to the Himalayas and represents spirituality and hope.

Meaning of ortensias

They are the protagonists of the bridal trend, be it a bridal bouquet or a central decoration for guests. Hydrangea, those beautiful flowers will awaken people's feelings of love and hate, depending on the area in which you live.

Regardless of belief, the hydrangea is a huge flower that can be grown almost anywhere on our planet. They need to live in a humid climate that is not intense in summer. Today you can find many colors of hydrangeas, each with a different meaning. Love, purity and abundance are some of the meanings of this beautiful flower, and you can find it in colors such as pink, blue, white or purple.


meaning of the most beautiful flowers

The attraction of gardenias is so powerful that they are successfully engaged like the flower of love. It is these flowers from China that symbolize purity and sweetnessThese two qualities are closely related to the romanticism that appears in couple love.

In the language of flowers, gardenia is known for its ability to attract and purify energy. This helps them express themselves as bearers of harmony and goodwillas well as your closest love and affection.

Traditionally, gardenias have been associated with secret love, which turns these beautiful flowers into the most unconditional declaration of love for your partner or loved one, to be told. Find harmony and love by placing a white gardenia on the main table in your living room.

Meaning of lilies

Lilies are beautiful flowers that belong to the heart and love of people. Their characteristic white color makes them unique for the purity and innocence they give off. These Mediterranean flowers grow in a warm climate with high humidity. They receive other names, such as meadow onion or angel flower. These delicate flowers are bell-shaped, white and flawless, surrounded by many traditions and legends.

For example, according to the Bible, the lily is a symbol of choice and providence. They represent the virginity of the Virgin Mary, who is decorated with these beautiful and delicate flowers, thus magnifying the image of the mother of God. In the sense of flowers, lilies They are considered one of the greatest expressions of purity due to their white color. That is why many brides choose these flowers as bouquets on their wedding day.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the meaning of flowers.

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