Revive your orchids with this homemade fertilizer

Revive your orchids with this homemade fertilizer

The orchid, in any of its varieties, is a plant that arouses passions. And there are few who can resist its exotic appearance and its flowers of various colors. However, they are not always easy to care for. If yours aren't looking their best, don't worry, because there are natural and easy ways to revive orchids.

On this occasion, we are going to talk to you about a homemade fertilizer that will help you make these plants look their best. It is essential if you see that they are not as healthy as they should be, but you can also apply it preventively, so that they remain as beautiful as they are now, or become even more spectacular.

Most common causes why orchids get sick

Most common causes why orchids get sick

The orchid is a delicate plant, and it can present an unfavorable appearance for different reasons. Although the fertilizer that we are going to see later is very effective, It is clear that it is essential that you know where you are failing when it comes to caring for your plant. Because, if you don't do it this way, you will continue to make mistakes, and the orchid will never look as pretty as it should.

  • Lack of light. The orchid needs to receive several hours of sunlight each day, and it is much better if it reaches it in a filtered form. If your plant does not have enough light, you will notice that its stems become long and thin, the leaves turn yellow, and the flowers look weak.
  • Irrigation errors. Whether you water the orchid too little or too much, you can cause significant damage. If you have overwatered, you will notice that the plant begins to show signs of rotting. On the contrary, if you have watered little, the leaves will wrinkle and take on a yellowish tone.
  • Stuffiness. Air circulation is essential for plants to be healthy, and in the case of orchids it is even more important. If the air does not circulate well, the humidity will not evaporate, and this can end up causing a fungal infection. To avoid this, never place the plants too close to each other.
  • Extreme temperatures. The orchid is a plant that does not tolerate extreme temperature fluctuations well, because they cause stress. Try to have it in a place where the temperature is more or less stable all year round, away from cold air currents and heat sources such as heating.
  • Diseases and pests. Sometimes, even if you take good care of your plant, it becomes sick. Mites, aphids, or pests such as powdery mildew can affect it and make it look unhealthy. If you detect problems of this type, act before it is too late.
  • Lack of nutrients. Even if the watering frequency is good, it is possible that your orchid's substrate is not the most suitable for it and does not provide it with enough nutrients. You can solve it by choosing a special substrate for these plants, or adding a little fertilizer. This one that we are going to see will be very useful for reviving orchids.

To know what is happening to your plant, check it periodically and take note of how it is evolving. The sooner you detect the problem, the sooner you will be able to solve it. In the meantime, don't forget to add nutrients to help it recover.

The best fertilizer to revive orchids

The best fertilizer to revive orchids

We are going to make an infusion that, in reality, is a powerful homemade and natural fertilizer. Also, the good thing is that we do it with products that we all have at home and that, normally, end up in the trash can.

To make this fertilizer capable of reviving orchids we need:

  • Four to five potato skins.
  • Four to five banana peels.
  • 1 liter of water.

The preparation is as follows:

Preparation of the ingredients

We start by cutting the banana peels and potato skins into small pieces. We don't have to leave them very very small, but Yes, it is advisable that we divide them into several pieces to infuse them.

Heat the ingredients

In a pot, add a liter of water and the banana peels and potato skins. We heat it up and, when we see that it is about to start boiling, we turn off the heat.

This step is important, because if we let the water boil we will lose part of the properties and nutrients of the ingredients. Therefore, we recommend that you do not get lost and monitor the water at all times.

Resting Time

We let the water cool and then strain it. And that's how easy and quick we have this homemade fertilizer ready. You can keep it in the refrigerator for several weeks.

Apply it every 10 or 15 days, directly on the substrate, without wetting the flowers under any circumstances. As an extra tip, use this fertilizer at times when the plant is not receiving direct sun.

Why is this fertilizer effective in reviving orchids?

Why is this fertilizer effective for reviving orchids?

There are many industrial fertilizers and also homemade fertilizers, What makes this infusion of potato and banana peels so special? Mainly, potassium.

Potatoes and bananas are foods rich in potassium, which is why they should never be missing from our diet. And it turns out that they are just as good for our plants as they are for us.

In addition to potassium, this fertilizer is rich in other nutrients such as magnesium, iron and manganese. All of them essential for the growth and development of plants. That's why, is capable of obtaining varieties such as orchids or anthuriums recover when they are sick.

Of course, you can also apply it to other plants, if you see that they need an extra dose of nutrients. Taking care to only wet the substrate, never the leaves themselves, much less the flowers.

Did you imagine that you could revive orchids with something as simple as sewing potato skins and banana peels? Frequently, the products that we have at home and that we believe are of no use, are the best solution to enjoy a beautiful and healthy garden.

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