Sprout lentils

Lentil sprouts inside a glass jar

There are many food products that are simple to make, very practical to prepare and provide the body with important nutritional elements in vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. These include seed or grain sprouts.

Consuming foods that are in the development stage provide nutrients that cannot be accessed in other stages. Lentil sprouts are not only nutritious but delicious, versatile and can be made without any complications, only a few important instructions should be followed.

Germinating lentils is a simple procedure

plastic cups with lentils inside

It is very likely that one of the most significant activities carried out in schools is related to the germination of lentils or other legumes. For many individuals this experiment was the first approach to the scientific world and represents the oldest knowledge that humanity has, agriculture.

In addition, it also has a very relevant importance because it is related to a basic and irreplaceable function that guarantees life, such as food.

Among the first products sown and harvested by man are the legumes and cereals. These foods have nourished entire generations of human beings for thousands of years and have served their purpose fully.

With a simple glass or transparent plastic container, cotton, lentil seeds or the legume of your choice, water and sun, can sprout up to a three-year-old. Therefore, there is no reason why a conscientious adult should personally provide this healthy food.

The most basic thing when it comes to germinating seeds is to guarantee a suitable environment. In a basic way, this was achieved by placing a damp cotton ball at the bottom of the container, then some lentil seeds are positioned with enough space between each one, then they are covered with another moistened cotton and placed in a warm place with preferably indirect sunlight.

It was a matter of days for the children to watch in awe the privilege of life growing before their eyes. With this strategy, it was possible to visibly understand the parts of the plant and initiate the young individual in the care of nature.

Procedure for making lentil sprouts at home

Although the development process of a plant is a true miracle and a really complex process, with the right conditions you can get enough sprouts of lentils to take advantage of its nutrients through the most varied recipes.

  • The first thing is to have a series of basic accessories that are:
  • Glass container with capacity for one liter.
  • A small cup of dried lentil kernels that have not been cooked in any way.
  • Half a liter of water.
  • Locate a warm place that offers optimal temperature conditions. Namely, warm and dark.

First the lentils should be washed, They are placed in the bottle and half a liter of water is added. The container is covered with a thin cloth or gauze. Leave the bottle in the warm and dark place that was chosen and wait between twelve and fifteen hours.

When the specified time has passed, the water should be removed from the jar and the lentils washed with warm water.

The next step must be carried out with precision, since the jar must be placed horizontally and the lentil seeds distributed at its base. They should no longer be covered with any fabric, because oxygenated lentils must be kept.

The first three days of this stage, the seeds should be washed, cleaning them two or three times a day with clean water. This is done to prevent the formation of fungi.. From the fourth day, cleaning is performed only once a day.

sprouts or sprouts of seeds

By the fourth or fifth day the first shoots can be observed. When they are about two to three centimeters, the jar is placed in a place where they receive indirect sunlight. The goal is for the chlorophyll process to begin and the first green leaves sprout.

When this occurs, the sprouts will be in their ideal stage of vitamin production and they will taste nice.

Last sprouts can be washed by immersing them in water so that they lose the peel or skin. Then they can be strained and left to dry, keeping perfectly for a week in the refrigerator.

It is important that the following recommendations are considered, as the use of organic seeds is preferable and you can also change the glass container for a larger one during the process to obtain larger shoots. Under no circumstances should different types of grains or legumes be mixed in the same container.

The nutritional advantages of lentil sprouts are very broad and its frequent consumption is highly recommended to meet the requirements of a diet fury. Plus, they are simple to make and delicious to prepare.

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