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There are many tall plants for outdoor

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There are many tall outdoor plants that can look great in a garden or in a pot. And no, not only trees: there are also palm trees, bushes and even grasses with which it is possible to create, for example, beautiful hedges.

So if you want to know the ten most recommended species for beginners, Take a look at the ones we have selected for you.

Albizia julibrissin

The Albizia julibrissin is a deciduous tree

Image - Wikimedia / AnRo0002

Commonly known as acacia from Constantinople, is a deciduous tree that reaches a height of 15 meters. It has an open crown, which is 4 to 5 meters wide, and produces bipinnate green leaves. Its flowers are pink, and they bloom throughout the spring. It is a very interesting tree to plant in small and medium-sized gardens, which resists frost down to -7ºC.

Cyperus papyrus

Papyrus is a tall herbaceous plant

Image - Flickr / barloventomagico

El papyrus It is a perennial rhizomatous plant that can reach a maximum height of 6 meters, although the most normal thing is that it stays with 4 meters or less. Its stems are thin, about 2-3 centimeters, and it has linear green leaves. It is perfect for growing in ponds or in moist soil; It can also be kept in a pot, but in these conditions it will have to be watered frequently. It resists frost down to -4ºC.

dicksonia antarctica

Dicksonia antarctica is a tree fern that wants shade

Image - Wikimedia / pere prlpz

Or as it is known now, Balantium antarcticum, is a tree fern that reaches a height of 15 meters, but normally stays between 4 and 5 meters. It develops an erect rhizome as a 'trunk', which can measure up to 20 centimeters thick. Its fronds -leaves- are green and long, up to 2 meters. Although its growth rate is slow, we are talking about a plant that can be used to decorate since it is young. Put it in the shade, in a place where the environmental humidity is high, and give it moderate watering. It resists up to -4ºC.

Echinacea purpurea

Echinacea purpurea is a perennial plant

Image - Flickr / Matt Lavin

La echinacea is a perennial herb that reaches a height of 1 meter. It has flowers similar to daisies, although with the difference that they are pink or sometimes white. It is a species that worships the sun, which is why it must be placed in a place directly exposed to the sun. In addition, it must be watered from time to time, since it does not resist drought. It easily supports temperatures down to -18ºC.

Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender is a perennial herb

Image - Wikimedia / Maja Dumat

La lavender essence It is a perennial plant that it can grow to between 1 and 1,5 meters in height. The leaves are lance-shaped and green. It blooms in spring, producing groups of lilac flowers, although for this it is important that it be exposed to direct sunlight. It resists frost down to -12ºC.

Phoenix dactylifera

The date palm is a plant that produces dates

La date palm is a plant that can reach 30 meters in height, with a stem or false trunk which thickens up to 40 centimeters at its base. The leaves are pinnate, 2 to 5 meters long, spiny and bluish-green. It blooms in spring, and its fruits, the dates, ripen in summer, but for this it needs (direct) sun, and to be on the ground. It is not a plant that can be grown in a pot. It resists up to -4ºC.

Phormium tenax

The Phormium tenax is a perennial plant

Image - Wikimedia / David J. Stang

El Phormium tenax It is a perennial rhizomatous plant that reaches a height of 3 meters. It develops leaves about 3 meters long, leathery and sword-shaped. It is that type of species that you would plant in a succulent garden for example, although it can really look great almost anywhere, as long as it is directly exposed to the sun and watered only from time to time. It resists frost down to -7ºC.

Polygala myrtifolia

The polygala is a perennial shrub

Image - Wikimedia / Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

Polygala is an evergreen shrub that reaches a height of up to 4 meters, although it can be kept as a small tree of 1-2 meters if you want, since it resists pruning. It blooms during the spring, when the good weather stabilizes, and it does so by producing lilac flowers in small groups. You have to put it in a sunny place, where it receives at least 4 hours of direct light every day. But otherwise, if it is in the ground, it resists drought. It can withstand light frosts down to -2ºC.

Strelitzia reginae

The bird of paradise plant is tall

The plant known as bird of paradise flower It is a rhizomatous herb up to 1,2 meters tall. which, although it takes its time to grow, is pretty even when young, with its green and somewhat leathery leaves. When it blooms, something that will begin to do after five years of age, with the arrival of spring it produces flowers with the appearance of a tropical bird. The most interesting thing is that it can be both in a sunny place, and in another somewhat protected. But yes, if the temperature drops below -3ºC you will need to put it at home or in a greenhouse.

Glorious yucca

The Yucca glorisoa is a tall outdoor plant

Image – Wikimedia/Medium69

La Glorious yucca, known as shiny yucca or yucca, is an evergreen shrub that reaches a height of 2 meters, maximum 3. It develops a trunk that usually branches at a short distance from the ground, but it is still possible to grow it in a pot throughout its life, since it tolerates pruning and, moreover, its roots are not invasive. But it is important that it is placed in a place where it receives direct sunlight throughout the day, otherwise it will not be able to grow properly. It resists up to -10ºC.

Which of these tall outdoor plants did you like the most?

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