Poinsettia: care after Christmas

The poinsettia is sensitive to frost

If we have achieved that Christmas plant survive, now we will observe your needs so that the Euphorbia pulcerrima stay healthy for the rest of the year and bloom again next Christmas. For this reason, we must know that once the flowering is finished, we will see its bracts disappear, which we remember are the false red, yellow, pink or variegated petals that we like so much. This is part of the natural process of the Christmas plant, as the bracts protect the flowers.

Disappeared these, the Poisentia you no longer need them. There are those who throw them away then thinking that they are dying. Don't do it, the Poinsettia it is a living being that can survive and grow until the following December, when it will bloom again. But for this it needs some care, like all plants. What are they? What are we to do from the red leaf fall?

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General care of the Poinsettia

The poinsettia blooms in winter

Throughout its life span, you will need the same requirements regarding temperature, humidity and irrigation that we explained in Poinsettia: how to survive Christmas. But let's make a summary:

  • Temperature: the Euphorbia pulcherrima It is a tropical plant that grows wild in Mexico. Its ideal temperature range is between a minimum of 15ºC and a maximum of 35ºC. Now, if we place it in a very sheltered area, for example, in a corner of the plot where it is not very exposed to the wind, it can withstand mild frosts of up to -1ºC or -2ºC provided they are of very short duration, and then the temperature rises fast.
  • Humidity: it is important that it is high so that it does not dry out. If you live on an island or near the sea you do not have to worry about this issue, but if on the contrary you are further inland, then it is best to check on a meteorology website what degree of humidity is in your area, or ask yourself with a home weather station to be able to monitor the weather, something that will certainly help you to take better care of your plants.
  • Irrigation: it does not resist drought, nor excess water. The poinsettia needs moderate watering throughout the year, being more frequent in summer than in winter. In general, it has to be watered 2-3 times during the warmer months, and once a week or every 15 days the rest. If in doubt, use a moisture meter such as this So that, thus, you know if the earth is dry or on the contrary humid.
  • Sun / shade: It must be in a place where there is a lot of light, but it is preferable that it is a little protected from direct sun than that we put it in an area where it is exposed, although it can also grow in sunny areas. For this reason, if you are indoors, you must be in a room where there is much, much clarity; and if it is outside, in semi-shade.

Christmas Flower Compost

After flowering, the Poisentia will need us to add a little fertilizer liquid to your irrigation water. It can be a universal fertilizer (such as this) or a slow release fertilizer, following the manufacturer's instructions regarding quantities. Once every 10 days is sufficient. With this we will ensure that it grows healthy, and that its green leaves (not the bracts) will sprout again soon.


Once its red leaves have fallen, if you have land available and the climate is warm, the ideal would be to transplant it to the garden. But if you live in an area where frosts occur, or you do not have land, you can also keep it in a pot, providing the care it needs and waiting for spring to arrive.

Let's see how to transplant it:

  • To a bigger pot: when spring arrives, we will transplant it to a larger pot, putting the universal as substrate as this. At this time and in this new situation, providing it with good natural lighting and an average temperature of the order of 20 ° C, the Poinsettia will emit new branches. The growth of these will be continuous, producing a good foliar development during the summer and autumn. This development will be favored if, in addition to watering, we try to periodically provide adequate fertilization.
  • To the garden: if there are no frosts or if they are very weak (-1 or -2ºC), it can be planted in the garden. To do this, a planting hole of about 40 x 40 centimeters will be made, and it will be planted carefully, having previously removed it from the pot. Then, the hole is filled in, it is used to make a tree grate to make better use of the water and it is watered.

Pruning the Christmas Flower

At the end of January, it is normal that in temperate climates the Christmas plant has run out of leaves and bracts. This is when it can be pruned. In some lucky homes, observing general care, the green leaves are kept and there are even those who claim to have kept the bracts for months. In these areas, where winter temperatures are mild, you can also prune around these dates.

To do this, we will cut the stems, leaving them at about 10-15 centimeters tall if the specimen is 40-50 centimeters tall; if it is smaller, we will not prune it. Gloves must be worn because the sap is irritating to skin and mucous membranes. Once cut, seal the end with scar paste like this.

Poinsettia's Rest

In this state we will leave the Christmas plant to rest during the winter. If it is at home, we will leave it in a place free from heat and drafts; and if it is outside, it is highly recommended to protect it from the cold with an anti-frost fabric, except if we live in an area where temperatures are always above 0 degrees.

Let's not forget that, even if you are at rest, you still need the irrigation. But then limit it to once a week or every 15 days. During spring and, even more so in summer, we will water more often.


The Euphorbia pulcherrima is a plant sensitive to frost

The Christmas plant blooms again in winter, and that is when it begins to fill again with bracts (red, yellow, or pink leaves) but for that needs a daily period of about 12 hours of total darkness from the end of September Or, at most, early October.

