How to get a Portulacaria afra in flower?

The flower of the Portulacaria afra is pink

Image - Wikimedia / Frank Vincentz

La Afra portula, also called the tree of abundance or the coin plant, is a small shrub that seems to have a hard time flowering. No matter how much care we give it, it is not always possible for it to produce its beautiful flowers.

So maybe it's a good idea to ask yourself if we're really doing everything we can to make it right, or if we're doing something wrong. So if you want to know what is the secret to having a Afra portula floweringPay attention to what I am going to tell you.

When does the tree of abundance bloom?

This it is a plant that loves the heat of mid/late spring, when summer begins to be noticed near. For this reason, their flowers will sprout around those dates, they may even coincide with the need that we humans have to change the clothes in the closet when May/June arrives.

Now, It should not surprise us if our specimen blooms a little later, well into the summer. This, in fact, would be expected if the temperatures have been especially cool in winter, as this has delayed its spring awakening, and consequently, it has resumed its growth later.

How to make the plant of abundance bloom?

The flowers of Portulacaria afra are small

Image - Wikimedia / Philmarin

There are things we can do to make it produce its flowers... as soon as possible (in gardening there is nothing that is 100% accurate, since plants are living organisms, and as such, their survival depends on multiple factors, such as climate or availability of water). For this reason, before getting into the matter, I recommend that when you read or hear someone say something like »If you do X, you Afra portula it will bloom in 5 days” be wary, because yes, it may, but it may not.

We have to "run away" a bit from these kinds of comments, because if we want it to flourish, what we have to do is take good care of our plant. A specimen that is well hydrated, that has enough nutrients, that is in a suitable location and in a place where it can grow adequately without being damaged by extreme cold or heat, will undoubtedly produce its flowers sooner. that someone else is having a bad time.

So, we really can't talk about tricks or secrets, because all of these are needs of the plants, of all of them. Y when they are being cultivated, what we have to do is, precisely, learn to identify these needs, and from there, take better and better care of them.

For all this, here is a mini guide for you Afra portula be beautiful and may bloom:

Put it in a sunny place

This is the most important thing, because when the light is poor the leaves begin to fall at a rate that, let's face it, is sad to see. If you don't have any sunny spots, a good alternative could be an area where there is a lot of light. But it is best to expose it to the light of the king star so that it can grow better.

But yes: if we just bought a plant that was in the shade or indoors, we do not have to expose it to the sun directly without first having acclimatized it. This will be done by exposing it a little each week, early in the morning or late in the afternoon, and gradually increasing the time.

The soil must be light and with excellent drainage.

Portulacaria afra needs easy care
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If the Afra portula could speak, surely he would tell us that if it is going to be in a pot, it must have holes in its base and, in addition, the soil that is put in it must retain water, yes, but not in excess. It does not support excess moisture, and even less waterlogged land. In fact, we recommend filling the container with substrate for cacti and other succulents (for sale here!), and no other, for this reason.

In case you are going to be in the garden, you have to take this into account as well. If the soil is very compact, a hole half a meter wide by the same depth will be dug, stones or gravel will be added forming a layer of about 20 centimeters, and finally it will be finished filling with the substrate that we have just mentioned.

Water, but not excessively

It is preferable that the soil dries out completely between one watering and the next, rather than water more often and the roots rot. In addition, every time you have to do it, it is important to pour water on it until all the soil is very moist; that is, not only do you have to moisten the most superficial layer, but you have to make sure that the water reaches all the roots well.

Rainwater must be used whenever possible, but if this is not the case, any water that is suitable for consumption will also work.

Prevents frost from damaging it

The tree of abundance tolerates the cold well, but frosts are another story as they cause a lot of serious damage, such as leaf drop, stem rot, or root death. To avoid this, we advise you to put it indoors when the temperature drops below 0 degrees.

Trick: make your Afra portula

Portulacaria afra blooms in spring

Image - Wikimedia / Derek Ramsey

I know. I have said before that there are no tricks or secrets here. I have said it and I repeat it. But I didn't want to end the article without telling you a little about subscriptions. And it is that, if we go to basic botany, we will find out that plants primarily need two nutrients to flourish: potassium and phosphorus. The first is responsible for keeping the cell walls of all the parts that make up the plant united and hard; while the second is the most responsible for the formation of flowers.

Starting from this, it is very interesting to pay your Afra portula in spring and summer with a manure or fertilizer rich in these two nutrients (or at least, in phosphorus), such as guano, which is also a fertilizer of animal origin and therefore organic. But yes, you have to add very little: less than a handful once a month. You can buy it from here!.

Although it may be a bit difficult at first, you will surely end up getting your plant to produce its beautiful flowers.

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