Peony Itoh Bartzella or Paeonia cora louise

Peony Itoh Bartzella

Today we have decided to talk about one of the most beautiful floral species that exist. Of course this is very relative and there are endless beautiful flowers and plants making up a list that never seems to end, but the Itoh Peony Bartzella or Paeonia cora louise It is very striking and has a delicate beauty that we love. Voluminous and in beautiful colors with different shades, you will surely also fall in love with the Itoh Peony. 

It is a flower that combines beauty with a pleasant aroma, making it a delight for the senses. If you meet her, you surely can't help but take a photo and even pluck some flowers to take home and admire in a vase. Although we advise you to let it be and, instead of uprooting it, buy a pot to watch it grow and develop, which is a real spectacle. We tell you everything about her.

Characteristics of the Itoh Peony

As we said before, the Itoh or Cora Louise peony It is a voluminous flower, which achieves a large size thanks to its double pinkish white petals with a perfect heart in purple

One of the characteristics of this species is that it is a hybrid between several herbaceous and tree species. This plant can reach a height of 70 to 100 centimeters. Its medium-sized green leaves are also striking. 

As for the aroma, it turns out that yes, the peony It gives off a fragrance, which stands out for being very soft. 

Qualities of Paeonia cora louise

To its already mentioned characteristics we must add other qualities, such as the fact that it is a plant that usually grows strong, firm and, in addition, it is a very resistant species that does not require much maintenance. This plant gives a lot in exchange for very little, so it is worth trying growing it, because it will give you the opportunity to have at home, in your orchard or garden, a very pretty bush with flowers that will not leave anyone indifferent with their splendor. 

How the Bartzella peony originated

Peony Itoh Bartzella

We have said that the Bartzella peony is a hybrid, which means that it was not born spontaneously in nature, but was the product of human manipulation. So now we ask ourselves, how did this beautiful flower originate? It emerged in the 1940s, although it did not begin to become known until quite some time later, in the 70s, when it finally began to be sold in the markets, falling in love with everyone who came to know it. 

The “father” of the Bartzella peony was a famous Japanese hybridizer named Toichi Itoh and hence the name of the specimen: Itoh Bartzella Peony. The fantastic result was achieved by crossing a herbaceous peony, Paeonia lactiflora, together with a shrub peony, specifically Peonia delavayi. It was a complete success. 

When to plant and when do Itoh peonies bloom

If you already decided to grow your own Itoh peonies, is in autumn and spring the best times to plant them. Flowering will take place in the months of May, June and July, just a short time after planting them. 

How to grow the Itoh Peony

If you finally decided to grow Itoh peony, it is a good decision, because you will see that the care it requires is very easy to give and that you will be able to make a very attractive species bloom to decorate your spaces and fill them with a very pleasant aroma. 

These are the keys to successfully growing the Bartzella peony. Take note.

Where to locate the Itoh peony

Bartzella needs plenty of light, so place it in a place where it will receive direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. If, on the other hand, what the plant receives is shade, it may produce fewer flowers. And the latter is a shame. 

What should the soil be like to grow the bartzella peony?

Peony Itoh Bartzella

The soil is also important when preparing your crop. In this sense, you must ensure that the soil where the peony will go is fertile, slightly alkaline and that it has a good drainage. The more nutrients the plant receives, the better, so if you add a good compost that provides extra nutrients, the peony will thank you. 

What watering needs does the Itoh peony have?

Requires a regular watering, especially when we are in the dry season. But drainage is also essential, so that water does not accumulate and cause the plant to rot or mushrooms and fungal diseases to proliferate. 

Other care that the peony needs

You will want to see your Itoh peony bloom beautifully, so don't forget to add a good balanced slow release fertilizer when spring arrives, avoiding, however, adding nitrogen, which can make the foliage grow a lot but not produce as many flowers.

When autumn arrives, we recommend preparing the soil to protect the roots and the plant in general from the harsh winter. You can do this by adding organic mulch

And don't forget either clear weeds and remove dead foliage, so that it is free from the risk of pests and can take advantage of all the resources for its healthy growth. 

What diseases usually affect the plant

The Bartzella peony is a strong plant, so on this side we are in luck. Now, just because it is a resistant plant does not mean that it is immune to diseases and some may suffer.  

The most common pests and diseases in this species are powdery mildew, aphids and root rot when there is excess humidity. Prevention is the key to avoiding or stopping any problem in its tracks. 

Try to have everything in your hands to take care of the Peonía Itoh Bartzella in the best way, following the care guidelines that we have taught you in this article. Because if you do, you will have the privilege of enjoying a spectacularly beautiful species. Or did you already know this copy? Did you decide to grow it? Tell us your experience.

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