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ceropegia plants pet friendly

If you live with pets, whether dogs or cats (or other animals) and also you like plants, you have a problem. And it is that some of the most famous are toxic for your "roommates". Fortunately, there are also pet friendly plants.

For this reason, on this occasion, we want to give you some ideas of plants that you can have and that will not harm the health of your pet. Of course, remember to protect them from them since many animals have a "weakness" for plants and end up biting them or playing with them.

Pilea peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides

We start with a very famous pet friendly plant and it is that in professional photos of rooms such as lounges, corridors, entrances, etc. this is the one that decorators have used a lot.

In fact, you should know that it is one of the favorite plants in Nordic decoration and that is why these years it has been fashionable.

It is a plant that does not harm your pets and does not grow much. It does not need much watering either, the only light, but not direct.


In this case we are not telling you a specific calathea but several. And it is that almost all calatheas (makoyana, orbifolia, triostar...) are suitable for living with pets. you can even put it in your room because they are also air purifiers and help you sleep better.

Of course, they are a bit capricious and it is that if you go over watering or do not reach their minimum, they begin to deteriorate. If it gives them a lot of light, or does not reach the minimum, the same. For this reason, many times you have to “practice” until you get the point.

Ceropegia woodi

ceropegia plants pet friendly

This is one of the most beautiful plants that you can find in the plant kingdom. And it is that, if you have ever seen it, it is a kind of hanging plant and vine. But the most striking thing about it are its heart-shaped leaves.

In addition to being among the pet friendly plants, it is also one of the toughest plants there is, it's okay if you forget about it because it will hold up well. In fact, it hardly needs watering and you can enjoy light or semi-shade and it will remain just as beautiful.

Of course, in the market you can find two types: the normal one, which will have green leaves with red undersides; and the variegated, which has green and white leaves. As time passes, the blade darkens.

And one more note, it is very easy to reproduce.


If you are a fan of orchids but have not wanted to bring them into the house for your pets, know that they are pet friendly plants. That is, it will not harm your pets if they ingest it or touch it.

Our Orchids are a bit picky. You have to find a place where the sun reaches it but not directly. If you do, it can bloom throughout the year. When it comes to irrigation, what we have discovered is that less is more. That is, don't water it too much, better a little every x days and it will stay healthier (one trick is to look at the roots it has, if you see its strong green color starting to fade it means it's running out of water. Hold on for 1 -2 more days and water).


Unlike the potho, which is toxic to pets, the fern is the opposite. It is one of the pet friendly plants that you can leave on a table without the risk of your pets getting sick. Or you could have it as a hanging plant.

It does not like direct light and prefers indirect light and little irrigation.

Although its ideal temperature is 18 degrees, the truth is that you can get used to being more or less cold.

When it grows, the volume of the leaves always attracts attention, especially hanging.

African violet

african violet

If you want pet friendly plants that also bear flowers, in addition to the orchid you have the African violet. It is a plant that Gives purple to pink flowers. It does not grow much, just about 30 centimeters and its care is based on a lot of light, moist soil and little else.

Lemon Tree

Can you imagine having a fruit tree at home? Well, you can do it even if you have pets. Specifically, the one we recommend is the lemon tree, which will not give you any problems (perhaps the only one that is ever pricked by its spikes, but that's it).

In return you will have a tree that could stock up on lemons without having to buy them in stores (and we already warned you that they are richer).

Sinningia comely

gloxinia plants pet friendly

Better known as Gloxinia, is a very famous plant in some countries, although you may not have heard of it. However, when you see it you will want to have it because of the characteristic flowers that it throws.

It doesn't need much, indirect light and constant humidity (this may be what gives you the most problems).

Venus flytrap

Do you remember a movie where a plant grew huge and its "keeper" had to provide it with "human" food because it was carnivorous?

Well, we are not going to tell you that the same thing will happen to you, but the venus flytrap is one of the most curious and fun to have. And don't worry, it's not going to eat your cat or your dog, but it will be curious to see what it does when the plant closes its trap.

Pilea involved

This pet friendly plant is one of the ones we liked the most because if you see it for the first time it will seem to you as if the leaves were woven, or not "normal".

It is actually a climbing plant that needs humidity and light, but very easy to care for.


By this name you may not know it, but if we say lipstick plant, it may be. Why is it called that? Because the flowers it puts out are similar to a tube of lipstick.

It will need light and a lot of humidity. In summer you could take it outside but never during the hours of greatest solar incidence, and better in semi-shade than in direct sun.

We could be recommending more and more pet friendly plants, but we believe that with these you have a wide repertoire. If you want to know if a plant that you liked is toxic or not, the trick we use is to put its name (normal or scientific) in Google accompanied by the word cat or dog and according to the results you will be able to see if it is suitable to have with animals. or not. Do you recommend any more?

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