Original ideas for planting strawberries at home


Do you love strawberries and would you like to grow them at home? In addition to being able to grow them yourself, It is a great option to add attractiveness to your garden, provide it with the charm and flavor of strawberries harvested at home.

Let's keep in mind that urban gardens are an increasingly common way to consume fresh food and know exactly where it comes from. In addition to being practical, They are also a great way to save money. since, once the garden is established, it will not require an investment to maintain it.

If you are looking for an original way to plant strawberries in
home, below we will provide you with a series of fundamental tips and several original methods to plant them in the garden. Keep reading to find out!

Tips for planting strawberries at home


Planting strawberries is extremely simple, because The plant is resistant and requires minimal maintenance. The most common way to plant strawberries is to use a pot, since these must be located well away from weeds so as not to become invasive.

To start giving it its best environment, choose a pot that is large enough to hold the number of strawberries you want and that has a good drainage system.

The land must be fertile and well-drained, since the care for strawberries is not too much. Although the temperature should be around 22°C, the plant resists the lightest frosts. Make sure the pot is well exposed to the sun, as Strawberries need a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day to ripen satisfactorily.

Next, we will see some original and fun ideas to plant strawberries at home and delight in their flavor.

hydroponic strawberries


This is one of the most advanced techniques and is based on the fact that the plant is not planted directly in the ground.but in a hydroponic system which allows it to grow in water.

This method has become something revolutionary that attracts a lot of attention because it has many advantages and avoids the complexities of the cultivation process. They are strawberries that are grown without soil, in liquid environments or substrates, with roots exposed to minerals and nutrients protected from outside weather conditions.

Hanging Strawberry Pot


This method consists of a certain type of pot that is placed directly on the roof. This means you don't need a garden to grow strawberries! This technique requires a little more effort since the hanging pots They must be watered frequently, but the result is very satisfactory.

Beds made of pvc strips with strawberries

This is another very original technique for planting strawberries at home. This technique was developed in Holland and It consists of creating complex structures with PVC pieces that allow strawberry plants to be placed in a row. This technique is ideal for those who have a larger garden, as it allows for infinite expansion.

Shelving with self-supporting milling cutters


This is another variation of the hanging pot technique. This technique consists of light wooden racks that are usually hung on the walls.
These contain several pots on the first levels and on the highest level is the hydroponic structure that allows the plant to grow without the need for soil.

This technique is one of the best ways to save space, since most of the structure is occupied on the first levels.

Planters with strawberries


For this idea you can use wooden planters that you can place a support on and It is an ideal way to beautify the front porch or also to place on the railing of the patio or terrace.

If you place the pot with railing on the terrace, the strawberries thrive and grow in large numbers adding a lot of color to your balcony.

You have to fill the pots with special soil designed for containers and add water absorbing crystals that come in grain form. Its function is to keep the soil moist for longer and reduce irrigation needs.

Concrete or cement pot

potted strawberries

It is a natural-looking material that complements all decoration styles. They add texture and color, it is ideal for placing strawberry plants and combining it with other vegetation plants. The most important thing is that the pot has good drainage.

old tires


If you've never heard this idea, old tires are environmental waste and They are almost always available either at a repair shop or a tire store and you can get them to grow strawberries.

You have to wash them thoroughly with hot water, soap and a stiff bristle brush. to remove chemicals and traces of dirt, so that they do not leak into the plants.

You can choose to paint them or leave them smooth, make holes in the sides, place a little soil, the strawberry plants in the holes and finishes dinner with compost and soil.

If you want something more striking, you can make a tire tower that is very original and decorative. You can leave the center of the pile open, fill it with soil, or use the center as a compost container.

If you are filling the center with soil, place a PVC pipe a little higher than the pile with buildings on the sides to make watering easier.

Strawberries are one of the healthiest fruits, since they contain a high content of vitamin C, fiber, folic acid and iron. For this reason, consuming them is an excellent way to incorporate essential nutrients into our diet.

We have seen several options for growing strawberries, some more traditional, others very original and fun. You must decide which is the best system for your space or garden.

It is important that you take into account precautions in the same way as when planting a standard garden, That is, use complementary plants to discourage pests and keep plants healthy. Also place nets and name frames to keep birds and rodents away.

Creating an urban garden is one of the best ways to ensure that these fruits are fresh and chemical-free. There are different methods to store said fruit without problems. We hope that these tips and methods for planting strawberries at home are useful to you and good luck with the harvest!

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