Star grass (Cynosurus echinatus)

grass whose name is Cynosurus echinatus

Today we have to talk about one of the species that belongs to the Poaceae family. Which some attribute its origin to a particular area while others assure that the plant is endemic to another part of the world.

La Cynosurus echinatus It goes unnoticed, but if used properly it can be a plant that makes others stand out in your garden or natural space that you have. It is a very competitive species for light and water. That is why it is an invasive plant and requires conditions like this to live.

General data of the Cynosurus echinatus

bush full of spikes and whose name is Cynosurus echinatus

La Cynosurus echinatus es an annual herb that is also known under the name of stargrass, dog tail or fox tail. Its name varies according to the culture and the area where it is located. This is an annual herb that grows mostly in areas such as pine forests or melojares. Although also the places that are considered as clearings, they are also areas where this plant usually grows.

Its growth is quite fast and it has invasive characteristics. So that It is not highly recommended to have them in gardens where care is minimal or no special care is given to this plant. It is worth mentioning that the Cynosurus echinatus It is originally from America. So it is easy to find it in much of the United States, Mexico, Central American countries and even in Argentina.

Although some authors attribute the origin of this plant to Europe. The truth is that it has a wide covered area not only in America, but in much of Europe. Being an invasive herb, it can adapt to terrain conditions. An interesting fact to mention is that this species is usually used as livestock feed.

Distribution in a natural and artificial way is so easy, thanks to the fact that it is a polluting species that spreads through the seeds it produces. And being extremely small and light, it can reach remote areas from its place of origin.

Plant characteristics

Now, did you know the general aspects of the dog tail as it is called in some places. Now is the time for you to know some of its physical characteristics. Let's start by saying that the plant is an annual species where the stems of the Cynosurus echinatus they measure about 60 cm. The minimum height this species can grow to is 20 cm.

The leaves are not very large or thick. The common thing is to see leaves that are between 3 and 9 mm wide. The appearance that these have is flat and smoothFurthermore, their ligules are 4 mm at most. The flowers produced by this species tend to gather in a kind of panicle. These are about 4 times larger. The color of these is greenish, although sometimes they turn with violet edges.

Habitats and cultivation

person grasping a spike called Cynosurus echinatus


This plant has the ability to grow in a great diversity of environments or habitats. So its cultivation is also varied and you hardly ever have problems with the soil you choose to plant this plant. For example, it can be artificially planted in areas that have been completely modified by man. Something that very few plants have the ability to be, the dog's tail can achieve it without any problem.

It can also grow in tall forests. Namely, areas where there is an open stratum or, failing that, there are trees or arboreal species where the heights of these species exceed 15 meters in height. Something peculiar about the Cynosurus echinatus is that it can grow in areas where the environment has terrestrial and watery characteristics. That is, areas where the land is contaminated by treated water or where the water quality is not the best.

Likewise,  dogtail can be grown in prairies or at least bare ground or with a coverage of at least 20% of the surface. It can also be adapted to areas where the vegetation is woody. Finally, it is very likely that you will see the Cynosurus echinatus in the roadsides, in open fields, near riverbeds and even cliffs.

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