The best robotic lawnmower

Would you like the grass to cut itself? Undoubtedly this is one of those moments when you can enjoy this area of ​​the garden a lot, since it is a task that becomes very comfortable even during the hottest season of the year, since you can even control it with your mobile.

Now you can have your green carpet well cared for with a robotic lawnmower, but not just any one, but with one that you will know in advance that it is of very good quality.

Our recommendation

We have seen several very interesting models, but if you want to know which one we recommend the most, this is:


  • It is ideal for lawns of 350 square meters
  • Includes a 100 meter perimeter cable and a lithium ion battery
  • Charges in just 45 minutes
  • The grass you are cutting is evenly distributed
  • After the first mapping, the Indego system will recommend a program suitable for the size of your lawn.
  • It is silent


  • Cannot be controlled via mobile
  • Considering the recommended lawn area, this robotic lawnmower may not be the right fit for you
  • You have to keep it protected from the rain

The best models of robotic lawnmowers

Robot lawn mower ...
961 Reviews
Robot lawn mower ...
  • AIA smart navigation technology enables the robot to cut grass in tight and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cut to Edge system: cuts up to 2,6cm from the edge
  • It has 3 cutting blades with rotation to both sides, therefore the replacement will be long term. 4 cutting height positions from 3 to 6 cm.
Blumfeldt Garden Hero –...
24 Reviews
Blumfeldt Garden Hero –...
  • PRECISE: As simple as sitting back and relaxing while the robotic lawnmower takes care of pruning between 2,5 and 5,5 cm high and 18 cm wide on its own.
  • DELIMITING CABLE: Thanks to the cable to designate the surface to cut, the robot will know in which area it has to do its work. The robotic lawnmower can be used on medium and large surfaces of up to 1.200 m² and slopes of 30º.
  • LCD DISPLAY: With a powerful battery, it has a battery life of up to 3 hours before placing it back in the charging station. On its control panel with LCD screen, you can regulate the robot's functions.
Yard Force EasyMow260 -...
355 Reviews
Yard Force EasyMow260 -...
  • Lithium-ion cells with powerful 20 V 2,0 Ah battery. Cutting width: 160 mm. Cutting height: 20mm-55mm (3 levels)
  • Edge trimming function to keep the garden neat and tidy
  • Easy to use and simple to operate to allow very easy handling when setting the time.
Robot lawn mower ...
621 Reviews
Robot lawn mower ...
  • AIA smart navigation technology enables the robot to cut grass in tight and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cut to Edge system: cuts up to 2,6cm from the edge
  • It has 3 cutting blades with rotation to both sides, therefore the replacement will be long term. 4 cutting height positions from 3 to 6 cm.
WORX WR141E - Robot ...
  • Robot lawnmower to cut areas up to 500m2; program and control the robot via mobile; calculates the cutting area quickly and easily; the robot suggests a work schedule according to the size of the garden (schedule with the possibility of customizing it); knife plate placed on the lower side makes it easy to cut the edges
  • Patented aia cutting technology for the robot to cut in hard-to-reach areas
  • Possibility of customizing the robot with 4 accessories: anti-collision accessory with ultrasonic sensors that prevents the robot from colliding; voice control accessory; gps accessory and digital cable accessory

Robomow PRD9000YG

If you are looking for a robot with a good value for money with which you can have a perfectly manicured lawn while you spend the time doing other things, this is a model that will interest you. Its design is solid and compact, ideal for working lawns of up to 300 square meters.

It only weighs 13,7kg, and it hardly makes any noise (69 dB), so it won't bother you at all if you have an event planned on your site that day.

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This is a model with a very reliable performance, which has a very practical touch screen since from it you can program the day you want to put it into operation. Apart from that, if your lawn has a slope you don't have to worry: it will work just as well even if there is a slope of up to 50%!

It weighs 8,5kg and emits a sound of 75 dB, so you can have your lawn of up to 450 square meters just as you always wanted with little effort.

Worx WR101SI.1

A robotic lawnmower made so that even the narrowest areas of your green carpet are perfect. That's what the Worx WR101SI.1 is. It has a rain sensor, you can control it from your mobile… what more could you ask for?

Its weight is 7,4kg, and it emits a sound of 68dB. Without a doubt, it is a model designed to work lawns of up to 450 square meters without disturbing the family.

GARDENA R40Li Robot Lawn Mower

Do you live in an area where it rains frequently or unexpectedly? If so, you have to look for a robotic lawnmower that resists it so that later there are no surprises, such as the R40Li from Gardena, which is ideal for lawns whose surface area is up to 400 square meters.

With a weight of 7,4kg and being very quiet (only 58dB), it is an option to consider, since it works even on slopes of up to 25%.

McCullochRob R1000

If what you are looking for is a robot that is capable of maintaining very extensive lawns of up to 1000 square meters, and that has an elegant design, with this model you will be able to enjoy your garden like never before.

It weighs 7kg, and emits a sound of 59 dB, so it will not be difficult to store it.

Worx Landroid L WiFi Lawn Mower

This is a robotic lawnmower especially suitable for very large surfaces, and for those who want to control their robot from their mobile. You can program the time you want it to start, and you will not have to worry about anything since it has an anti-theft system (by code) and ultrasonic sensors that will prevent it from colliding.

If we talk about its weight, it is 10,1kg, and since it is not noisy it is a model that you should not miss if you have a lawn of up to 1500 square meters.

Buying guide for a robotic lawnmower

Robot lawn mower buying guide

How to choose one? If you have made up your mind, surely you have doubts about it, right? I will try to solve them all below:

Lawn surface

All robotic lawnmower models (actually, any self-respecting lawnmower) is designed to work well on a certain surface. This does not mean that you cannot do it in larger gardens as well, but that it will cost you more and you will spend more than it should.

WiFi, yes or no?

Depends. The robotic lawnmowers with WiFi are more expensive than those that do not have it, although it is true that they are much more comfortable to be able to control them through the mobile.

Rain resistance?

If you live in an area where it rains regularly, without a doubt, you should look for a model that resists the rain so that you do not have problems. But if on the contrary you are in a place where it hardly rains, it is not necessary.


The less noise you make the better. There are different levels of decibels and each one is equivalent to a type of sound. If we are talking about robotic lawnmowers, which emit between 50 dB and 80 dB, you have to know that the quietest ones will make the noise equivalent to that in a quiet office, and the loudest that made by city traffic.


The budget available is, in the end, what is most looked at. So, whether you have a little or a lot, don't be in a rush to get your robotic lawnmower. Look, compare prices, read whenever possible the opinions of other buyers,… So you will surely make your perfect purchase.

Where to buy a robotic lawnmower?

Where to buy a robotic lawnmower


On Amazon they sell everything, and of course they also have an interesting catalog of robotic lawnmowers at different prices. Advisable to take a look, since you can also read the opinions of the buyers.

El Corte Ingles

In El Corte Inglés they sell several things, but they have few models of robotic lawnmowers. Even so, it is interesting to visit their website or a physical store they have good quality models.

How do I maintain a robotic lawnmower?

Although they are machines that practically work alone, it is important to carry out maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Therefore, do not hesitate to clean it thoroughly with a dry cloth and remove the cut grass remnants with a soft bristle brush that may have remained on the wheels and / or axles. In addition, you have to make sure that the cutting blades are in perfect condition, otherwise you would have to change them.

Regarding storage, keep in mind that you have to keep it leaning on all the wheels in a dry place and protected from direct sun. And of course, do not forget to replace the battery as soon as you notice that it has worn out.

I hope you have learned a lot about robotic lawnmowers and can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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