Care and benefits of Peperomia clusiifolia

Peperomia clusiifolia

La Peperomia clusiifolia It is one of those species of plants that captivate with their colors and shapes. Among popular voices it is also known as red peperomia. This is an indoor plant that, in addition to filling your favorite spaces with beauty and originality, will not require complicated care. In fact, this plant is highly recommended for novices, because it allows you to acquire the habit of caring for plants little by little. 

In addition to beauty, peperomia is a very beneficial species for the emotional health of those who have the privilege of sharing its existence and are perfectly suitable for homes with pets, which is also appreciated, because many times we like flowers but we cannot have them because we live with dogs and cats and most species are highly toxic if ingested. 

Do you want to know everything about the Peperomia clusiifolia? Keep reading and learn from everything we are going to tell you. 

What are the characteristics of Peperomia clusiifolia

Peperomia clusiifolia

The Peperomia is characterized by having small leaves, but which contain art painted with its colors in green and white spirals. It produces flowers, although these are not very characteristic and do not always appear, only in certain species and conditions. However, they are not necessary to exude poise, elegance and beauty. 

The leaves of this species grow in the shape of a spike, quite upright and grouped. Thanks to this, it achieves that majestic appearance, which simulates us as colored labyrinths in a visual game in which it makes us accomplices. 

The clusiifolia can have slightly pink edges and green and white in the center of very fleshy leaves. 

Where does Peperomia clusiifolia originate from?

La clusiifolia has its origin in America, which is where it originally grew, in the climate of tropical areas. Although it is not uncommon to find it in Africa and Asia. The family of this plant is Piperaceae. This tells us that, if we want to reproduce and grow a Peperomia, it will be necessary to do so in an environment identical to that of its place of origin, that is: a tropical climate. 

How to care for a Peperomia clusiifolia

Peperomia clusiifolia

As we just mentioned, for sow a clusiifolia we will need a tropical climate. A plant of this species will never tolerate the cold, so if frost or very low temperatures occur in your area, it is better to choose another plant, because the Peperomia will not be able to survive for long. 


La ideal temperature For these specimens it is at least 13º, although the ideal is for it to be around the 21st. It does handle the heat well, even when it is quite strong, as long as a very prolonged extreme heat wave does not occur. Also be careful with drafts! Because carelessness and leaving it exposed to these winds can be fatal and damage its leaves.


Regarding humidity, as a good tropical plant, it needs sufficient humidity, but this is not equivalent to excessive watering. If we remember what was said before, the Peperomia has fleshy leavesTherefore accumulates water and does not require continuous or abundant irrigation. In summer, watering two or three times a week will be enough, even if it is hot. While in winter, much less.

What you will have to ensure is that the environment retains humidity, which you can achieve by placing a nebulizer or humidifier nearby if you want to give your Peperomia all the whims and watch it grow in its splendor. 


Another relevant factor is light. In order for it to grow faster and develop very vivid colors, it must receive enough indirect light. But do not leave it in the sun, so that its rays do not cause burns on the stems and leaves. If it gets too much sun, it may lose color and that will be a shame.


Just as important as correctly meeting your light and watering needs is adding a good substrate. It must guarantee a good drainage and there is a trick for this, which is to make a combination in the pot of: one part soil, another part perlite and another part peat moss. This way you will have perfect living conditions, as if you were in the same tropical jungle. 


On the other hand, it is essential to apply a good fertilizer. Once a month during spring and summer will be enough.

Should Peperomia be pruned?

It is not necessary prune Peperomia clusiifolia, although if it has dead leaves or stems and you remove them, you will help prevent diseases and pests and help the plant look more beautiful. 

Common pests and diseases

It is a fairly resistant species. However, you must watch for the presence of cottony mealybugs, red spiders and mites. If you see them, apply a biological insecticide.

What benefits does Peperomia clusiifolia have?

This is a species full of virtues and, among other benefits, we can mention the following:

  • Peperomia clusiifolia purifies the air. So if you have a plant indoors, you will be able to breathe cleaner, healthier air.
  • The vibrant colors will make you feel good. The power of flortherapy is attributed to its color properties, so it is very interesting to have a Peperomia nearby. 
  • Reduce stress
  • Improves concentration and stimulates creativity.
  • Helps maintain adequate humidity levels inside the house.
  • It brings joy and elegance to your spaces, because it is very decorative.
  • If you have pets, you can grow this plant without fear, because it is not toxic to animals, even if they chew it.
  • It is easy to propagate.
  • Resists pests well.

Do the benefits seem few to you? Well, we add that taking care of plants is a very relaxing hobby. So if you are looking to occupy your time and de-stress, start taking care of species like this. 

Knowing all this data about the care and benefits of Peperomia clusiifoliaAre you interested in the idea of ​​growing them and enjoying them at home? Or is this species already an old acquaintance for you? Tell us your experience with this beautiful plant or with others that have convinced you after reading our blog. This is how we all learn about gardening and caring for interesting plants. 

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