Ideas for original pots for succulents

original pots for succulents

Succulents have become very popular worldwide because they are very easy to care for. They are very pretty and, in addition, they usually have a compact size, so They are great allies when it comes to decorating interior spaces. If you want to give a unique touch to the containers in which you have them planted, take good note of these ideas for original pots for succulents.

Get out your DIY and craft tools and get to work. We are going to give you some basic ideas that you can develop. even more thanks to your creativity and imagination.

Original pots for succulents in hanging version

This is what your hanging succulent pot looks like.

Some varieties, such as the donkey's tail, the heart necklace, or the rosary plant, have a hanging habit. To be able to enjoy all its beauty, we need a floating planter or pendant that allows them to grow with total freedom.

What we propose in this case is to create a wooden one inspired by geometric shapes.. You can make it more or less complicated depending on your level of DIY knowledge.

You need:

  • Plywood.
  • A jigsaw for woodworking.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Adhesive.
  • Paint and brushes.
  • Drill.
  • Substrate for succulents.
  • succulents

Design and measurement

The first thing is that you make the design in your head and put it on paper. If this is one of the first original succulent planters you make, We recommend you choose geometric shapes that are easy to make, like a triangle or a hexagon.

Take measurements and draw the pieces on the wood. You will need a base that can be circular, square or rectangular, and then the pieces that will make the side walls. It is to these that you can give other shapes. Make sure they are not too small, but they are not too high either.

Cutting and assembly

Cut the pieces and sand the edges to achieve a smooth finish. After, assemble them together with the help of mounting adhesive, hot silicone, or even with some screws.

Use the drill to make several drainage holes in the base of the pot. Make sure they are not excessively large or the substrate will end up coming out.

Flowerpot decoration

In the next step you can decorate the flower pot to your liking. If you paint it, be sure to use paint that is waterproof.

An original way of decoration is to use the decoupage technique, or create a raised design by covering the surface of items such as shells, buttons or stones.


Finally, add the substrate and plant your succulents. You now have the planter ready to use. If you want to hang it, Use ropes or wire that are strong enough to create a suspension system that can support the weight.

Succulent pots with disused glass jars and cups

pots for succulents with disused containers.

Most varieties of succulents do not have large roots, so they can adapt well to small growing spaces.

If you have glass jars at home that you are not using for anything, or old cups that you no longer use, you can convert them into flower pots.

Drilling holes in glass or porcelain can be very complicated if you don't have a specific drill bit, but We can ensure that our pot has drainage capacity without having a hole. What we are going to do is add a piece of old sponge to the bottom, before adding the substrate.

Thus, when we water, it will absorb excess moisture and retain it within it, not allowing the plant to absorb it again. With this trick you can put, for example, a pretty echeveria in a porcelain cup.

If you are using a glass jar, you can decorate it in many different ways. For example, applying the decoupage technique and then applying a protective layer so that it does not deteriorate. Covering the surface with different types of rope or fabric, painting it, etc.

In addition, with the jars, since they are light, you can create original hanging pots. Just add some rope or hemp around the mouth of the boat to create good support.

Original pots for succulents in old books

Original flower pots for succulents made with books.

To make this planter you need an old book that you have at home or that you have found somewhere, and that is thick enough to fill it with substrate and put a succulent in it. As well as:

  • Cutter.
  • Plastic bag or insulating material.
  • Substratum.
  • Plants of your choice.

We begin by drawing the hole that we are going to make in the book. Next, We work with the cutter until we leave that gap completely free. And in it we place a plastic bag or waterproof material. This will be in charge of protecting the part of the book that is still intact.

Once the hole is lined,We added the soil for succulents and plants. And then we place the whole on a plate or tray that acts as a support.

Planter with coconut shell and PVC pipes

This planter is simple and quick to make. You only need a coconut shell that you have to clean and dry well. We made a hole in the bottom part to function as a drainage hole.

Afterwards, the only thing left to do is add the substrate and plant the succulent. The added advantage of this planter is that, In addition to being done easily and quickly, it also gives good results if you want to hang it.

By combining several coconut shells you can create small, natural and very attractive baskets for your hanging succulents. In the case of the Christmas cactus, this one looks really stunning in these planters when in full bloom.

If you are looking for something with a more industrial style, you can achieve a good result with a PVC pipe. You can glue several tubes together to create original designs. Then you just have to fill the inside of the pipes with substrate and plant the succulents in the segments.

We hope that these ideas for original pots for succulents serve as a source of inspiration. Now we leave it to you to unleash all your creativity to create unique and spectacular pots. In which your plants will look even more beautiful.

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