How to buy an outdoor door curtain

outdoor door curtain

Placing a curtain for the exterior door is a great idea. With it, you can prevent insects from entering because you put up a mobile wall that can scare them and prevent them from approaching. In addition, you prevent the sun from directly affecting the door or window where it is located, thus filtering UV rays. And at the same time you prevent heat from entering your home.

But have you ever stopped to think if the outdoor door curtain you buy is really the right one for your home? If this is not the case, or you do not know it often, here we have prepared a buying guide so that you can assess whether you make an intelligent purchase or let yourself be carried away by the price, the brand or the first thing you find. Shall we start?

Best outdoor door curtains

Best outdoor door curtain brands

When buying a curtain for the exterior door You should not only look at the brand of the company that manufactures them. Although it is not bad to choose one that gives you quality, there are more factors. Many of the best brands comply with them, and here we give you some examples.

Mercury Textile

Mercury Textil is a decoration and home goods store that sells on Amazon. Due to its good quality and price, it is one of the most popular especially because it is specialized in curtains, bedspreads, blankets and accessories for rest and decoration.

Eurasia Store

Tienda Eurasia is also an online store that sells on Amazon and has multiple products but, related to curtains, is where you will find the most variety.

Buying guide for an outdoor door curtain

As we told you at the beginning, an outdoor door curtain has many benefits in general. It serves to prevent sunlight from damaging the door itself. (for example, if it is made of wood, it may lose that shine or it may look older than it is). It also helps to put up a kind of barrier for insects, especially flies, mosquitoes, wasps and bees, preventing them from entering the house at least in droves. And, of course, it gives you a break from the temperature.

But, when buying it, there are several factors to take into account to get it right. And among the most important are the following:


Since we are talking about an outdoor curtain, you should consider materials that are durable outdoors. In this sense, the best would be polyester, treated fabric or PVC.


Another point to consider is the size of the curtain. This must at least match the size of the door (width and length) to really protect it.

In some cases it can be shorter, but no less wide If you don't want to have a problem with it not covering it completely.


In the market you will find a wide variety of models of different styles. They may be transparent, opaque, strip curtains... And in turn they can have sliding panels, magnetic closures, weights...

To this You should also add maintenance to keep it clean. and to prevent any damage it has from becoming worse and rendering it unusable.


Finally, you would have the price of the curtains. And here the truth is that there is something for all budgets because from ten euros you can find it. But to go buy it, I recommend that you first think about the previous factors because all of them will determine the final price of this curtain (and your safety).

Where to buy?

outdoor door curtain

You now have the keys to know what to look for when buying a curtain for the exterior door. And the last step you have left is none other than to go buy it. But this item is easy to find in several stores. And there is no comparator to know which would be the best option based on features and price.

Therefore, we want to save you a little time and we have visited some online pages of regular stores to find out what you can find. So, if they help you, you can take a look at them; and if not, don't waste time.


Amazon is one of the stores where you can find items from other countries and from other sellers. That is why it is common for there to be many more results. But also more original, creative items or with more striking designs.

Although this means that you have to pay more, it also gives you more freedom when it comes to finding that product that best matches your decoration, personality, etc.

What you should take into account here is above all the size of the curtain so that it fits what you need (or that it can be cut if it is too big).


Compared to Amazon the results are not as great, but they are functional in the sense that It will give you useful options to place the curtain on the exterior door and make it do its job.

Of course, all the products that you get are not sold by Carrefour, but by third-party experts, so you will have to see if the shipping is free and if the store (if they have a website) does not have it cheaper.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin you will find much more variety compared to Carrefour, in addition to the possibility of using its filters to adapt it to what you are looking for without you having to waste time with it. While some of the curtains are sold by Leroy, many others are from third-party sellers.

You can filter by seller, by material, placement support, height, width...


Although Ikea is one of the stores that are searched on the Internet related to this article, the truth is that in its search engine results do not come out in accordance with the use that you are going to give to the curtain for the exterior door.

We do not know if physically, in stores, they will have a solution to this problem, you would have to look at it to know the characteristics, models, prices...

Now it's up to you to decide which curtain for the exterior door best suits your specific case. Only in this way will you get an adequate, long-lasting and useful purchase. Do you already know what to look for next time?

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