The best lawnmowers

Do you already have your lawn sown? Then you should know that, from now on, you will have to take care of it from time to time. Its maintenance will not be difficult, since in reality with more or less frequent watering, regular contributions of fertilizer, and passing the mower from time to time you can have a very healthy and beautiful green carpet.

The problem comes when you have to buy, precisely, a lawnmower. There are several types and each is designed to work well on a lawn with certain characteristics. To avoid spending money on a model that does not end up being the right one for you, take a look at our selection while you read the advice we offer you.

What are the best lawnmowers?

Einhell Lawn Mower ...
2.292 Reviews
Einhell Lawn Mower ...
  • 3-level single-wheel cutting height adjustment
  • Collapsible rail allows for space-saving storage
  • 30l cut grass collection box
Black + Decker ...
4.162 Reviews
Black + Decker ...
  • POWER AND EFFICIENCY: 1200 W electric lawn mower with a cutting width of 32 cm for precise and efficient cutting in gardens up to 300 m2
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLEBAR: Innovative design with rubberized bicycle-type grip that provides a comfortable and secure grip during use
  • OPTIMAL PICKUP CAPACITY: The new blade with side wings offers 80% more collection capacity, offering a cleaner and more efficient cut
Bosch Home and Garden ...
1.684 Reviews
Bosch Home and Garden ...
  • The ARM 3200 lawnmower: the powerful universal lawnmower
  • It offers three cutting height settings (20-40-60mm), while the innovative grass comb allows for cutting close to the edges along walls and fences
  • The large 31-litre collection basket requires less emptying, while the powerful 1200W motor ensures effortless mowing, even in tall grass.
Einhell Lawnmower to...
6.954 Reviews
Einhell Lawnmower to...
  • The mower is powered by a powerful brushless electric motor that does not cause mechanical wear. Capable of effortlessly mowing surfaces up to 150 square meters
  • Its 3-level axial cutting height adjustment from 30mm to 70mm offers variable settings for cutting grass. The cordless mower offers a cutting width of 30 cm
  • All autonomous batteries and chargers can be used in all Power X-Change devices. The batteries have a practical three-LED level indicator
Einhell Lawn Mower ...
2.408 Reviews
Einhell Lawn Mower ...
  • The einhell gc-hm 300 manual lawn mower is a robust and functional mower without motor drive, with which you can cut lawns up to 150 m² in a clean, quiet and environmentally friendly way
  • The ball bearing cutting spindle is equipped with five high-quality steel blades and 30 cm cutting width. 4-level cutting height adjustment can be individually adapted from 13mm to 37mm
  • The plastic roller has a diameter of 45mm. The manual mower is equipped with large-area wheels that are gentle on the grass. 16-liter grass collector is removable and easy to empty

Our selection

Einhell GC-HM 30 - Manual lawn mower

If you have a relatively small lawn, up to 150 square meters, with this manual lawnmower you will be able to have it as you always wanted since you can adjust the height of the cut from 15 to 42mm.

As it has a cutting width of 30cm and a tank whose capacity is 16 liters, in less time than you think you can have it ready. It weighs 6,46kg.

Bosch ARM 32 - Electric lawn mower

When you have a lawn of about 600 square meters, you have to think about buying a lawn mower that makes the maintenance work easier and more comfortable. And that is what you are going to achieve with this model from Bosch.

With a cutting width of 32cm, and an adjustable height from 20 to 60mm, cutting the lawn with it will be almost like taking a walk. It has a 31-liter tank, which is more than enough so that you don't have to be very aware of it, and it weighs 6,8kg.

MTD Smart 395 PO - Petrol lawn mower

If your lawn is very large, up to 800 square meters, what you need is a lawnmower with which you can work more or less freely, like this MTD model that runs on gasoline. Once the tank has been filled with both fuel and oil, you can use it for a long time.

Its cutting width is 39,5cm, and it has an adjustable height from 36 to 72mm. With a 40-liter bag, you are sure to want to mow your lawn more often 😉.

Gardena R70Li - Robot lawn mower

Would you like someone or something to mow your lawn while you do other things? Well, you can stop dreaming 🙂. With a robotic lawnmower like Gardena you will have a spectacular garden, and what is more interesting, effortless as it performs at its best on lawns of up to 400 square meters.

Its height is adjustable from 25 to 46mm, and it works with a lithium-ion battery that only needs a little over an hour to be fully charged and a 200-meter perimeter cable (both included). It weighs a total of 7,5kg.

Cub Cadet LT2NR92 - Lawn tractor

The Cub Cadet riding mower is the ideal tool for gardens of around 2500 square meters. It allows you to work in the most comfortable way possible: sitting in a one-piece seat that you can adjust longitudinally in 4 positions.

