Strelitzia nicolai: how to care for this plant and decorate your home with it

Strelitzia nicolai how to care for this plant and decorate your home with it

La strelitzia nicolai It has a special place in the hearts of all of us who love plants. Also known by the nickname bird of paradise, it has a spectacular size and reaches considerable dimensions.

Although it is highly appreciated for the particular shape and color of its flowers, the truth is that its leaves are not far behind in beauty. If you want to use it to decorate different corners of your home, here are some care tips and ideas to make it the protagonist of your rooms.

What care does strelitzia nicolai need?

What care does strelitzia nicolai need?

This is a very resistant plant, but with the climate we have in Europe it is more advisable to grow it as an indoor plant than as an outdoor variety, because it could reach have a hard time during the winter if we have it outdoors.

To keep it looking beautiful, follow these care tips:


Find a location for it where it receives indirect light and, in addition, a minimum of three or four hours of direct light each day.

You know that lighting conditions are important in all plants, but in this case even more so. If your strelitzia does not receive all the light it needs, it will not bloom.


The growing season for this variety extends from spring to late summer, and at that time it is important that it has a well-hydrated substrate that remains moist but not soaked.

When you notice that the top layer of soil has dried out, water again. This, in summer, may involve watering once or twice a week. In winter, as the plant is dormant, you can space the watering a little more, but don't forget about it.


One of the peculiarities of strelitzia nicolai is that it needs humidity, but it also adapts well to environments with normal humidity.

If the environment in your house is too dry (for example in winter if you use the heating), Consider placing the plant on a tray with pebbles and a little water. You can also mist the leaves with a little deionized or distilled water.


It is not necessary that you do regular pruning of this variety, but you can eliminate those leaves that are damaged or old whenever you see it necessary. This improves the appearance of the plant, helps prevent diseases and stimulates the birth of new leaves.


This variety is sensitive to cold and drafts, so try to find a location for it where the temperature remains between 18º and 24º C. As much as possible, do not let it the ambient temperature drops below 10º C.


A little liquid fertilizer will make the leaves grow even more and stimulate flowering. You can apply the fertilizer from early spring to early fall. If you prefer, instead of industrial fertilizer You can use more “homemade” products such as worm castings.

Ideas to decorate with a strelitzia nicolai

Ideas to decorate with a strelitzia nicolai

Hen/Stag tall houseplants Like this bird of paradise we are talking about, they are good allies to enhance the decoration of homes and even workplaces. Here we leave you some keys to help you get the location right:

Spotlight in the living room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in any house, because it is the nerve center for gathering family and friends. Additionally, it is usually the largest room, which gives the strelitzia nicolai more room to grow and expand.

Use a large, decorative pot that matches the style of your living room, and place the plant in a place where its leaves can develop without any problem.

Shocking entrance

If the hall of your house has good natural lighting, Placing the plant here can be a good way to make a striking first impression. The strelitzia will welcome your guests and leave them speechless.

For a better result, you can combine the plant in an elegant pot with a rug and a mirror that reflects light and makes the space look larger.

Tropical atmosphere in the dining area

Another option is to place this plant in a corner of the dining room, thus giving a tropical and fresh touch to this area of ​​the house. If your plant is still small, You can use it as a centerpiece.

A stylish home office

A stylish home office

Having plants in work spaces not only adds beauty, it also enhances concentration. If you work from home, don't hesitate to locate strelitzia nicolai near your “office” area.

If you combine it with light wood furniture and desk accessories in natural tones, you will have created a workspace with an elegant, relaxing and productive atmosphere.

Luxury bathroom

Putting plants in the bathroom is not always possible, but if you have a bathroom with natural light and a good size, you can do it.

The presence of the strelitzia nicolai in this corner will turn it into a real spa. To complete the relaxing atmosphere you can include some aromatic candles in the decoration, accessories in natural tones and some fluffy white towels.

Refreshing bedroom

Although it is often thought that having plants in the bedroom is not a good idea, the truth is that there is no problem. In fact, a room with large-leaved plants such as strelitzia automatically acquires a fresher and more natural atmosphere.

To avoid overloading the space, we recommend placing it away from the bed.. If you combine it with bedding and curtains in neutral tones, you manage to create a serene and relaxing environment.

Giving strelitzia nicolai prominence in your home is one of the best decoration decisions you can make. Of course, apply the care we have seen well so that it is always healthy and beautiful. Besides, remember to remove dust from its leaves with a cloth slightly moistened with water and remove the flowers when they have wilted. The result will be perfect!

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