Pergola buying guide for the garden

Garden pergolas are beautiful and very useful

Enjoying the garden and / or the patio is one of the best experiences that every human being can have, but to make it even more wonderful it is very interesting to acquire one pergola that, in addition to beautifying the place, protects us from the sun. And, depending on where we live, it can be very uncomfortable (and even harmful) to be exposed to the sun's rays, especially during the summer.

Fortunately, today we find a great variety of models and, also, prices, so that having one is as simple as taking a look at our selection while you take note of the advice we offer you. 🙂

What is a pergola?

Pergolas can be made of wood

Pergolas are magnificent elements, formed by a corridor flanked by more or less wide pillars at whose upper end the lattice sits, which is open. The material used to make them can be metal, wood or bricks and beams. It is believed that they began to be made around the middle of the year 1600. Until then what were done were the so-called green tunnels, formed by young and flexible shoots of willows or hazelnuts that were joined in such a way that they took the shape of an arc, and on which Longitudinal strips were woven on which climbing plants later grew.

But of course, these shoots did not last forever, so the creation of an artificial structure, although with an appearance that combines very well with the natural elements of the gardens, was a discovery for gardeners of the time. In fact, it became the favorite structure of naturalistic gardens of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, and even today they are almost always included in the designs of these places.

Selection of pergolas for the garden

Do you dare to buy one? Take a look at the models we recommend:

Wooden pergolas

Brand Features Price range


Pergola model of the Tidyard brand

Made of pine wood, this pergola with a sloping roof is perfect for any garden, and can even be used as a parking space.

Its measurements are 2 x 4 x 2,2m, and it is very easy to assemble.


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Pergola of the brand Festnight

Would you like to walk under the shade of beautiful climbing plants that produce aromatic flowers? This, which seems like a dream, can come true.

This high-quality pine wood model measures 2 x 4 x 2 meters, so it can be used as a magnificent entrance.


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Pergola model with four posts

If you need a pergola that is large but not too large, this model is very interesting since it has only four posts, and is made of quality wood.

Its dimensions are 3 x 3 x 2,4 meters, and it is a perfectly valid option to create with it a corner of rose bushes, jasmine or other flowering plants.


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Wall pergola model

This is a simple, wall-mounted model made with pine wood that is ideal for giving a very elegant (you could almost say oriental) touch to the garden.

It measures 3 x 2,8 x 2,4 meters, and is highly resistant to inclement weather.


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Cathedral Garden

Wooden pergola model

This is a very elegant pergola model, with a lattice roof made up of nine planks and six treated wood posts.

Measuring 4 x 3,6 meters, it is very suitable for use as access to the garden for example.


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Our recommendation

When you want to buy a wooden pergola it is very important to take into account several things, such as its quality and assembly, among other things. Choosing one is not always easy, but if you want to know which one we recommend over the ones we have seen so far, it is ...:


  • It is the right size for a wide variety of gardens, measuring 3 x 3 meters.
  • It is resistant to water and UV rays, so it can last for years.
  • You can remove or put the roof according to your needs.
  • Its assembly is simple.
  • The price is not very high.


  • Being made of wood, you will have to do preventive treatments with a specific oil once a year.
  • It can be great for gardens with a small space.

Aluminum pergolas

Brand Features Price range


Outsunny brand aluminum pergola

When looking for elegance, functionality and durability, you can opt for this anti-rust aluminum pergola model.

Its measurements are 3 x 3 x 2,23 meters, and it is composed of four pillars and a very stable open trellis.


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Plicosa aluminum pergola model

This aluminum pergola is capable of surprising everyone: those who buy it, and those who enjoy the shade it provides.

Measuring 3 x 4 meters, and with an anthracite colored structure, it is very suitable for being in the garden with family or friends.


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Jet line

Aluminum pergola model

The black color in a pergola is very beautiful, but if you escape a bit from the conventional this model you may love it.

It measures 3 x 3 x 2,6 meters, and is made of high-quality bluish-colored aluminum.


Get it here


Pergola model of the Residence brand

This model of pergola is not only beautiful and functional, but it is also resistant and very stable.

Its measurements are 2,9 x 3,9 x 2,3 meters, it is bluish gray in color and very easy to keep in good condition.


Get it here


Pergola for car

Are you looking for a pergola that serves both to decorate and to protect the car from the sun? Then this model is the one you are looking for.

It measures 3 x 3,75 x 2,4-2,9 meters, is made of white lacquered aluminum and has gutters for water drainage.


Get it here

Our recommendation

The aluminum pergolas are a true marvel: resistant, and with very elegant and durable designs. But the price is sometimes what makes us choose other models, as it is usually high. Still, if you want to have one, this is the one we recommend:


  • Its design is functional, robust and very elegant.
  • It has dimensions of 3 x 4 x 2,3 meters, so it is very suitable for medium and large gardens, and even for small ones.
  • Take a polyester fabric that you can remove whenever you want.
  • It is easy to assemble and maintain.


