What is Portulaca grandiflora or cat's claw used for?

portulaca grandiflora

Of the many plants that exist, there is a large majority that have beneficial properties for health, so it is advisable to know them and learn how to grow them. Among them is Portulaca grandiflora or cat's claw. The list of benefits it offers is really long and in this article we are going to talk to you about what this plant is like, What is Portulaca grandiflora or cat's claw used for? and how to grow it yourself, so you always have it in your medicine cabinet.

It's a plant native to South America that grows in sandy soils. It produces flowers in red, white or salmon colors that are also pretty. Although, the most characteristic of this species is that the leaves resemble cat's nails and hence his nickname.

Do you want to know everything about her? Keep reading, because we are going to give a very complete review of the characteristics of the species, its benefits, its uses and cultivation needs.

What is Portulaca grandiflora 

Portulaca receives different curious names, such as “purslane flower”, “love for a while”, “mañanitas”, “beautiful at eleven” or “silk flower”. Although it is more commonly known as “cat's claw”, given its appearance. 

portulaca grandiflora

It must be added that Portulaca is a succulent plant, although it has thinner leaves than we are used to seeing in plants of this species. It is said that it looks like silk and, in addition, it has the added charm of producing very pretty flowers.

It is a tropical plant with the added advantage that it survives well both outdoors and inside the home, which makes it an ideal option to fill our favorite corners with personality and good energy. 

Botanical characteristics of Portulaca grandiflora or cat's claw

Portulaca is a plant branched stems and fleshy leaves. It has a great density, making it very decorative. And, in particular, its flowers stand out, although its branches are already special, but it is difficult not to fall in love with its flowers, which, in the case of the grandiflora, are large in size and very bright in color. 

Furthermore, we like this silk flower because it blooms for a long season, which will allow us to enjoy the spectacle of its color throughout the spring and summer. 

It is a creeping or hanging plant, small in size, as it barely reaches 20 centimeters. 

Another characteristic is that its flowers close their petals when night comes. Maybe that's where his nickname “mañanitas” comes from. 

It can even grow on rocky terrain, because it has a root system that does not develop in depth, but rather in extension, which makes it suitable for different soils. 

What benefits does Portulaca grandiflora provide?

portulaca grandiflora

There are countries where this species is highly valued because, apart from its attractiveness, it is attributed healing properties. Among other benefits, this plant is attributed the ability to purify the blood and to treat diseases of the urinary system. 

La Portulaca would be a diuretic, purifying and would also help fight intestinal parasites

If we are also looking for emotional or even spiritual benefits and for the home, according to Feng Shui, grandiflora is a purifying plant that helps reign harmony within the home and other, is protective. Can one ask for more? Well yes, it is an original, beautiful and charming plant. And it has this too.

We must add the ornamental paper that meets its shape and color. Furthermore, hybridization has allowed us to achieve different varieties and colors, so it is not uncommon to find Portulaca in other shades, allowing us to fill our spaces with color. Because you can have it in your garden, on your balcony or in windows, always facing the outside because it needs a lot of sun.

What care does Portulaca grandiflora or cat's claw need?

Let's not forget that we are dealing with a succulent, therefore, the care that we will have to give it is similar to that of any other of the same species. Lots of sun, heat and moderate watering. But let's take a closer look at this section, so that you don't miss a single detail and can take care of your Portulaca perfectly.

Perfect temperature for Portulaca

It is a heat plant, so it must be in an environment that does not go below the 

20 degrees. Otherwise, it can withstand well up to 35 degrees and even more if it is provided with sufficient watering in the hottest months.

A lot of light

The Portulaca needs a lot of light, so you will have to place it in places where it can receive that light. The ideal thing is to do it, as we said before, on a terrace, balcony, garden, roof terrace or window where the sun shines for many hours and with sufficient intensity that requires a succulent plant of tropical origin.

How much water does Portulaca grandiflora need?

As a succulent, it does not need too much watering, because it accumulates water in its leaves. Before watering, check that the substrate has already dried, because otherwise it could accumulate water and rot the roots, which would be a shame. 

The soil also matters

By not putting down deep roots, it does not matter that the pot is shallow, nor that it has a lot of substrate, but its quality and the fertilizer you add do have an influence. What will do best are alkaline soils, however, it is not essential either. But here we tell you the best so that your plants do not lack anything. 

Other cares

Do you know what other care will favor the flowering of your Portulaca grandiflora? Apply fertilizer during spring and summer, so that the flowers come out stronger and more colorful. 

It is also good to prune to remove wilted leaves and revitalize its growth. Do it from time to time, when you see that there are parts of the plant that have been damaged.

For the rest, the Portulaca grandiflora or cat's claw It is very resistant to pests and diseases, however, it can die due to root rot due to excess water and this is an aspect that you must take great care of to avoid that outcome.

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