Portable lamps to illuminate the garden

portable lamps to illuminate the garden

A beautiful garden not only requires well-cared for plants, there are also a series of elements that can provide a unique and very personal touch. It is the case of the portable lamps to illuminate the garden, that will allow you to enjoy its beauty even at night.

It's time to review what models you can choose and how you can distribute them to achieve the best possible result.

Advantages of using portable lamps to illuminate the garden

Advantages of using portable lamps to illuminate the garden

Here are a few reasons that will help you verify that portable models are a good choice.


With these luminaires you can illuminate different areas of the garden as necessary, because you can easily change their location and thereby highlight different areas.

If your plants have grown, or you have made changes to the layout of the garden, You can choose a new location for your lamps and thus renew the entire space with just a few small adjustments.

They do not require installation

An electrical installation is expensive and requires maintenance later if it is outdoors, but with portable lamps to illuminate the garden you forget about this. Because you can enjoy light in strategic points without having to do any installation.

Many of these lights run on rechargeable batteries or solar energy, so you don't even have to worry about your electric bill.

Personalized atmosphere

There are outdoor lamps available in a wide variety of models that range from the most modern and ground-breaking to the most classic. Therefore, It will not be difficult for you to find the most suitable model for your garden.

You can also choose whether you want warm lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere or, on the contrary, you prefer more festive lighting with colored lights.


Since they do not require electrical cords, these portable lamps reduce the risk of electrical accidents, and even tripping.

Furthermore, they do not emit much heat, which reduces the risk of burns or fires. Something very important to keep in mind if the luminaire is close to the plants.

On the other hand, an illuminated garden helps keep away friends of others, who prefer to do their misdeeds in dark places.

What type of portable lamps to illuminate the garden can we find?

What type of portable lamps to illuminate the garden can we find?

Surely you have seen the typical solar garden torches or lamps on occasion, because they are the most popular models, but there are many more options.

Solar garden lamps

They work through some integrated solar panels which are responsible for absorbing solar energy during the day and using it when night falls to power LED lights.

They are a very economical and ecological option because they do not consume any electrical energy. In addition, they do not need installation, since they can be nailed directly into the ground.

Solar projection lamps

They are somewhat more complex systems than the previous ones, since they can project decorative patterns or figures on walls and other surfaces.

Solar lanterns or lanterns

They are responsible for imitating the appearance of traditional lanterns or lanterns., so they are a good choice for gardens with a more classic aesthetic.

They manage to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, especially in rest areas or meeting areas.

Rechargeable LED lamps

Solar lights are very sustainable, but the lighting they provide is quite dim. If you are looking for a portable lighting system with more power, you can turn to rechargeable LED lamps. When the battery runs out you can charge it again through a USB socket or from a standard outlet.

The most advanced models They have additional features such as the ability to change color and custom lighting effects.

floating lamps

If you have a pool or pond, you can choose floating lamps. Many models of this type are equipped with LED lights that can change color and are controlled remotely, which expands the possibilities of creating elegant and relaxing environments.

Rechargeable floor or table lamps

In the seating area of ​​your garden you can use special floor or table lamps for outdoor use. They come equipped with rechargeable batteries that last a few hours, and usually have a light intensity regulation system.

LED garlands

They consist of a string of LED lights that can be hung on railings, trees, pergolas or other garden elements. They are a good choice if you want to create a festive atmosphere, and even a romantic atmosphere if you reduce the lighting intensity.

Ideas to decorate the garden with lights

Ideas to decorate the garden with lights

Portable lights to illuminate the garden are an ingenious solution, but it is important to know where and how to place them to get the most out of them. Yes, you know how to decorate the gazebo with plants, it is time to continue giving life to the outdoor spaces of your house, in this case with good lighting.

  • Light garlands. If your garden is large, you can create a magical effect by hanging string lights on trees or bushes. If you choose warm white lights you can have an original way to illuminate the path home.
  • Lanterns. The ideal is to place them in meeting areas, and even next to the entrance door to the house, to add a touch of charm.
  • floating lamps. If you have a pond or pool, these lights help create a beautiful effect at night. But don't abuse them, it's not about filling the entire surface with lights of this type.
  • Lights in pots or planters. Even if your garden is not very large, you can provide some light with spears or solar torches that are stuck directly into the soil of the pots.
  • Accent lights. To highlight some elements or plants in your garden you can use these lights, which create interesting focal points.

Lighting will help you make your garden look nice and cozy at night, but remember to use moderation. It's one thing to add a little light and another to turn outdoor spaces into a small version of Las Vegas. When it comes to using portable lanterns to illuminate your garden, less is more. Start with a few elements, and then reevaluate whether you really need to add more light.

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