Pinus pinea, the stone pine

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El stone pine, known by the scientific name of Pinea pine, is a conifer that is found throughout the Mediterranean region, especially in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. But, despite being very common, it has a quality that makes it a very interesting plant to have in the garden: its pine nuts, which are edible.

In addition, it supports salinity, so that can be planted near the coast (or even on the coast itself).

Origin and characteristics of the stone pine

Stone pines are Mediterranean plants

Our protagonist is a conifer that grows up to 30 meters in height, known by the common names of tame pine, maiden pine or stone pine. It has a slow growth rate, but a very long life expectancy: up to 500 years.

It is characterized by having a more or less straight trunk, which has grayish plates separated by reddish cracks. Its cup is rounded and flattened, so that gives very good shade. Its leaves, called needles, are thin and green in color.

The fruit is an oval-spherical pineapple between 10 and 15cm in length that matures in the third year. Pine nuts are covered in a hard rind, and they are edible.

How do you take care of yourself?

The stone pine is a perennial

If you want to have a stone pine in your garden, keep the following in mind:


It is a tree that has to be placed outside, in full sun. Because its roots are long and strong, it is important that it is at a minimum distance of ten meters from pipes and others to avoid problems.


It depends on where you are going to be:

  • Garden: must have good drainage, being able to grow in sandy soils, and even a few meters from the sea. If the earth has a great tendency to compact and also has problems draining the water, it is advisable to make a hole of 1m x 1m and mix the earth with perlite or some similar material in equal parts.
  • Flower pot: It is not a plant that can be kept in a pot for many years, but during its youth it remains precious in a container- This must have holes for drainage, and be filled with universal substrate (for sale here).


Resists drought quite well, but be grateful to receive water from time to time. For this reason, it is highly advisable to water it regularly, about 2 times a week, or 3 if the summers are extremely hot (temperatures above 35ºC) and dry.

In any case, if it is going to be in the garden, it will be enough to water it the first year, since from the second year on, it will have developed a root system resistant enough to be able to live in conditions provided that a minimum of 300mm of precipitation falls in the area. anus.


The stone pine multiplies by seeds

Image - Wikimedia / Pdreijnders

It multiplies by seeds in spring. Let's see how to proceed:

  1. First, put them in a glass of water for 24 hours.
  2. After that time, keep only the ones that have sunk, as they will probably germinate.
  3. Next, fill a seedling tray with universal substrate and water.
  4. Next, place a maximum of two seeds in each socket.
  5. Afterward, sprinkle a little sulfur to repel fungi, and cover them with a thin layer of substrate.
  6. Finally, place the seedbed outside, in semi-shade.

If all goes well, they will germinate in about 15-20 days.

Planting or transplanting time

En spring, when the risk of frost has passed.

You have to be very careful with your roots, because if they are manipulated too much you will have a lot of difficulties to move on. In fact, if you plan to plant one in your garden, it is advisable to choose the site well, plant it and leave it there forever.

El transplantIn other words, moving from one pot to a larger one is easier, but you also don't have to touch the root ball a lot.

Plagues and diseases

It does not have, except for the pine processionary.


Don't need it, but dry, diseased, weak or broken branches can be removed to make it look more beautiful in late winter.


It supports frosts down to -7ºC and maximum temperatures close to 40ºC.

What uses is given to Pinea pine?

The Pinus pinea is a tree

Image - Wikimedia / GPodkolzin

It has several uses:


It is a very decorative plant, perfect to have in spacious gardens even if they are a few meters from the sea. It resists salinity very well, and also provides a pleasant shade.

Some are encouraged to work it as bonsai, but it is difficult because its roots are delicate and its leaves are long.


Their pine nuts are edible, being used in pastries, sauce dishes and even in salads. Formerly it was believed that they were aphrodisiacs.


Wood, being flexible and light, is used in maritime construction and carpentry. It is also good for making charcoal.

Where to buy?

It is a pine that you can buy in nurseries, but also from here:

The stone pine is a very interesting plant, don't you think?

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  1.   Ana Munoz said

    The information in the trunk is not worth me, it is super little

  2.   Manuel said

    I have 9 pines that give me pineapples but they fall off and the pinions are either leaky or they are hollow and poor, the bearing is good and they are beautiful although with a lot of dry branches The soil is clayey and they grew very well and fast since they were small. and mice. I wish I could improve them because I see that they may be spoiling. I appreciate your help.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Manuel.
      Do you usually pay them from time to time? It is not something that needs a lot, but it is interesting to pay it once a month or so to strengthen it.

      I would recommend in any case to treat them with insecticidal oil. This season the pine nuts will no longer be saved, but the next one will surely be better.


    2.    Diana García said

      I have a pine from seed and it is already 3 years or so in a pot, its leaves have been drying for a few weeks, what should I do? I don't want him to die. I am from Argentina

      1.    Monica Sanchez said

        Hi, Diana.
        How long has it been in that pot? Is that if it takes that long, surely you will need a larger one.

        Also, if you have cinnamon or copper powder, spread it on the ground and water. This will prevent and eliminate fungi, which may be damaging your pine.

        One question: how often do you water it? In general, it has to be watered about 3 times a week in summer, and somewhat less in winter.

        If you have doubts, contact us again.


  3.   Claudia said

    hello… how long does it take to give pineapples since it starts to grow?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Claudia.
      It depends on the conditions, but 7 to 12 years or so.

      1.    Henry said

        Hello, I have a pine tree that has germinated for 7 days and the tips have not been opened, on the contrary, it has them between joints, I do not want it to go away to die, someone tell me why?

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hello Henry.
          If the seed still sticks to the leaves, you can remove it carefully, without making sudden movements.

          It is also highly recommended to sprinkle copper or sulfur on the ground, around the plant, to prevent fungi from damaging it.


  4.   Iber Carvallo said

    I kindly ask you to inform me of the root size of the stone pine compared to the size of the tree. That is, how deep its root grows.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Iber.

      In principle, the roots of the pines do not go "very deep", 1 or 2 meters. But they can spread (grow horizontally) several more meters. For this reason, it is advisable to plant them at a distance of ten meters from the houses.


  5.   Felipe said


    A year ago I planted a pine from pinion and I have it a year later in a pot. My question is: Is it necessary to prune it at some point so that the stem continues to grow more or not?

    Thank you!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Felipe.

      No, there is no need to prune it. If you see that it does not grow, it is possible that the pot has been too small. Check the holes in the planter to verify this.