The different varieties of apricot

The original name for the apricot in the past was Prunus armeniaca The original name that had formerly been given to the apricot was Prunus armeniaca, Ya que the Romans had introduced it to Europe leaving the far east to go to Armenia.

This is a fruit that has its origin in temperate climate zones, as in Asia, Manchuria or North Korea, although the first indications about the cultivation of this plant were from the year 3000 BC in China. At present, it is produced in a large number of countries such as Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Greece, the United States, France, New Zealand and South Africa, Spain being one of the most important countries in terms of its production, so It is the Mediterranean basin in which its cultivation began.

Different varieties of apricot

Different varieties of apricot Bulid

This is one of the varieties produced in Spain that it has quite a large fruit and how much with a groove that has very little depth.

The skin of this fruit is yellow and the flesh of the same it tastes quite sweet, with a lot of juice and full of a lot of smell. Its harvesting season is in the first days of June.


It is a variety that is produced in Spain, this being a fruit with a appearance that is practically round and is oversized or in its too great difference, with a skin that can have a yellow color or it can also become orange. As in the previous case, its harvest time is in the month of June.


This is a fruit of a fairly large size, which is usually somewhat swollen at the base, with a shape quite similar to that of a sphere and with a dent in the part of the beak.

Its skin has a yellow color similar to gold with streaks that are red in color and with a skin that has small bumps. The flesh of this apricot is of a coppery tone, with a lot of smell and of a fairly fine taste, sweet and with a touch of acidity.

The collection is carried out for the month of June and these are fruits of excellent quality.


Like the previous ones, It is a variety that has the possibility of having a large size and with a beautiful orange color as well as a deep red tone. The flesh of this fruit is yellow, quite fine and very pleasant.

The collection of this fruit is between the months of June and August, in which apricots of excellent quality are harvested.

enjoy the different varieties and flavors of apricot Moniqui

In the same way, it is a variety of apricot with a large size. This is a fruit that has an oval shape and at the same time flattened, with a skin that is whitish and with a pulp that is turgid, with a lot of meat that in turn has a flavor that has a lot of sugar.

This is one of the varieties that is most appreciated in the central part of Spain and reaches its maturity stage for the month of June or for the first days of July.


This is the apricot variety that appears with the greatest anticipation in the markets. This is a small fruit, with a skin that has a delicate tone between white and pink, with a pulp that is whitish, with very little meat and an acid flavor.

Red Galta

This one has a skin that attracts a lot of attention, half is red and the other half can be yellow or orange, with a pulp that is orange in color and has a fairly sweet flavor.

As you have seen, there are a large number of different types of apricots and they have different flavors. So take the test and tell us which variety you liked the most.

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