The most beautiful gardens in Rome

The most beautiful gardens in Rome

If you still don't know Rome, it's time to start planning your trip, because it really is a beautiful city that is worth visiting. And, by the way, write down what they are the most beautiful gardens in Rome to include them in your route, because, if you are a flower lover, you cannot miss them. They will make you travel to another dimension full of color and positive emotions among so many different floral species and so much color. Have you already been to Rome but haven't been to these gardens? Well you have to go back. We can assure you that it will be one of the best decisions you will make regarding travel routes.

Rome is not just architecture, religiosity and good food. It is also color, aromas and good vibes that are hidden among the beautiful gardens that the Romans take care of with care. Not in vain, they are part of their pride, as much as the Vatican or the Colosseum itself. 

Do you want an advance? Well, look at this post carefully, because we are going to point out some of these gardens and illustrate part of their charm with images. 

Villa Borghese

The most beautiful gardens in Rome

A vineyard converted into a garden? Why not? Any place can make an extraordinary garden if it meets the right conditions. And of course Villa Borghese brings them together or, at least, has successfully managed to be one of the most beautiful gardens in Rome and one of the most visited by tourists and Italians themselves, who come here looking for a moment of absolute peace. 

In this villa you will find a very elegant English style, which has been enchanting visitors since the Borghese family decided to create this natural project in the 1902th century. But not only does it impress in Rome, this place is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. It has been open to the public since XNUMX and the truth is that whoever visits it, repeats, because you never get tired of walking through its corners and admiring its monuments and even riding a bicycle if you feel like it.

The Vatican Gardens

The most beautiful gardens in Rome

Vatican City is immense but its gardens are almost as immense, taking up more than half of the space. As you can imagine, the Popes can enjoy this huge garden and, in fact, it is the place where they go when they need to relax and meditate. Of course, you will only be able to see part of these gardens, because access is very restricted

They are nothing less than 23 hectares full of monuments, sculptures and, of course, fountains and even artificial caves that set the site to give it greater realism. Visiting these gardens is a journey through time and a cultural experience, because there are remnants of medieval times, such as fortifications, as well as monuments that belong to the Renaissance and Baroque. 

Between monument and monument, a large forest and, as you enter its paths, the monuments come to meet you. Without a doubt, it is a fascinating walk that you cannot miss. 

One warning that you should keep in mind is that, as we have mentioned, visits are restricted, so you will have to reserve a ticket for the guided tour. 

The gardens of Palazzo Colonna 

The most beautiful gardens in Rome

To continue our route of most beautiful gardens in Rome, you have to stop at the gardens of Palazzo Colonna. It is another private garden of enormous dimensions, with many years of history and that will leave you speechless. 

The garden is worked in such a way that the plants acquire geometric shapes in their composition, which makes it even more curious. 

The Colonna is one of the oldest private palaces in Rome, having been built in the 14th century. It is the Colonnas themselves who continue to live there today. 

Discovering Lazio and its gardens

The most beautiful gardens in Rome

Book a visit to Lazio in your agenda, because here its gardens invite you to get lost for hours in an extremely relaxing and enriching experience. Plus, it will be one magical experience after another. 

We start with the VillaLante gardens, composed of moss, stones and a lot of water. Right here is the Palazzo Farnesse where the Medici series was filmed. 

Then comes a proposal that peony lovers cannot miss, because these will be the ones that come out to meet them when they enter the Mountain Botanical Center, which is considered the largest reserve of peonies what's in the world

Later, you will have to approach the Landriana gardens, with 10 hectares that were initially bare and only full of signs of war, such as bombs and mines, during the battle of Anzio in World War II. In 1956, the Marquis Gallarati Scoti and his wife, Lavinia Taberna, acquired the property and, luckily, some friends gave him a packet of seeds to fill the garden with trees. The result of that gift is what today you yourself will be able to admire if you go there. To which the English landscape designer Russell Page has also contributed, who shaped the beautiful garden.

Other romantic garden in Lazio is that of Ninfa. 105 hectares transformed into a natural monument. It stands above what was once a medieval city. English style, where you can see cypresses, beeches, swamps, palaces, oaks and historical ruins. In addition, it is embellished with magnolias, Japanese maples, water lilies, tulips, apple trees and cherry trees. Without forgetting the rose bushes and tropical plants.

The gardens of the Parisian Palace

We finished our visit in the gardens of the Parisian Palace. Another paradise full of flowers, with fountains and a lake that beautifies and magnifies this natural space. Are you ready for the trip?

These are the most beautiful gardens in Rome and this is a fantastic city full of history and monuments that you should visit at least once in your life. Although surely, once you get to know them up close, you will want to return, because they offer a spectacle for the senses in each of their corners. And maximum relaxation if you decide to walk observing the calm and beauty of its gardens, which are a heritage that Rome can boast of with pride. 

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