If at home we cannot have it in a room that has those hours without light, and we want to have our plant ready with its Christmas appearance, We can artificially create that darkness that you need, although it really is not necessary. I mean, in our latitudes (I'm talking about Spain) the night lasts just that, about 12 hours on average in autumn and winter, and poinsettia flowers naturally in winter. So we just have to be patient and provide the necessary care.

The Euphorbia pulcherrima is a tropical shrub
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Now, if we are interested in it blooming for Christmas, then yes we can force it to do so by covering it with a dark plastic, with thick cardboard or with a protective bell covered with aluminum foil, during the evening to achieve those 12 hours without light from September.

In December we will have the Christmas plant ready again, bigger and surely more appreciated after all the care we have provided.

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  1.   Africa said

    Hi there! I am one of those lucky ones to whom the poinsettia does not throw the leaves. We are almost in November and maybe it is a bit late to ask but my poinsettia threw some green and red leaves after Christmas but most of them keep them. The red ones are a bit faded, yes, but they are still there. And now many more leaves are growing and in no time have I pruned the plant. Should I prune it now? I remove the red leaves at least? Thanks!
    . I must say that I live in Germany and I have the plant in the bedroom where the heat is never turned on. The plant is at 15-20º all year round except on very hot days in summer. But it does not exceed 28º.

  2.   Marichuy Left said

    Hello, I am from Villahermosa, Tabasco and I have 3 little bushes about 1 meter and a half of precious poinsettias that survived last year. I have them in the garden but maybe because of this December has arrived and the color of their leaves has not changed. Only its stem is already red but its leaf is not. Any advice?? I would appreciate them very much

  3.   Juani said

    My plant is already a year old, I could not get the red leaves (some of them) but it is beautiful.
    In autumn the air snapped a branch and I poked it in another pot, it already has buds, with your advice I hope to have them for next Christmas beautiful.Thank you very much.

  4.   Alis said

    Good afternoon, the first days of December 6 beautiful Christmas trees came home, I planted 5 on the balcony and one, which is the largest, is adorning my living room (they are beautiful). We are now February 3, 2015 and they are all red. My question is: will I be able to keep them on the balcony all year round? They receive direct sun, depending on the month the intensity rises or falls, but I would love to leave them there with the care they tell me. Thanks in advance.

  5.   Zulma Sosa (Puerto Rico) said

    Good morning I am from a tropical country and I have 4 plants that I bought for Christmas and to decorate my terrace. We are already in the middle of April and they still have the red leaves, some of them have fallen but come back out again, What advice do you give me so that they get to the new December and keep them. Thanks a lot .

  6.   Spark said

    I am from the note of Spain and I have a poinsettia, which is four years old and has never completely lost the red leaves, it is always beautiful, which I have never done was pruned, because I did not know what could be done, so in the Next spring I will do it, I have it in a large pot, it lives in a closed terrace, which is usually cold in winter and extremely hot in summer, but it acclimates very well and I have not seen any type of plague. What can attack it? How to take care of it? : Thanks in advance

  7.   Monica Sanchez said

    The Poinsettia requires mild climates (up to 2 degrees below zero) to be able to be located outside. The first year is always the most delicate because, coming from a greenhouse (where the growing conditions are optimal for proper development and, above all, fast), when taking it to our homes or putting it outside we are forcing it to adapt which may cost you more, or less depending on the specimen (we must remember that, even if we have two exactly the same plants, there will always be subtle differences).
    Pests: especially aphids on new shoots, and mealybugs. But it is not a serious problem if preventive treatments are made with natural products such as Neem oil, or infusion of garlic or nettle.
    Waterings: about 3 times a week if it is potted during the summer, and 1-2 the rest of the year. If it is planted in the ground, about 2 times a week in summer, and once a week during the rest of the months.

    Red leaves appear naturally in spring so there really is nothing to do to make that happen 😉

    For any questions, here we are.

    Greetings and have a nice weekend!!

  8.   zory said

    Hello. This Christmas I bought the poinsettia and after a while almost all the leaves fell off, green and red, only a few small bits remained, both red and green. I have it next to a window in the kitchen and I water it once a week, half a glass of water. The plant is small and the leaves are small but they do not fall off. I don't know what to do to make them bigger, whether to prune it or leave it like that. I hope help, thanks

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi zory.
      Water it abundantly (moistening the entire substrate well) once a week. As temperatures rise, it will continue to put out leaves, but this time of normal size.
      A greeting.

