How to buy an outdoor broom closet for the garden

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Having a large garden not only means that you have to dedicate more time to it, but you also have to have more elements to take care of it. The problem is that if these tools are not stored properly, they eventually become damaged. That's why, How about buying an outdoor broom closet?

It can be used to store brushes, rakes and other tools with which you keep your garden clean. But you can also find others that have more features. Can we help you know how to choose the best of all? Take a look at the guide we have prepared for you.

Best outdoor broom closets

Best brands of outdoor broom cabinets

There are many brands dedicated to products garden and home in general that may have outdoor broom cupboards. But if you ask us, here are some of those brands that usually have good quality – price.


As specified on their website, Keter are "inventors, creators and problem solvers." passionate about designing products that make everyday spaces more livable«.

They have been active for more than 70 years innovating with products for the home and garden. To do this, they use the most innovative technologies and sustainable materials.


Terry is another of the best-known brands in home and garden furniture. It can be found in many stores, from Carrefour, Leroy Merlin… so you can get an idea of ​​the quality it has.

Buying guide for an outdoor broom closet

When buying a closet to store clothes, we usually pay a lot of attention to capacity and price. First of all, to know if we are going to use all the clothes we have. and if there will be room for more; the second to fit the budget.

However, in the case of an outdoor broom closet, it is the price that is usually looked at first and, when it falls within the budget, we start to look at the capacity. The problem is that this may not be the best.

We are talking about a wardrobe that is going to stay outside the home, sometimes without protecting it from inclement weather. So that It will deteriorate if you do not choose good materials.

In addition, you need to fit all the tools you have for the garden, so that, if not, in the end you will have them scattered throughout several areas.

How about we tell you what to look for when buying a wardrobe for this use?


The first thing you should take into account when buying an outdoor broom closet is the size you need. Not only to store tools, but also to place it in the space you have.

Imagine you buy one that is too big for the space. If you do, you won't know where to place it, or you will have to find another location.


The usual materials for this type of cabinets are usually plastic, resin, metal and wood.

Each one has its pros and cons. For example, in the case of plastic or resin they are very light, which means that you must place them protecting them from the wind so that they do not fall; They are water resistant but do not last as long in the sun.

On the other hand, metal is durable and resistant but can rust if it is not made of aluminum or galvanized steel. And the wood? It requires extra maintenance to prevent inclement weather from taking a toll on it.


In order to avoid humidity or unpleasant odors, this is important. And not all closets have this in mind.

Inclement weather

We are talking about an outdoor wardrobe, which means that it will suffer from the sun, the cold, the rain, the wind... Therefore, being resistant to this is important, not only so that the tools remain protected, but so that you do not have to change the cabinet in a matter of months.


Finally, we come to the price. And this depends, in general, on everything above. The price range is wide, although we could say that it would start at 30 euros.

Where to buy?

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And we arrive at the end. Now is the time to see stores and the products they offer in their catalogs to choose the right one. And not only because of the price.

We have taken a look at the usual stores that are sought for this product and this is what we have found in each of them.


When searching for an outdoor broom closet on Amazon, we have realized that many of the results you will get are for indoor closets. That's why, Although it has more than 800 results, you will have to look carefully whether it really works for you or not for the location where you want to place it.

It has many models, styles and cabinets made of different materials, so, with time, you may find the most suitable ones for you. Of course, the price on some products is somewhat raised (it is cheaper in other external stores).


In the case of Ikea, although it offers us almost twenty results, the truth is that, broomsticks, you can only count them on the fingers of one hand. Besides, All of them are more interior than exterior.

Even so, if they catch your attention, their price is not bad, although it is not the cheapest you can find either.


With only nine results, Carrefour is more successful in its search engine by offering us outdoor broom cupboards of different sizes and designs., but the vast majority of them for the garden.

As for their prices, they are in line with other stores, although sometimes you can find offers that will be worth buying.

Leroy Merlin

Many more products are what we find at Leroy Merlin, although with nuances, since many of these products do not correspond to the furniture we are looking for.

In fact, If we specify that we want it from outside, it will only give us one result, and this will not be a broom. So you will have to see the options it gives you to know which one is the most suitable, if there is one.


At Obramart (formerly Bricomart) we have done several searches, from outdoor broom closet to outdoor closet. However, in none of them has he given us products so, at least online, he does not have that product to sell to his clients.

We do not know if physical stores will have this garden furniture., you would have to check the store in your city.


Finally, we tried to find an outdoor broom cupboard at Lidl. However, among the many cabinets offered on its website, this one is not available. That doesn't mean there isn't. Yes there is, only since it is a temporary offer, they only sell it for a few days in physical stores.

After time, they withdraw it and do not put it up for sale again until a few months later.

Remember that this outdoor broom closet must meet all the needs you have so that it lasts a long time. But also try to make it as resistant to inclement weather as possible so that it does not get damaged quickly. Do you have any more advice?

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