How to plant avocados in a pot?

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Avocado is one of the fruits more nutritious and delicious that we can find in nature. It contains incredible properties that will not only help you with your physical appearance, but also they will improve your whole organism almost immediately. First of all, avocado is ideal because it offers the body a large amount of vitamins, such as A, C, B5, B6, E and other nutrients such as folic acid and potassium.

In addition, avocado helps reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and lose weight. Avocado is also essential to improve vision, optimize heart function, and improve the entire digestive system. It also helps to facilitate the process of digestion of vegetable acids, and delays the aging process and it is that just by going to a supermarket or a greengrocer we can buy avocados, however, if we have space, it is advisable to plant them at home because the price of avocado it can be quite steep, plus a home-grown avocado will be chemical-free.

But how do you plant avocados in a pot?

plant potted avocado

Therefore, in this article We are going to explain to you, step by step, how to properly plant avocados in a pot at home, so you can start making the best recipes and treatments with this delicious fruit. Remember that anyone can do this, so you just need motivation to start growing your own avocados. Go ahead!

First you must choose a place in your terrace or garden where we enjoy hours of sunshine and avocados love the sun and that is why it is important to place them in a sunny place. If you don't have a terrace and garden you can place them by the window, because it can have direct access to the sun, and it is much easier to remove if the sun is very strong.

You avoid cold climates or places where the temperature is low, since if so, your avocados will not grow. As for the land, you must make sure that it has nutrients in addition to its low pH. The next step is to take an avocado and remove the seed (or pit).

Once you take it out, clean the bone well and place three toothpicks around it, so that you can place it in a glass and it remains suspended over the water. With this you will help the roots of the bone to develop and are strong enough to support the weight of the plant.

Now you must place the pot in a well-ventilated place and in the sun. Once the stem has grown and reached about 15 centimeters, then cut it leaving 7 centimeters, in this way, the stem will get stronger, more roots will grow and new leaves will appear. When the leaves have appeared, it is time to transfer the plant to a pot.

Take the toothpicks out of the bone and place the plant in a pot with well nourished land. Constantly observe the plant and cut the leaves every time the stem exceeds 15 centimeters. Leaves that exceed a height of 30 centimeters must be cut.

Technique for the avocado tree to produce its fruits

avocado technique

Your tree will begin to grow and now we have to wait for it to give us its fruits, (which may take between 5 and 6 months), however, avocado trees do not bear fruit so easily and it can even take years to start producing avocados. A good technique that you can use to speed up the process of fruit appearance is by applying a technique called "grafting". With this technique, you basically make a cut in the side of the plant to grow more stems.

Remember that you should always be attentive to the different pests that can damage your plant. In a specialized store you can find many non-harmful products that scare away insect pests that can damage your plant. Do not forget to keep the plant well hydrated, so that the growth process is fast and healthy.

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  1.   Montse said

    I would like information on a plant called "blood of Jesus." It comes from New Zealand and only blooms at Easter. Thanks

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Montse.
      You mean the Fumaria officinalis? can you see her here!.
      A greeting.

  2.   Carmen said

    Hello, I am glad to see this article. I live in Malaga, in the area where the Axarquía begins. I have a very large terrace facing southwest, with tremendous afternoon sun and morning light.

    I would love to have an avocado tree that would bear fruit, but it is not a garden, but a terrace and I have read that this tree does not bear fruit in a pot, even if it is large. It's true? Or is there any possibility? Thanks a lot

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi carmen.

      The avocado is a tree that, due to the climate, would be very good for you in Malaga. But it is not a plant to keep in a pot for a long time. Anyway, it can be many years in a pot of the large ones, of which they measure almost 1 meter in diameter. Of course, you do not have to plant it in that entry, but you have to transplant it to one according to its size every so often (2 or 3 years).


  3.   Jessica Alexandre said

    My avocado grows but its leaves have brown circles like it is drying and it looks yellowish. Any recommendations?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Jessica.

      How often do you water it? The spots are usually fungi, which appear when overwatered.

      If you want, write us sending us some photos of your avocado to

      So we can help you better.


  4.   Mario said

    Thank you very much for your explanation, very illustrative.

    Please indicate in which position the pit (pit) of the avocado should be placed in the glass of water, does the depression go up or down?

    Thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Mario.

      The narrowest part has to go upwards, while the widest part goes downwards.