It has a cutting width of 92cm, and a height that you can adjust from 30 to 95mm. The starter is electric, and the traction is hydrostatic, by dual pedal. It has a 3,8 liter fuel tank and a 240l grass collector bag. Its total weight is 195kg.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of lawnmower?

As we have seen, there are several types and many different models. As they do not all work the same, here is a table with the main characteristics of each one that, we hope, will be useful when choosing one or the other:

Manual Electric Petrol Robotic lawnmower Tractor mower
Motor Electric Of gas Runs on battery Hydrostatic or explosion
Cutting width 30 to 35cm 30 to 35cm 35 to 45mm 20 to 30cm 70 to 100cm
Cutting height 10 to 40mm 20 to 60mm 20 to 80mm 20 to 50mm 20 to 95mm
Power 1000-1500W About 3000-4000 W From 20 to 50W 420 tsp
No cables? Yes Depends on the model Yes No Yes
Capacity From 15 to 50l From 20 to 40l From 30 to 60l From 100 to 300l
Recommended surface Up to 200 square meters 150 to 500 square meters 300 to 800 square meters 200 to 2000 square meters  1000-4000 square meters

Manual lawn mower

The hand mower is a good tool for small lawns


The manual lawnmower It is the ideal tool when you have a small lawn that does not exceed 200 square meters. With a tank of about 15-50 liters, depending on the model, and a cutting width of about 35cm, you can carry out maintenance tasks without too much effort and with total freedom.


The problem with these types of tools is that the energy it needs to function comes from your own body; namely, you are the motor of the manual lawn mower. This means that if you don't have a lot of arm strength and / or if you have a large lawn, you can tire out relatively quickly.

Electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mower is good to keep clean


The electric lawnmower is very necessary when you have a lawn of 150 to 500 square meters, since with it you can have perfectly cut even the edges. The tank of this type of model is usually 20 to 40 liters, so it will not be necessary that you have to empty it frequently. Plus, the motor is powerful enough to cut even tall grass.


Although you could almost say that this type of mower has only good things, the reality is that the capacity of your bag may be small if the lawn is large.

Gasoline lawn mower

The electric lawn mower is a good tool


The gasoline lawn mower it gives you a lot of freedom. It allows you to have your lawn of up to 800 square meters at the height you want, and without the need for any cable. You just fill up the gas and oil tanks and get to work. The grass collection bag is 30 to 60l, depending on the model, so you are sure to have a lot of fun keeping your green carpet in good condition.


The problem that these models have is related to the engine and its maintenance. From time to time the oil must be changed, which must be specific for lawnmower engines, and always try to use new, clean fuel, otherwise the useful life of the tool will be reduced.

Robotic lawnmower

The robotic lawnmower is ideal for gardens


The robotic lawnmower it's very, very interesting when you don't have time to mow the lawn. It works with a battery that charges in a short time (usually in an hour), and while he works you can take advantage of the free time to do other things. So if you have a flat garden of about 200-2000 square meters and you are very busy, without a doubt this type of lawnmower is the perfect one for you.


Power is generally lowTherefore, its use on steep slopes or on a lawn with very tall grass is not recommended because it could be damaged.


Tractor mower

The riding mower is for very large gardens


Working with a riding mower it is the perfect excuse to have a garden just as you want it from the seat of the vehicle. It is designed to perform at its best on very large surfaces, from 1000 to 4000 square meters, so it can be used even on golf courses. The grass collector tank is about 200 liters, so you will probably have to empty it only when you are done.


Maintenance is not easy. Whenever you buy a tool or machine, you must read the manual, but in the case of the lawn tractor, this reading is more important if possible. You have to change the oil every so often, check that both blades, brake, and the engine itself are in perfect condition; Store it in a cool, dry place, protected from the sun, and clean it from time to time.

Where to buy a lawnmower?

The lawnmower is essential to have a spectacular garden


On Amazon they sell everything. If we talk about lawnmowers, its catalog is very, very wide, finding all types at different prices. For example, you can get a manual one for 60 euros, or a lawn tractor for more than 2000 euros. Choosing one is easy, since You just have to read the product file and the opinions it has received from other buyers to buy and wait to receive it at home.

Brico Depot

In Bricodepot they have a small but interesting catalog of electric and gasoline lawn mowers. They sell models from well-known brands such as McCulloch, at prices ranging from 69 to 500 euros. To acquire it you have to go to a physical store.

Leroy Merlin

In the Leroy Merlin they have a very wide catalog of lawnmowers, which they update regularly. Prices range from 49 to 2295 euros, and you can buy them either in a physical store or online.


At Wallapop they sell second-hand products at good prices. If you find something you like, do not hesitate to ask the seller for more photos and / or information of the same if you think it is necessary.

We hope you have been able to find the mower that best suits your needs 🙂.