  9.   diana said

    Hello, my plant was left without green and red leaves, but later it had many green leaves, it was completely filled, by April I decided to transplant it and change its color, it looked bad, the leaves began to fall and I don't know what to do, I can recover it or it I died, please help me with some advice, I have continued to water it but I am afraid that when transplanting something bad has remained that affected its root 🙁

  10.   matilde said

    Hello, I have had the poinsettia for four years, it is next to a window, I have never pruned it, nor have I had it dark for 14 hours, the only thing I did in its day was transplant it, to another bigger pot, I can assure you that it is spectacular with red leaves and huge. I think that if you leave her to her own devices, she adapts to the site, that is always the same. It is an opinion but for me and my friends who have done the same, they have done very well.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Matilde.
      Thanks for your input.
      a greeting

  11.   Neg Thousand said

    Hello, a query, what substrate should I use to sow the poinsettia by cutting? And what month of the year should I plant it to be able to have the poinsettia available for the month of December? .. Thank you and excellent article ,,,

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Neg.
      You can use a porous substrate, made up of black peat and perlite (or any other draining material, like clay balls or river sand).
      The planting time is in spring, and she will be taking out red leaves (which are actually bracts) in November / December.
      a greeting

  12.   Snow said

    Hello, good afternoon, I wanted to tell you that I have a poinsettia plant, they gave it to me this Christmas, today I have thrown a lot of green leaves but it still has red ones that I do at Christmas. I don't know if to prune it or what to do. Thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Nieves.
      Don't worry: it is normal for it to keep some red leaves.
      A greeting.

  13.   Gloria Sanchez said

    Hello Monica! I have my poinsettia plant for exactly one year, the green leaves never fell but the red ones did in April, now it is bigger, it has many leaves but they are turning yellow 😮 more leaves are growing but I don't see that it has little buttons to flourish ……. I didn't know about the dark. I would like her to have red bracts again, it really is a very beautiful plant, is it possible, can I help her with some product?
    I would appreciate a recommendation from you.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello, Gloria.
      Red bracts will appear on their own in late fall / early winter. Anyway, you can force it by putting it in a room where it has total darkness for 14h / day, or cover it with an opaque cloth during those hours.
      A greeting.

  14.   trini said

    Hello, I bought a Christmas plant and when I transferred it to a larger pot, the branches were cut off, what can I do so that they take
    and it's okay

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Trini.
      You can plant the cutting in a pot with a sandy substrate (such as vermiculite for example). Soak the base with rooting hormones, plant it in the pot, and water.
      If all goes well, it will take root in a couple of weeks.
      A greeting.

  15.   linda said

    Hello Monica, I bought a good night, she is about 40 cm and had many little yellow flowers and closed buttons, all of them opened very well I have with her for a month I have her inside the house I water it twice a week and I let it drain well and it was beautiful until a couple of years ago days I shoot almost all its yellow flowers and some green leaves are turning yellow and falling and I don't know if it's normal or what I should do so that it doesn't keep losing leaves. You can give me your advice.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi pretty.
      It is normal for you to lose leaves if you are indoors. To prevent it from running out, it is important to protect it from drafts (be they cold or warm), water with warm water and add a small spoonful of Nitrofoska or any other mineral fertilizer (they are blue grains) every 15 days. This will ensure that the roots support Christmas somewhat better.

  16.   linda said

    Hello Monica, thank you very much for your advice that by the way I have been reading them I had not been able to before, I tell you I thought that it was not excess water because I water it properly so in case it was lack of light I began to take it out every day for an hour with sunlight but not direct and pulverize the green leaves two days in a row and stop throwing leaves !!! I am happy now the stems have been filled with many puffy green buds like little buds, I don't know whether they are twigs or leaves, do you think the nitrophoska will help you so that those little green buds grow well ahh that by the way they came out from the middle down that was where I throw the sheets .

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Brilliant! I'm very happy 🙂.

  17.   linda said

    Hello Monica, hey, they gave me nitrophoska but it is in colors strong blue sky blue, strong pink, light pink and purple. Or it has to be only blue and how much and how often of this color.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi pretty.
      Yes, you can put it. No problem.
      a greeting

  18.   Vdc said

    Good afternoon:
    To this day, my poinsettia still has some red and green leaves. It is much less leafy and almost bare branches are already beginning to be seen, but at the same time new green leaves are being born. A poinsettia has never lasted so long and I don't know how to do it. I have moved it to a slightly cooler place than where it was until now, because in the last week that the temperatures increased, the leaves have fallen a lot.
    Will all the leaves fall off? Should I wait for it to remain completely if leaves to prune it or when new leaves are being born it is better not to prune it anymore?
    I would love to have been able to send a photo of how you are! It seems almost miraculous to me hahahaha
    I hope they can guide me on how to keep her alive and what could be convenient for her in terms of Light and irrigation
    a greeting

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Vcd.
      If winter has already passed, now that spring is coming it will be much easier to grow it 🙂.
      If you are removing leaves, it is best not to prune it, as it could weaken it. What I do recommend is to start paying for it. In the nurseries they sell specific fertilizers for this plant, although you can use Nitrofoska (a small spoonful every 15 days) or liquid guano (following the instructions specified on the package).
      As for your last doubts, it has to be in a place with a lot of light but not direct, and the watering has to be regular, two or three times a week.
      A greeting.

