The meaning of tulip colors


If there is a flower that I like is the tulip, who does not like red tulips? I remember being surprised by the huge fields of multicolored tulips in Holland, although I also enjoy those tulips that alone inhabit a vase.

The tulips they are exquisite plants but also difficult to grow. The art of growing tulips has become a task reduced to just a few experts and that is why it is even feared that the tradition will be lost in some parts of the world, where the heirs of the traditional families dedicated to their cultivation choose other professions.

One flower, many colors

Tulips had their heyday several centuries ago, when the Tulipomania and tulips were sold at ridiculous prices, but even today they are very special flowers, an always pleasant gift for those who like flowers. Even though the time when tulips were a symbol of prosperity is long gone, it is still a flower highly prized for its beauty and color.

There are tulips of different colors and each of them has a special meaning, so if you plan to give tulips, remember to know what each hue refers to.

White tulips

As with roses, white tulips are associated with purity and peace. It is also the color of kindness and love so a bouquet of white tulips can be perfect for a bride. If you want to apologize or are looking for a symbol of peace, buy white tulips.

There are above all two varieties with which you can surprise that loved one: the Darwin variety and the Papagayo variety. Both are inexpensive, having a price of about € 3 per bag with three bulbs. The best time to acquire them is early fall, which is when they have to be planted to flower in spring.

red tulips

red tulips

If we continue to analyze the meaning of tulip colors, we find that there are varieties of an intense red. These are very chosen because they are bright and showy and, in addition, they are associated with passion. It is the perfect bouquet for the beginnings of a relationship because these tulips also symbolize love and fire, so they gather everything necessary to express the commitment of a couple but with the advantage that they are also synonymous with eternal love.

The Darwin variety is by far the best known and therefore the most popular. With a price of 1 euro per bulb, getting red tulips is simple and cheap .

Yellow tulips

Yellow tulips

Yellow tulips

A warm color like yellow makes tulips sincere and transparent, friendly and ideal to give to the people we love. Yellow tulips express joy and happiness while being associated with friendship. They are very versatile tulips because they can be given to both a faithful friend and a love one when what is sought is to generate trust and express care. Associated with the sun and life, yellow also expresses good spirits and that is why it is a very popular flower when it comes to giving encouragement to a loved one. So now you know, do not hesitate to give this flower to whoever you love the most.

There are several varieties of yellow tulips: Darwin, early, late, double ... There are even some that have reddish-orange stripes that make these flowers some of the most wonderful. All of them They have a price that ranges between 4 and 8 euros for a pack of 10 bulbs.

Black tulips

Black tulip

Black has always been associated with death, negativism, grief, depression ... well, with everything bad that can happen to a human being. However, it is also the color of mystery and infinity. A tulip with black petals can be used to attract someone's attention.

The most recommended variety is the Darwin. Three units are priced at 1,65 euros. Buy them in the fall and you will be able to contemplate the beauty of these magnificent flowers towards the beginning / mid spring.

Blue tulips

Blue tulip

Although they are flowers that are not found in nature, but are created by human beings, we could not leave them excluded from this article. Blue tulips are associated with peace and tranquility. That is why, when we give them to someone, we are giving them the best possible gift, since they also look good at any event.

To get them, You just have to buy white tulips, cut their flowers, put them in a glass of water and add blue coloring. In a very short time you will see that its petals are staining a beautiful bluish color.

And with this we are done. If you dare to buy bulbs and want to know how to plant them, take a look at our video:

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  1.   Robert Pirona Moll said

    Tulips are one of the most delicate and beautiful flowers there is, also very delicate to care for and each color has a meaning, which makes them very particular and interesting.