  • If the terrain is very small, you will have to look for a smaller pergola, or wall.
  • The price can be high.

Cheap pergolas

Brand Features Price range

AD Services

Bara pergola model by AD servicios

This is an ideal pergola model when looking for quality at low prices.

Its measurements are 2,4-2,7 x 2,4 x 2,4 meters, and it is made of treated wood.


Get it here


Wall pergola model

Do you need a pergola but don't have much space? This pine wood model is very interesting for you.

Measuring 1,5 x 1 x 1,6 meters, it is very robust and easy to assemble.


Get it here


Wall-mounted wooden pergola model

This is a pine wood pergola with a slightly sloping roof so you can have very pleasant moments outside.

Its measurements are 2 x 3 x 2,2 meters, and it resists rot.


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AD Services

Cheap wooden pergola model

Do you dream of having your own chill-out space in the garden? This treated wood pergola will allow you to make that dream come true.

Its measurements are 2,4 x 2,4 x 2,4 meters, and it is easy to assemble.


Get it here


Cheap and functional aluminum pergola

To have fun gatherings with family or friends, it is important to have a suitable place for it, such as the one you can create with this waterproof metal pergola.

It measures 3 x 3 x 2,3 meters and, although its design is classic, it looks great in any corner.


Get it here

Our recommendation

If the budget is really limited but the decision has been made to buy a good pergola for the garden, you have to spend some time looking at the different models that are available. But if you don't have it, this is the one we recommend:


  • It has a unique design, French style.
  • It looks great in small and large gardens, as it measures 2,69 meters high by 2 meters long by 2 meters wide.
  • It is ideal to cover it with climbing and / or hanging plants.
  • Includes stakes to fix it to the ground.
  • The price is affordable.


  • It needs sporadic treatments to keep it in good condition.
  • If your garden is very, very small, this model may not match quite well.

Is it worth buying a garden pergola?

Well, that question does not have a simple answer 🙂. And, yes, you may like it a lot, but ... would you really put it to use if you bought one? I think that before making the decision to spend the money on a model it is important to ask yourself that, what use is it going to be given it considering that they are architectural elements that will allow you to beautify your garden.

Apart from that, if you are one of those who like to have meetings, read or spend a pleasant time outside but protected from the sun, you can do all these activities under the shade of a pergola. And that's not to mention that passing through an entrance made up of these structures covered by, for example, rose bushes or jasmine, is a delight for the senses.

What uses are given to pergolas?

Pergolas are very beautiful and elegant structures, which in a garden have multiple uses:

To give shade

Pergolas serve to provide shade

Without a doubt, it is the use that is given the most, since especially during the summer or if you live in an area with a great deal of sunshine, being outside without any protection is dangerous for your health. So have a pergola it is highly recommended when you do not want to take risks.

To beautify

Pergolas serve to beautify a place

Pergolas are great for creating explosions of color in the garden. They are an incredible opportunity to cover them with vines that produce beautiful flowers, such as wisteria, clematis, Or the bignons, Among others.

To attract fauna

Bees pollinate flowers

The normal thing is that if you are starting to design your garden, you have almost no fauna in it, especially if the land has been punished for a long time with toxic phytosanitary products and / or by the intensive use of the land. Therefore, one way to attract beneficial fauna is putting plants that produce flowers and that develop in the pergola.

Where to buy pergolas for the garden?

To field

In this shopping center they mainly sell food, drinks and household products, but from time to time you will also find pergolas at a good price. In addition, they offer online shopping service and home delivery.


Aki specializes in the sale of products for the home and garden, such as furniture, floors, and of course pergolas. Although they do not have many models, those that have they can be adjusted well to any type of garden.


At Bricor they sell all kinds of accessories, furniture, tools and a long etcetera for both the home and the garden. If we focus on its catalog of pergolas, it is not very extensive, but they have very interesting and robust models at a price from € 79.


In Carrefour hypercenters they sell everything, and when we say "everything" we mean exactly that. There you will find food for the family, such as cleaning products, furniture, plants, ... However, They do not usually sell many pergolas, but if you are looking for one at a good price and quality, it does not hurt to take a look from time to time to your website.


Going to Ikea is going to decorate the house with really nice and quality furniture, but the pergolas they usually sell are more gazebos, with the roof completely covered by a cloth.

Leroy Merlin

If you would like to see a very wide catalog of pergolas, we advise you to visit the Leroy Merlin website (or a store). They sell made of wood and metal, and in different designs and sizes. What's more, offer home delivery service.

Pergolas are very decorative elements

So nothing. We hope we have helped you to know which pergola to choose for your garden, and that from now on you can enjoy it even more and, also, the company of your loved ones.

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