Sea Alder (Alysum Maritimum)

Sea Alder (Alysum Maritimum)

Continuing with the world of nature, there are many species that abound and allow us to choose depending on their characteristics, since there are some that can live in certain places while others do not.

La Alyssum Maritimum is a plant that belongs to the huge family of Brassicaceae, also known as cruciferous, which they have more than 3500 species around the world, specifically those places where the climate is temperate with cold tendencies.


pot with different white and red flowers

Today you will learn a little more about this wonderful bush. Its origins, environment where it develops, some cares and recommendations in case you decide to plant one in your garden.

The main characteristic of this species is that it is an annual plant, that is, it germinates and develops within a year. It has a size between 10 to 30 cm high and it has small white flowers that develop over time and are covered with hairs.

Its flowers create a striking honey aroma that attracts many people and insects throughout the year, especially when away from winter temperatures. It also generates many amounts of small flowers that range from white to purple.

It usually develops along the roads, with which it is very normal to drive through temperate climates and find this marvel that will force us to get out of the car and take at least one photograph of them.

Another characteristic is that they do not flower from the stem but instead form in bunches of maximum 15 flowers and 4 petals, generating several of them which gives it the appearance so leafy that we see in the distance.

Where can I find it?

This kills can be found in many parts of the European territory, specifically by the Mediterranean region, Canary Islands, etc.

In Spain they are found from the length and breadth of the coast to the high mountains of the Iberian Peninsula, since their climate is similar despite the differences in heights.

Actually, the Alusym Maritimum can be found in any place where there is a temperate climate, since it is the ideal environment where this species grows harmoniously.

Sea alder cultivation

shrub with small white flowers

It is a family that is widely known by different uses that can be given depending on where you are.

People who are linked to medicine they usually use it as a diuretic, since it has healing properties that are very effective for these conditions and kidney stones, being a tremendous help for patients who have to endure great pain during their treatment.

On the other hand, those who are linked to gardening use it as a floor covering because it is a very low plant, reaching a maximum of 30 cm in height.

It is ideal to grow them in early spring and a great advantage they have is that they do not need too much care for them to develop. You can place it in the sun and let it receive shade once or twice a day since it is a plant that is very resistant to heat and long periods of drought.

Its propagation is through the seeds, which can germinate much faster than other plant species. After you have it, the process to sow them is practically the same as with the others, we introduce it in a hole that is well dug to later water it and wait for the weather, sun and rain to do their job.

If you do not have a garden but also pots you can sow it there without any inconvenience.


One of the great advantages of this plant is that its daily care is much easier than with other species. However, when it is in the growth phase, it is necessary to be alert to any problem.

This needs a soil that is mainly fertile, that is rocky and with enough sand to facilitate drainage during the rainy season.

After we get through the spring we can add a little compost to help it in its growth phase. However, we must be careful not to overdo it as it is not very tolerant of nutrient or artificial products.

What you do need is a good dose of sunlight. The longer it is in contact with the sun, it will grow healthier and more luxuriant. You can also play with the shade, though never let the sun go too long.

If you have grown healthy, will be able to withstand freezing climates for a good period of time without being affected.

Irrigation is important, so it is necessary to spray it on a recurring basis so that it maintains its necessary hydration. However, make sure you do not exceed the amount of water you add daily, since if they form wells in their surroundings, you will run the risk that fungi begin to attack them, generating a big problem.

This species does better with a little more drought than with excess water, so we must calculate well at the time of adding it.

Diseases and pests of Alysum Maritimum

The greatest damage that this plant can receive is the poor drainage of the soil where it lives since when it gets flooded, the ailments that we told you about earlier begin. If the fungi do not appear Roots will gradually rot until they take the life out of this wonderful plant.

cluster small white flowers

Rust fungus

Fungi are one of the problems that most affects the Alyssum Maritimum. It is mainly caused by excessive humidity that exists around him. You will know that you suffer from this when you see some spots all over the plant. If this happens, you must purchase a special fertilizer and apply it directly to the injured site.

Powdery mildew

When you see that on the leaves of your plant there is a kind of white powder, it is because it has the powdery mildew fungus. If it is very serious, its flowers and stems will turn yellowish until they dry completely.

The danger of this fungus that is produced more by shade than by excess water and how this species affects it enormously, because will get powdery mildew easily. For this reason it is so important to have the care protocols as close to us as possible.

The beauty of this plant makes it perfect to plant either next to the rocks, since your flowers will give you that special style that we are looking for for our garden.

If you want it to develop its full potential, you must gradually remove all those flowers that wither over time. With a scissors you can do it and you will see the results during the following days.

Following the indications that we have offered you, today you will be able to enjoy all the properties that the Alyssum Maritimum has for you. Be aware that the place where it grows constantly reaches the sun's rays so that it can develop in a healthy way and diseases do not reach it for a long time.

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