Guide to buying metal fences

metal fences

There are times when, either because you have pets, animals or want to delimit different spaces, you need to metal fences that keep some elements separate from each other.

However, in the market we can find multiple options to choose from and, when you face your purchase for the first time, you don't really know what to take into account. Shall we give you a hand? Here we leave you the best metal fences and a buying guide that will help you.

Top 1. The best metal fence


  • Galvanized triple twist wire.
  • Evenly welded.
  • Rust free.


  • Ideal only for medium-sized animals, the little ones can escape between the gaps.
  • It is necessary to buy posts or bars to fix the mesh.

Selection of metal fences

Saturnia 1170975 Triple Torsion Trellis 31/80 cm, Roll 50 m, Domestic Use, Metallic, 82x13x13 cm

It is a triple twist, hexagonal metal fence mesh, ideal for aviaries, chicken coops, hutches, etc. The problem you have is that It is not stainless steel, which means it will rust.

VOUNOT Hexagonal Wire Net, Wire Mesh Roll, Mesh size 25mm, 100 cm (H) x 25 m (L), PVC coated, Green

Also made of triple twist, the distance between the hexagons is a little smaller than usual, which can protect small and medium animals, as well as plants. You have it available in green, but also in silver and gray. It is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Amagabeli Garden Home 50m Wire Mesh Garden Fence 100/8/15 Galvanized Heavy Wild Fence

This mesh is heavy and high strength, made of galvanized steel ideal for larger animals. It will be a solid fence that protects and secures both animals and plants.

Amagabeli Garden Home 1M X 25M Green Square Wire Mesh - RAL6005 Mesh Size 50 x 100 mm Roll of Wire Mesh Garden Fence HC04

Welded and galvanized, it has a green coating of great resistance, ideal for extensive fences and that protect livestock.

Amagabeli Garden Fence 0.65Mx25M Metal Decorative Fence Iron for Garden Metal Edging for Garden Lawn Flower bed plant protection HC02

In this case we talk about decorative metal fences, made of galvanized steel wire and coated with green pvc. They are quite resistant and it is used mainly to border, well roads, plants, trees. Keep in mind that it is not very high.

Metal fence buying guide

Buying metal fences is easy, but it really is if you are clear about the product you are looking for. When that is not the case, the choice can become a problem because you really do not know if you are getting the product right or not.

Therefore, below we are going to talk about the key factors that will help you acquire a suitable metal fence for your project or for the use you want to give it.


There are many types of metal fences. It is convenient that you know them because that way you will know which is the best for the use you want to give it. In general, you will have:

  • Simple torsion. It is the most common mesh that exists, and also one of the cheapest. It is made of galvanized steel and is usually diamond shaped. You can find it galvanized or plasticized in green.
  • Triple twist. They also refer to it as a chicken coop, since instead of a rhombus, it is made in a hexagonal shape. It is the ideal for pens or for small animals.
  • Electrowelded. This is somewhat more expensive, because it is formed with steel bars crossed perpendicularly. They are perfect for birds or cages.
  • Knotted tights. Also called livestock, they are characterized by resistance, hence they are used for livestock.
  • In panels. They have a high quality and the finish is quite elegant. Like the first ones, they are also sold galvanized or laminated in green. Examples? Well, schools, swimming pools, etc.

Price range

As for the prices, these will depend mainly on how the metallic meshes are sold and the types that there are. And it is that a metal fence of one meter is not the same as one of 10. Neither is a semi-rigid and a complete rigid one.

Therefore, the Price range usually ranges between 15 and 110 euros.

How to put a metal fence?

how to put a metal fence

Buying a metal fence can be easy, but what about putting it up? Do you know how to place it? First of all, you must get the necessary materials and tools, such as posts or reinforcing bars, wires to fix them, hammer, pliers, pliers ...

The first thing you have to do is prepare the ground where you are going to install the metal fence, that is, you have to flatten the ground to make sure that when you fix the fence it will not move. To do this, place the posts or reinforcing bars to get supports and that the fence does not move.

Once you have fixed the posts, which we recommend that you do not separate them too much in order to give more consistency to the fence, you should place it and fix it with staples or wire, and tensioning as much as possible, so that it is not loose.

Where to buy

After all that we have told you, it is possible that the next question that arises is knowing where you can get quality metal fences, right? Here we offer you several options where to find them.

The Amazon

Amazon is our first choice because it is where you can find more variety and where you find different prices and models to choose from.

Of course, you have to take into account the size of the metal fences and what you need from the product.

Brico Depot

In Bricodepot you have several metal enclosures for the garden but metal fences as such there are fewer options to choose from. Still, the prices are quite affordable and you can find what you need.


In this case in Bricomart you will be able to find different metal fences, but also metal fences that are sold by the meter. The prices are a bit higher than in other stores but they are also appropriate to the products and their quality.

Leroy Merlin

Finally, you have Leroy Merlin, where you will be able to enjoy different panels, which is how they are sold. You don't have a lot to choose from, since they work with a single model, but it is quite resistant.

Now it is your turn to think about what type of metal fence you are going to place in your house. You have doubts? Consult us without obligation.

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