Planting flowers in the garden, why it is interesting and which are the most suitable

Flowers in the orchard

You may be thinking about having a garden for two reasons: the first, to have your pantry full, betting on self-sufficiency of agricultural products and planting those basic vegetables for your diet. Meanwhile, the second reason that may prompt you to have a private garden is to enjoy the beauty and benefits that flowers provide. Although nothing prevents you from having both if you have enough space for it. In case you need excuses, in this article we share with you why it is interesting to plant flowers in the garden and which are the most suitable

If you have space to beautify and fill with wealth by playing with Mother Earth, be sure to experiment and try plant flowers in the garden. Do it with flowers of all kinds, from aromatic plants for the garden, even ornamental plants and others that can be useful in the kitchen, for decoration and even for medicinal use. The possibilities are endless. 

Benefits of planting flowers in the garden

There are people who may think that one thing is an orchard and another is a garden. However, if you have somewhere to sow and plant, don't stop doing it. Pay attention to the needs of each species, but do not give up mixing vegetables or garden products together with beautiful and spectacular flowers, because the combination can be visually fantastic, but it is also beneficial.

Plant flowers in the garden

In addition to creating pretty orchards, flowers have an important function and that is that they achieve protect your crop, because they keep pests and predators away if you choose your species wisely. 

This is not a trend or novelty that we are proposing to you, but rather it has been created for years. gardens-orchard that attract the looks and admiration of those who see it and even more so, of those who enjoy it. Actually yes visits england, or if you decide to do a little research on the Internet, you will discover that there are “cottage gardens, and that since late nineteenth century These have become super popular. 

These orchard gardens have a touch of color and wildness that makes them charming, mixing edible vegetables with ornamental plants. And now you can have your own cottage gardens

Planting flowers attracts pollinating insects

Among the benefits of these orchard gardens, in addition to being an attraction and a delight for the eyes, we have that the flowers attract pollinating insects, which transport pollen on their legs and make the fertilization of plants possible. This way, the task of obtaining different species and ensuring that they reproduce well will be easier and cheaper, because nature takes care of doing it itself with the help of insects and butterflies.

They repel pests

Flowers in the orchard

If the flowers attract pollinating insects, they also manage to keep away or repel other insects that can be very harmful to the garden. We are talking about keeping away aphids, flies, snails, slugs and nematodes that end up ruining your harvest and forcing you to spend large amounts of money on pesticides. you will keep keep pests at bay thanks to your flowers in the garden

Take advantage of flowers in the kitchen

There are species of flowers that are edible, in addition to being particularly beautiful and can give you a lot in the kitchen. To eat them, adding aroma, light touches of flavor and color, a lot of color to your culinary preparations. 

They enrich the soil

If these arguments or benefits seemed insufficient to convince you to plant flowers in the garden, here is another one that will surprise you: there are plants, such as legumes which provide nutrients to the soil. If you want a land with more nitrogen for your crops, plant certain legumes and you will have it naturally.

What are the most suitable flowers to plant in the garden?

Not all flowers are suitable for the garden, at least if what you are looking for is that they provide you with extra benefits and not just visual pleasure or an ornamental purpose. It is advisable to bet on the annual herbaceous species, so that they adorn the land throughout the year, filling it with color and life.

Additionally, you will have to take into account that the species you will plant are compatible with crops of your garden. Think that you should consider what the irrigation needs of each species will be, since you are going to water and affect the irrigation of all of them. If you plant a dry flower, with vegetables that require a lot of water, or vice versa, coexistence is doomed to failure and your garden will end up a disaster. 

There are a series of ornamental plants that tend to do very well in gardens such as violet, calendula, borage, tagete and nasturtium. 

Violets in your garden

The Violets They need a constant level of humidity, especially in the hot season. Otherwise, they are perennial, ornamental and medicinal flowers that you can also eat. 

From violet to the yellow and orange of marigold

Another medicinal flower to include in the garden garden is calendula, which attracts pollinating insects and drives out snails, aphids and the dreaded whitefly from the land. 

Include borage among your crops

La borage It adapts to all soils, so you will have no problem watching it grow and develop alongside your crops. In fact, it is considered an invasive plant, so just be careful that it does not expand excessively and leave your other plants without space. Otherwise, she takes care of herself, so you won't have to worry. 

Tagetes, that are not missing either

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. tagetes They give off a spectacular aroma that will delight your senses while keeping insects away. Besides, it will also reveal worms and snails. It is a perfect plant to place in the garden next to tomato and lettuce crops to protect them from pests.

These are some of the most recommended species for plant flowers in the garden. As you have seen, most of them are edible flowers or that offer medicinal benefits and are perfectly compatible with various crops, providing care and protection to them. Will you dare to create your garden garden?

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