Walking tiller buying guide

When you have a large plot of land, clearing the grass and preparing it for a garden with the hoe is exhausting work. Being hunched over for a long time causes pain and discomfort, so it is highly recommended to purchase a walking tractor.

This tool makes work a pleasant experience, since it is also finished much earlier than if it were done with a hoe. But, How do you know which one to choose?

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  • Electric and manual start: Assembled with a high quality 4-stroke gasoline engine, with a displacement of 196cc, capable of performing a force of 6.5 horsepower. In addition, this type of engine also allows us to gain autonomy because we will not depend on electricity to work.
  • Working width: Its wonderful rotavator (formed by 20 blades protected with a reinforced metal protector) is capable of tilling any plot, no matter how demanding the terrain. This has a working width capacity of 650 millimeters, which will save you impressive time and effort.

The best rototiller models

The rototillers have made it much easier for us to prepare the terrain. While it is true that some force is required to have full control of the tool, and for it to do its job well, it is certainly much less tiring than removing grass with a hoe, especially when the garden is large.

However, when purchasing one it is very important not to make the decision lightly; In other words, you have to think that there are several models, at many different prices, and the cheapest is not always the best. So to give you a hand with it, we are going to tell you which are the best models:

Electric rototiller


It is a model of walking tiller that works with a powerful electric motor whose maximum power is 1500W. It will allow you to work the earth adjusting its width to 17, 30 or 45 centimeters, and deepening up to 23 centimeters, which is more than enough to loosen the ground.

As if that were not enough, it has a rear wheel, ideal both for transport and to rest without running the risk of damage.


It is a nice model that works with an electric motor whose power is 1200 watts. Its working width is 40 centimeters, and you can go deep up to 20 centimeters. Thus, it will be simple for you and how to work the land, and leave it ready to sow or plant.

It weighs 13,2kg, and is perfect for any terrain.

Gasoline rototiller


This is a rototiller that has a 4cc 196-stroke engine, which will allow you to go down to 35 centimeters. Its working width is 50 centimeters, and it has an ergonomic handle that is adjustable in three positions. In addition, it can be folded.

It weighs 72kg, but that is not a big problem since it has two rear wheels thanks to which you can transport it comfortably.


It is a rototiller model that works with a 196cc gasoline engine, and that can be easily transported thanks to the two large rear wheels. Its working width is 45 centimeters, so you can get the soil ready sooner than you imagine.

It weighs a total of 63kg.

Where to buy a walking tractor?

If you want to know where to buy one, the places where they usually sell the most are:

The Amazon

In Amazon they sell everything, also motor hoes and rototillers. The catalog is not very extensive, but you can take the opportunity to also purchase accessories such as wheels or trailers, as well as gasoline if you need it. Acquiring one is as simple as choosing it, paying and waiting a few days to receive it at home. In addition, you can pay it in installments, something that is undoubtedly very interesting.

Leroy Merlin

In the Leroy Merlin you can choose your rototiller between several different models, from the web or from a physical store. The only thing is that on the web the products cannot receive opinions, beyond the star ratings, so deciding on one or the other is more difficult than on Amazon.

Second hand

Whether you visit web pages where second-hand products are sold, or if you know someone who sells their rototiller, it is very important that before paying you make sure that the product works and is in good condition. Therefore, we recommend that you meet with the seller, and test the tool on the spot.

Aspects to consider before buying a rototiller

With the walking tiller you can easily remove the soil


The engine is the first thing we have to think about, because it is the part that will make our rototiller work and we must choose well to avoid problems later. Depending on the power, it will be larger or smaller, but for garden work, a 5 to 8 HP motor will suffice..

If we talk about the starter, it can be manual or electric. The latter is undoubtedly the best, but the price of the rototiller is quite expensive.

Gasoline or diesel?

Depends. The gasoline engine is easy to start and the noise it generates is much lower than that of the diesel engine. In addition, its maintenance is relatively easy which is highly recommended for those who have never had one. However, we must not forget that gasoline is highly flammable and degrades over time, which means that we will not be able to store it inside a building and that we will have no choice but to try to drain the engine.

In the case of the diesel engine, this fuel is much cheaper than gasoline, and it does not ignite as easily. It is also not unpleasant, so it can be stored wherever you want and for as long as necessary. But ... (there is always a but) this type of motor is more expensive, and you have to avoid getting water in it, otherwise it would be damaged.


As with the wheels of cars, The wheels that the rototiller has must be in accordance with the power of the same. If we opt for one with 5 to 8 HP of power, we can choose wheels that have a smaller diameter if you work with a cutter, or with a larger diameter if we use a trailer.

Note that the width between the wheels must be equal to or less than the cutter working width, otherwise the tires would tread on the worked ground.


There are many rototillers that do not have a built-in mechanism housed inside the gearbox that allows different turning speeds for the different wheels. This mechanism, called differential, not required for light trailers without a trailer.


For power cultivators of 8 hp or less that will be used to work on terrain WITHOUT slopes, They are not necessary. Otherwise, we have to buy one that does have brakes.


The walking tiller is a work tool that It must be comfortable for us. This means that the handles have to be adjustable in height and that all the controls (clutch, brakes, gear change, etc.) have to be well marked and have to be accessible to facilitate use.

Tips for using a walking tiller

The walking tiller is a very useful gardening tool

The rototiller is a tool that, well used, is very useful and practical. But it is necessary that certain precautionary measures be taken. For instance, the use of gloves, and helmets that protect the ears is essential. Likewise, it should only be used when environmental conditions allow it; For example, if it is raining and / or windy, it is best to leave the task for another day when it is clear.

Likewise, if we have a gasoline rototiller, we must look from time to time both the fuel tank and the oil tank, and fill it or change it whenever necessary (normally, this will be indicated in the instruction manual, which it is advisable to read it, since this will clarify many doubts that are common to have).

We hope that now it will be easier for you to acquire your rototiller 🙂.