9 star-shaped flowers

Star-shaped flowers

If you are a dreamer who likes to look at the stars, you should know that they are not only found in the sky, the sea also has stars and even Mother Earth reproduces them in many of her plants. You have never seen star shaped flowers? Well, in this article you will see them all, because we have decided to go out and explore the most spectacular and beautiful stars of the plant world that exist. 

What we do not know is if these floral stars are also capable of fulfilling our wishes, however, we invite you to try your luck with them and, of course, to fill yourself with the good energies that the flowers give you and more, if they are so extraordinary. how are you.

We bring 9 types of flowers that are star-shaped and they are each more beautiful. Even a succulent, in case you like this type of plants. So take note, because we are sure that you will want to take them to your garden or grow them at home, at least some of them. What happens is that you will have a hard time deciding which of them you should choose. 

The chinese bell

Star-shaped flowers

La chinese bell, also called “platycodon grandiflorus" It is a perennial plant. And this is magnificent considering that its flowers have beautiful pink, purple or deep blue petals that will brighten your garden in spring and summer. 

The only thing that happens is that when the cold comes, the plant will be inert, but you won't even have to replant it, because the bulb will come back to life when the weather is favorable again. 

It is a floral star with 5 bell-shaped petals, with beautiful oval leaves with slight serrations and an intense green color. It has an attractive wild appearance and can reach a great height.

It does not require a lot of watering, so it is a good option to grow it without too many complications. 

spring gentian 

Star-shaped flowers

La spring gentian It is also known as “petite gypsy”. They are very small flowers, barely measuring 1 or 2 centimeters. However, beauty is notable in this flower that is star-shaped and has an attractive blue color.

The small gypsy only asks that its soil be kept moist but with well-drained soil and a semi-shaded place where it receives light but not excess heat. 

Stapelia or the star of the flies

Star-shaped flowers

We know that there are insects and even reptiles that blend in with the surrounding vegetation to go unnoticed and not be caught by predators, but what about the other way around? It seems that yes, at least, there is a star-shaped flower that is known as the fly star for its peculiar appearance. 

This is the stapia, that is characterized by purple line flowers and why are they full of villi. It is a curious plant, without a doubt, but there is a detail that, we don't know if it will put you off, because it is a aromatic flowerHowever, the smell it gives off is reminiscent of foul meat. This is also why the flies flock Even it and the plant does it with a clear purpose: that the fly contributes to the effective pollination. Isn't it true that nature is wise?

It is a plant that hates frost and loves direct sun. You already know, in case you want to have it in your garden, terrace or orchard.

The aurantiaca orchid

Star-shaped flowers

Does anyone doubt the beauty of orchids? Well, even less of this species. Because the aurantiaca orchid It comes from Central America but it has conquered us all with its star shape and its bright red and orange colors

They hardly require any care, so they are beautiful plants and perfect for novices who want to have beautiful, interesting flowers nearby that are not too complex to maintain. 

With sufficient humidity and indirect light, it will grow happily and you will feel happy watching it grow healthy and colorful.

Gold rain?

Star-shaped flowers

Yes, there is a plant called Gold rain and it produces attractive yellow flowers with petals that form a star. It's about the "“cane fistula”, which in truth is a tree of considerable dimensions, since it can exceed 20 meters in height depending on the case. 

Due to its dimensions, you can obviously have it on your balcony, as it requires enough space and plenty of sun. In addition, you will have to water it often and use plenty of water so that it does not dry out. 

The pentas

Star-shaped flowers

The pentas they are other beautiful star shaped flowers that dress the gardens with beauty in the summer months and until autumn. You can find them in various colors such as magenta, red, white and purple. 

It is a plant that you can have indoors, however, without sufficient light they can lose vigor. In addition, its nectar is a delicacy for pollinators, so if you plant them in a garden or terrace, all the better.

The sedum kamtschaticum

Star-shaped flowers

They are resistant and need little water, which makes them a great option to consider for those who are not very good at caring for plants or are often away from home. Even without water, this species continues to give us flowers that will make our space the envy of the neighborhood. 

TheSedum kamtschaticum« It produces yellow flowers with very attractive red tones. They create a very dense shape with their branched shape and grouped flowers, so you can use them to hide spaces or cover land that you find empty and without personality.

The ghost plant

Star-shaped flowers

When we talk about ghost plant We are doing it ““graptopetal”. The leaves are fleshy and have a grayish green color that becomes charming with your purple hues. They have pointed rosettes that form stars. The lovers of succulent plants They find a curious option in this plant of Mexican origin. 

The Christmas Star Orchid 

Star-shaped flowers

“Angraecum sesquipedale” u christmas star orchid It is another beautiful star-shaped flower to add to the list. The star shape is achieved by its long, pointed white petals. 

You will want to have this plant close to you, because at night it gives off a pleasant fragrance. Although it comes from Madagascar, if the conditions are warm and bright, you can grow it in your garden. But you will need a substrate of coconut fiber, tree bark and perlite. 

Did you like these 9 star shaped flowers? Aren't they very curious? Which one would you dare to grow?

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