  19.   C said

    Hello Monica,
    I just bought one of these little plants measuring 40 cm.
    What type of substrate should I buy and in what pot size so that it grows without problems?
    I am from Piura- Peru it is hot almost all year round. I have placed it where it has good light (not direct) but there is a draft, should I avoid the draft?

    Thanks since now.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi carlos.
      The Poinsettia grows well in a universal growing medium. Still, you can mix it with 30% perlite or clay balls to improve drainage.
      The pot can now be about 3cm wider than the one it had, but in a couple of years it will be necessary to move it to a larger one (4-5cm wider).
      If it is hot all year round, the air current will not affect it much if you have it outside; On the other hand, if it is indoors, its leaves could be damaged.
      A greeting.

  20.   Eliana said

    Hello good afternoon:

    My ponsentia is the same or better than when I bought it, leafy with lots of red and green leaves and more red leaves are coming out, I have not transplanted it yet and I don't really know how to do it, I would like you to help me see what I can do with it, since I don't want her to go away after so long with her. Thank you very much, greetings

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Eliana.
      Congratulations on your plant 🙂.
      To change the pot you have to plant it in a new one that is at least 3cm wider than the previous one, with universal growing substrate mixed with perlite in equal parts. The plant must be 1cm (more or less) below the edge of the pot.
      Wear gloves just in case, as latex is toxic.
      If in doubt, ask.
      A greeting.

  21.   DAVID said

    Hi all:

    We are on April 7 and my plant keeps 80% of the red leaves and almost 100% of the green ones, I know they should have fallen off but it is still there although it begins to lose more. Surprisingly, he is in an office office with air conditioning, which I know he does not like at all, although it has a lot of light and I water it more than necessary so that it does not dry out because of the environment. Should I now take it out in the direct sun? I know it's not very strong, but…. And if I leave her in the cold air conditioning, will it hurt her? Come on, I don't know if it's better to take her out to the street or leave her inside the office.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello david.
      The plants are always better to have them outside (except if they are tropical and we are in winter 🙂). Put it in a place where it does not get direct sun, and change the pot if you have not done so and it will make you even more beautiful.
      A greeting.

  22.   Pol said

    Well, poinsettias bloom throughout the year. A few months ago I could have a 5-year-old and a little after it started to sprout, it already had little red leaves ... Two others have not lost all the Christmas leaves and the new shoots are already red. So forgive me for not giving validity to the theories about this plant; my experience is different.

  23.   Ana Fernandez Gejo said

    Hello, I took one this year and at the end of January all the green leaves fell off, but not the red ones. New twigs have been coming out, but they are bare except for the top that has very cool red leaves and even like little flowers. It's weird isn't it? Can you do something so that some green leaves also come down? Thanks

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Ana.
      That happened to me last year too. Do you pay it? If not, I recommend doing it. You can add a tablespoon of Nitrofoska once every 15 days; thus it will produce new leaves.
      A greeting.

  24.   Maria said

    Hello good, they gave me a poinsettia and on the date we are still taking green leaves but it does not throw its red ones, why is that? Is it well cared for?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Maria.
      Yes do not worry. It is normal for it to remove green leaves and keep the bracts red (what we call flower, they are actually bracts, that is, false petals).
      As long as I grow up, everything will be fine 🙂.
      A greeting.

  25.   Hazalais said

    Good afternoon.
    They gave me my Christmas plant in December and it is the first time that it lasts so long ... I have already become fond of it and I want it to last me a long time ...
    It still has bracts and some green leaves on the tips, but the stems are practically bare, it has a small pot and I don't know if it would be good to transplant it or not ... I water it once a month at most (I have already seen that I have to change it)
    Please ... what should I do with it, prune it, transplant it, leave it ????? uuuufffffffffff what a stress !!!!
    Thank you very much.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Hazalais.
      Yes, I recommend you change it from a pot to one that is about 3cm wider.
      Water it more often, and start fertilizing it a week after transplanting with a specific fertilizer for these plants that you will find for sale in nurseries (if you cannot find it, you can fertilize it with guano following the instructions specified on the container).
      A greeting.

