Plants for the kitchen

plants for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places in the house where you spend the most time. In addition, although the living room is usually the central point of a home, the truth is that we all end up in the kitchen to be together (since one has to cook the food). But, being in the kitchen does not mean enjoying the greenery. Do you want us to recommend some plants for the kitchen?

Discover the selection that we have prepared. Surely one of them catches your attention, if there are not several, and the best of all is that it will make your kitchen a more pleasant, natural space and without fear that the plants will suffer from being in such an area.


How to prune a poto

We start by recommending poto as plants for the kitchen. In this case, it is better that it be a hanging one than a large one with its guide because it will occupy more functional space and if your kitchen is small it will not be the best.

This plant is ideal because there is always light in the kitchen and that will help it to develop well. Of course, it is not good for small kitchens because, as it is fast growing, and also grows in width and length, it can end up overwhelming.

It only needs a certain humidity and watering without waterlogging. Otherwise, it is very resistant.

Aloe vera

Irrigation of aloe should be low

This is a plant that is considered essential for kitchens. Is very beneficial for the skin and tolerates very well being in this area of ​​the house, because it does not like the cold nor the sun in excess. So put it in a place where it has a lot of light and that's it.

If you burn or cut yourself, you could use it to heal yourself, because splitting a leaf and using what is inside it will improve the skin.


Potted cacti need to be transplanted from time to time

Among the plants for the kitchen, the cactus can be one of them. Of course, always choose copies that are small. They will not need much watering so you can put them in areas where you do not usually touch a lot (for example, on the upper buckets of the shelves or even on the furniture if they are visible, of course, so you do not forget them).

Yes, be careful if you have pets They can get close to these plants, and the same with young children, since they can prick themselves.



Like the previous ones, succulents are highly recommended plants for the kitchen because they adapt to any space and environment that you give them. There are many types, both pendant and not. They also require little care and, in return, they offer you an incredible variety whether you want flowers, just green or even other colors.

The only thing you have to provide you with lighting and moderate watering so that they are active and grow well. If you see that they get more brown, then remove them from the light, which means that it is too much for them.



The fern is one of the most used plants for the kitchen because it has something that other plants do not have: to be able to develop with artificial light. And it is that he likes to be in shady places with natural or artificial light, but always minimal in both cases.

Likes humidity, but also a warm atmosphere like that usually found in kitchens. For this reason, a spray irrigation is sometimes much more gratifying than wetting the soil.

As for varieties, there are many on the market, but perhaps the most popular in the kitchen are the sword fern, rabbit foot or bird's nest.

Aromatic and edible plants

aromatic indoor plants

Thinking about cooking and relating it to plants always makes us think of a specific type of the plant kingdom: aromatic and edible plants. These are common to have at home, either on the window or in small pots together. Even in supermarkets they sell us pots of these herbs.

Which are we talking about? Well, parsley, rosemary, sage, coriander, basil ... All of them are common to flavor many dishes of Spanish cuisine and in many homes they are common plants in the kitchen.

However In addition to serving to eat them, they also give a fresh and natural touch to your kitchen. More if we talk about flowering plants, such as calendula (you should know that the flowers in salads are delicious).

Now, they have a "downside", and that is that to be well, they need lighting, a lot, and also frequent waterings without the water puddling. Therefore, although it is said that they are ideal plants for the kitchen, sometimes they are more complicated to have due to the heat and the need for water, light and humidity.


Orchids: care when flowers fall

Orchids, yes, those that are sold to us in florists or also in supermarkets, we almost always place them in the living room, but actually where they develop best is in the kitchen. First, because the kitchen temperature is warmer without reaching an excess (for example due to heating), there are no strong currents and there is light, not direct light.

For all that, it is the perfect place to have it. Regarding the orchid care, Only it needs light and moderate watering to make it feel good. In exchange you could have the orchid flowers almost all year round.


Plants for the kitchen Aralia

This shrub of Japanese origin is not well known. However, it is one of the most resistant and ideal to have in kitchens, especially in a shady place, since it does not particularly like light.

It is characterized by having large leaves, similar to maple leaves, in green color, although some varieties can have them in different shades or even combined with yellow.

Despite being a shrub, it can be grown in a small pot in the kitchen, so you only have to worry about giving it sporadic watering and a warm temperature (which you get in the kitchen).

As you can see, there are many plants for the kitchen that you can consider. The important thing in this case is to know how much space you need to place one or more of them. Of course, also be careful with the size, do not feel that space is invaded.

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