  26.   Maider said

    Good afternoon! Congratulations on your page.
    I tell you my doubts: I live in Seville, I bought my poinsettia in December 2016 and it has preserved both its green and red leaves until now (end of May 2017) living inside the living room but next to a large window. With the beginning of spring it started to sprout a lot and it has been filled with new green leaves so I have not pruned it. The problem is that although it is still in the same place as always and I feed it with liquid compost periodically, some of the old large green leaves began to show small yellow areas on the edges, and some of the new green leaves appear weak, like the stale lettuce.
    What can happen to it? How can I make its green leaves regain their dark green and the new leaves get stronger? I have seen some centipedes coming out of the ground Thank you very much

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Maider.
      Although it is not recommended because summer is approaching, and I know from experience how hot it is in Seville (I have family there), I would recommend that you put it in a slightly larger pot and keep it protected from direct sun, well watered .
      To avoid problems, I also advise you to treat it with Cypermethrin, which will eliminate all the insects that may be on the ground.
      The color lost by the leaves is no longer recovered, but the newer ones should grow healthy.
      A greeting.

  27.   rosameri said

    Good morning my plant still has all its green leaves and it still has some red leaves but I noticed that some leaves are turning yellow that I can

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Rosameri.
      If it's the older leaves that are turning yellow, don't worry. It is normal.
      On the other hand, if they are the others, it may be that you are having excess watering. How often do you water it? If you have a plate underneath, you have to remove the excess water ten minutes after watering.
      A greeting.

  28.   Patricia C. said

    Hello, I live in Switzerland although I am Spanish and this year for the 1st time the poinsettia that I bought this Christmas is keeping great with green and red leaves. I plan to follow your advice and transplant it because I have not done it yet. I am very excited that it is lasting so long. Thank you for teaching us to take care of it.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Patricia.
      Congratulations on taking care of her so well 🙂
      Greetings, and thank you for your comment.

  29.   Sea Shell said

    Well, I have two, one red and one pink, they were indoors at Christmas and since then they have lived on the terrace, I live in Seville and I put a lot of water on them, they are divine !! Ah! thanks for the very useful information on pruning and transplanting

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Concha.
      Thanks for your comment. Sure you have them beautiful 🙂
      A greeting.

  30.   Laura said

    Surprisingly and intuitively, until a few weeks ago I managed to keep the poinsettia. He lost the bracts a month after he had it, but as the months passed and after transferring it to a larger pot, he put out several small groups of green leaves that have grown and remained ... until a couple of weeks ago.
    Suddenly one of the stems lost all its leaves, which had become soft and very light green. And a few days ago those of the other stems are losing strength and color, as happened to the first ones.
    Could you guide me?
    I would like to do my best to maintain it.
    Thank you very much for the post.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Laura.
      We are glad that you liked the article.
      How often do you water it? You may be overwatering. To check this, I recommend you insert a thin wooden stick all the way: if it comes out with a lot of adhering soil, it will be damp.
      If you have a plate underneath, remove the excess water within ten minutes of watering.

      If it does not improve, write to us again and we will find a solution.

      A greeting.

  31.   Victoria said

    Hello, in the month of January of this year, I picked up the Pascual flower plant from the trash. It was a wreck. It only had green and red leaves on top, the stems were without them.
    I watered it and put liquid fertilizer. A few days later, green leaves began to sprout.
    At the beginning of July the red and yellow leaves began to fall.
    Now in August, the plant is beautiful, all green. I have it on the terrace where the sun does not shine directly on it, because I have a protective mesh on, for it and the other plants.
    I would like to know, if I can transplant it now, I know that it is not spring, but it is in a pot, in my opinion too small due to the size of the plant.
    All the plants that I have at home, are collected from the trash half dead and they are beautiful.
    Greetings and thanks for the article.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Victoria.
      First of all, congratulations. You give new life to plants that end up in the trash, and that ... very few people do.
      Regarding your question, the Poinsettia is a plant that lives in a warm climate. If transplanted now, it could suffer a bit in winter. It is better to wait for spring.

      By the way, I invite you to join our Telegram group. There you can share photos of your plants, doubts, etc. 🙂

      A greeting.

  32.   Gloria said

    I just have a poinsettia and clean it, I put oil on it, it coixna and the plant has decayed, its leaves have decayed, what can I do to sacrifice the oil or what should I do to help it recover? Help me because it was beautiful and how should I water it?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello, Gloria.
      You can clean the leaves with water, and water the plant twice a week in summer and a little less the rest of the year.
      A greeting.

  33.   Santiago said

    Hello, how are you? Look I have a poinsettia that they gave me at Christmas the red leaves fell off but I have kept all the green ones .. where it was it gave it a lot of clarity and it was perfect but very green ... I put it a week ago in another room that I control The daylight hours already started to turn yellow leaves and they fall off ... do I keep leaving it like this? Or do I put it back very clearly? Thanks a lot!!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Santiago.
      How many hours do you have it in the shade? It takes about 14 hours to turn red, including at night. So for example, if there are 10 hours of darkness, for the day it would be enough to have it in the shade for 4 hours, no more. During the other 10 hours it would have to receive more light.
      Anyway, if you see that it is getting peeled, put it back where it was and leave it there. The plant will grow red leaves on its own.
      A greeting. 🙂

      1.    Santiago said

        Ok so I'm going to put her back where she was. She is beautiful with a lot of green eyes and we'll see what happens… thank you !!

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Greetings to you 🙂

  34.   Saira Patricia Mendoza Beltran said

    Hello .. I have a poinsettia since last Christmas and it has many little red and green leaves ... but I asked what I should do to make them turn red again for this Christmas and they told me to put it in a dark place and put it. In a bathroom that no light enters but the leaves are falling ... I don't want him to die ... please, what should I do ... thank you very much ...

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Saira.
      For the leaves to turn red, it has to be in a place where the light does not shine for 14 hours (including at night); the rest of the day has to be in a bright area. Anyway, the plant itself will make them red 🙂
      A greeting.

  35.   Aurora olmedo said

    It has lasted me blooming all winter -spring, long stems remained but full of green leaves, I was sorry to cut the stem down to 10 cm, little stems keep coming out, give me some advice until Christmas

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Aurora.
      If the plant is fine, it is not necessary to prune it, although I would recommend doing it at the end of winter so that it takes out new branches and has a more compact shape.
      A greeting.

  36.   White said

    Hi Monica, thank you very much for your blog !! I have a poinsettia since last Christmas and it has grown a lot, it has not lost its leaves and I see that it continues to sprout from the lower branches, I have it next to a window where it gives it enough light in a pot, I am from Seville and I would like to take it to the terrace, at what time do you advise me? Many thanks in advance !!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Blanca.
      You can do it in spring, when the good weather has already returned.
      We are glad that you like the blog. 🙂
      A greeting.

  37.   Saints said

    Hello, I have a problem with my plant, it was perfect with a lot of green leaves, suddenly some black dots have started to appear and the leaves are turning yellow ... I don't know if it is normal or is it sick? Thank you please help what do I do !!!?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Santi.
      See if you have trips. They are like tiny black earwigs. If so, I recommend treating it with Chlorpyrifos.
      And if it is not, please write to us again and we will tell you.
      A greeting.

  38.   Saints said

    Hello, they are not those, they are small black spots like circular ones and then the yellow leaves turn and fall ...?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Santi.
      From what you say, it looks like it has fungus, probably Phytophthora.
      I recommend you water less (fungi are very favored by a humid environment) and treat the plant with copper-based fungicides.
      A greeting.

  39.   Nicholas said

    Hello Monica, congratulations on your blog and the dedication you give her keeping it updated. I'll tell you: My friends were given a poinsettia for Christmas last year: When the leaves fell, I don't think they watered it much, they took it out to a patio that I have with a lot of light and that does not receive direct sun, to get rid of it .. The plant stayed there without watering and without any care. At the end of July some shoots began to appear on the branches approximately in the upper 1/4 of them. I continued without paying attention to them, but the leaves began to grow and as more buds appeared in the second bud I began to add the drops that dripped after watering my other plants, something that happened every week and a few more drops the rest of the time until now, November, but always in very little quantity. I removed the dry part of the branches and currently they have leaves in the terminal bud and others have begun to grow in the second buds, although they are all smaller than normal and only green. Will I be able to recover the plant? Since I have read your blog I think I should remove the aluminum foil that they still have from last Christmas, start watering normally and fertilize it. If I see that it improves, should I follow your instructions on the formation of red leaves or leave it like that until spring?
    Please help me save her. Thanks a lot. I reiterate my congratulations on your page.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Nicolas.
      Thanks for your words 🙂
      Regarding your question: yes, you can get it back.
      I recommend you start watering it normally, once a week now that we are in autumn-winter, or twice if you live in a warm climate (southern Andalusia, coasts of the Canary Islands).
      The reddening of the leaves is done by the plant naturally; In any case, as it has been delicate, it is best not to force it until next year.
      A greeting.

  40.   thyrsa said

    Hello, by chance, I found this post, I was looking for information about the Poinsettia plant, and I have read several of the comments, if some of what happened to me and if I found Laura, she comments and it is the same thing that is happening to me: well, I have a Flower of Easter that they gave me last Christmas because I adore the plants and I take care of them the problem is that after it was very pretty and lush green now it is dying for part that I can do already hide the water test and it is fine I put the toothpick and it came out dry I only made it water once a week or if necessary please wait for your help

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Tirsa.
      If the leaves fall and you are in autumn it is normal. With the cold he runs out of them.
      Do you have it outside the home or inside? If you have it outside, I would recommend having it inside the home, in a very bright room.
      One more thing, when you water it, add enough water so that the soil is very moist, since it could be that it is drying out.
      A greeting.

  41.   Francisco said

    Hello, I live in a house and of course it is very dark, could you tell me if it is advisable to take it out to the porch where there is more light. Well, it dies every year and if in these months, thank you.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Francisco.
      It has to be in a very bright area, away from drafts.
      To better withstand the cold, I recommend adding one or two tablespoons of Nitrofoska every 15 days. This way your roots will be kept at a more comfortable temperature.
      A greeting.

  42.   Joaquin Carlos said

    Good morning friend, I have a poinsettia and it is very good and very beautiful and with a lot of life, but the next thing is that since we are in November the color does not change, only the ones that are keeping the leaves and the stems, as they are very red From what I see, I do not know if we have to wait for December to change the color of Easter, and one thing that is very important, I do not keep it 12 or 14 hours in a dark place, only when I go to sleep well the truth is that I have it in my apartment in the living room and bedroom and with natural light from a piece of furniture that is behind the window. What do I do, because I am quite worried, apart from the fact that they remain very green and alive, and the leaves are not very large. Please tell me what can I do? Thanks and best regards Joaquín Carlos Torres Diaz.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Joaquin Carlos.
      The plant will pull out the red bracts (false leaves) later on its own.
      Anyway, if you want me to do it now, keep it in the shade for 4 hours a day. But wow, if it's okay, don't worry 🙂
      A greeting.

  43.   Belen said

    Hello, I have a poinsettia from two Christmas ago and the fact is that I bought it its beautiful red flowers and then they disappeared and green leaves came, I have his plate placed below and I water it only below since they recommended me that way only Above never… .my question is, what should I do to grow it because it has been exactly the same for two years as it will be from the site of the light theme ?????
    Thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Belen.
      You probably need a bigger pot. You can transplant it in spring, when the risk of frost has passed.
      A greeting.

  44.   Ingrid Izaquierdo said

    Good night! I have a poinsettia but we are already December and it only has the little red stalks, I am sorry that it does not become totally red ... thank you ...

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Ingrid.
      It is normal 🙂 You can put it in the shade for 4 hours to favor the appearance of the red leaves.
      A greeting.

  45.   Maricela said

    Hello, I have a Christmas flower from last year, everything was fine until a month ago the leaves began to turn brown and brittle and fall, I do not know what happens, the branches are still green but the suckers come out and the same They change color and fall off, what do I do? Please I don't want to lose her.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Maricela.
      He's probably getting cold. I recommend keeping it indoors, away from drafts, and watering it little (once a week).
      A greeting.

  46.   Hugo said

    Hello, good afternoon!
    1 week ago I bought the poinsettia and it was very good ... I have watered it 3 days ago I see that all the leaves are turning yellow and withered. I have it in the dining room and it gets quite sunny, is it possible that the hot air has something to do with it? Or maybe you are missing a special fertilizer?

    Thank you very much!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Hugo.
      The hot air is probably getting to her. I recommend you put it in a bright room without drafts, and water it little.
      A greeting.

  47.   Moises said

    Hello, good.

    My question about the poinsettia is as follows.
    I have had it since last year and it has held up very well all this time, but now it has started to fade, so to speak. The leaves have begun to wither and how to dry, and there are already less chitos with leaves and more without anything.
    I don't know what I can do to keep it going.
    Thank you very much.

  48.   Miguel Angel said

    Hello, how about good afternoon, greetings, a question I have a good night flower, it is already a bush, I planted it in my garden since I was small, it did not average no more than 40 cm, now it exceeds 2 meters, the question is that every year it flowered But this year they put light bulbs (reflectors) for safety reasons and the problem is that I no longer paint red 🙁 why did it light up all night, the question is that I don't paint red and now that January is coming I would not know if to prune it at the end of January, oh will I leave it like that? Could you recommend me please

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Miguel Angel.
      I recommend you wait a bit poco. It may flower in a few weeks.
      A greeting.

  49.   ANTONIETA said

    Hello, I have 2 poinsettia plants that were given to me in September (I live in Argentina). I transplanted them to a bigger pot and it gave me a lot of green foliage, when do I have to put it in the dark? now we are in summer, then comes autumn and then winter.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Antoinette.
      You can start to put it in autumn, but you should know that the red leaves (which are actually bracts, that is, false petals) will appear naturally in winter.
      A greeting.

  50.   Victor said

    Hi there! I have a poinsettia that I buy this Christmas, it always ends up dying at the end of the year, running out of leaves, but this year I have new leaves and I get more and more.
    Do I have to do something with the plant now? Do you need a pruning? the tips are black.
    I still water it now once a week.
    Help me please.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Victor.
      No, until spring you do not have to do anything other than water it. When the weather improves, it is advisable to transplant it into a somewhat larger pot.
      A greeting.

  51.   Yesy. said

    Hello, I bought this year a plant for Christmas and today it is beautiful with its green and red leaves as if it were still Christmas…. When reading this it says that the pruning is done once the leaves have been thrown. My question is the following, do I really have to wait until I throw them (I see no intention) to prune it? Can I prune it now, and let it start to sprout when it touches it by removing those leaves it has? You can help me, because I have no idea what to do…. Thanks a lot.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Yesy.
      If you have it beautiful and healthy, I do not recommend pruning it.
      Pruning is mostly done on plants that are overgrown or diseased.
      A greeting.

  52.   Pillar said

    Hello!! Hello good
    I have my poinsettia! I poured some water directly onto the ground and then some red or green leaves started to come down, the others are fine! I have it in my room and it gives it daylight ... how should I take care of it ???

  53.   Patricia Medina said

    Hello, good afternoon. I have my poinsettia plant and until a few days ago it was beautiful and still blooming, but it is coming out as white spots on the leaves please help. What do I do to cure it? Thanks

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Patricia.
      Do you pulverize it? If so, I would recommend stopping as the leaves could rot.
      If you don't, treat it with a spray fungicide following the instructions specified on the product's packaging.
      A greeting.

  54.   Jorge Prieto said

    Hello Thank you for your very practical and accurate advice, I tell you that I bought a plant in OCTOBER last year and its red leaves arrived until MAY of this 2018, it means that 7 constant months there were red leaves and the secret is: I water them every 2 days and is at the altar of the Virgin Mary ... that will be why her color lasted much longer than normal, well I just wanted to share it with you and with all those who take care of a good night., Greetings from Monterrey one a city with a lot of heat and intense cold when there is one.

  55.   Loly said

    Hello Monica.
    Your advice is very good.
    I have had the poinsettia since last December, it had some red leaves until July, now it is very leafy with many green leaves.
    It had a stalk that was starting to rot, but I cut clean, smeared the cut with cinnamon and it seems that the problem has not continued.
    Now I'm going to start putting it on 14 hours of darkness. See if I can get them to turn red. It is quite a challenge for me.
    Greetings and thanks for everything.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Loly.
      Yes, you can send them to our Facebook : )
      That goes well with the poinsettia, but if you see that it begins to go limp, take it out of the dark.
      A greeting.

  56.   Loly said

    Too bad we can't send photos here.
    Do you have a group or forum where you can send them?

  57.   Loly said

    Hello. I've been covering my plant for 15 days, I leave it 10 hours in the light and 14 in the dark.
    I am seeing that the leaves are turning light green, and some of the larger ones are turning the tip of the leaf as yellowish. Does it have something to do with covering it up? Or is it for another cause?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Loly.
      Yes, it is for covering it.
      I would recommend that you always leave it in the same place, with light. She will take out red leaves on her own when it's her turn (December / January).
      A greeting.

  58.   Loly said

    Thanks a lot. I'll do that. This week I have not covered anything. See if he recovers.
    Can it also influence that the pot is very small and you need to change it to a larger one?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Loly.
      Yes, the lack of space makes plants quickly weaken. But it is only recommended to change them to a larger one in spring.
      A greeting.

  59.   ilse said

    hello I have my little plants but on their green leaves they are getting white spots like moc what can I do

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello ilse.
      Have you checked if it has any plagues? Do you spray it from time to time with water?

      White spots can be confused with mealybugs, or with lime stains. The former can be removed with water and neutral soap, and limescale stains cannot be removed, but more can be prevented from appearing by watering with water with a few drops of lemon.


  60.   Diego Jose said

    Hello, I was looking at when I can prune my poinsettia because today, February 26, it is still with a divine red and its green leaves and I do not know when to prune it. because I'm afraid of spoiling it. It is 4 years old and I have it in a pot. Greetings

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Diego.
      Really, if the plant is fine and you like it, you don't need to prune it.

      Pruning is only done, for example, when it has been difficult to overcome the winter, or has had a major plague that has greatly weakened it. But if it is healthy and others, there is no reason to prune it 🙂


  61.   Lupita said

    Hello, for the first time I managed to make my Christmas Eve pass the winter season, I throw all the leaves and have them again in spring, I have it indoors because here it would not withstand frost. We are almost at the end of August and all its limp leaves have been put on it, sad. I don't know what to do, please help.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Lupita.

      Could it be that it has too much water? If you have a plate underneath it, it is important that it be emptied after each watering, since the plant is sensitive to waterlogging.

      If you want, send a photo to our Facebook to help you better.