The peach rose, a flower for gratitude

The peach rose, a flower for gratitude

In Chinese culture, the peach rose or peach blossom is a symbol of love. A beautiful flower that you may have seen on occasion, but not completely identified. Therefore, we thought it was a good idea to talk about it.

A flower that speaks of love, but also of gratitude, and that is a very good alternative to give as a gift, and even to treat yourself and give it to yourself, because there is nothing better than loving yourself and being grateful for what you have. have.

The meaning of peach rose

true meaning of peach rose

When talking about meaning of flowers, we realize that the same variety can be used for different things depending on the culture in which we find ourselves.

The peach rose usually be associated with feelings of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness. Because it is a very beautiful flower that transmits a feeling of tenderness and admiration.

If we give a flower of this type, we are telling the other person that we are grateful for what they have done for us or, simply, for their presence in our life. It's a sweet way to say thank you and show affection.

In China, the peach blossom is the flower of romantic love par excellence. Among the younger generations, It is common to give these flowers for Valentine's Day as a sign of love towards the couple.

In other cultures, this rose or peach blossom is associated with longevity and good fortune. Therefore, we can affirm that it is a flower that is always linked to very positive feelings.

What is peach rose like?

What is the peach rose like?

The peach blossom is a very beautiful and delicate flower, which has characteristics that make it stand out especially.

  • Shape. Its appearance is reminiscent of other flowers that are part of the Rosaceae family, which is why the peach flower is also known as peach rose. It typically has five rounded petals that show a radial pattern from the center of the flower.
  • Colour. The color can vary, but it usually ranges from creamy white to pale pink, and we can even find some flowers with orange tones. Depending on the variety, the entire flower will be the same color, or it will have a soft tone gradient towards the center.
  • Size. They are medium-sized flowers, about five to seven centimeters. But as we always say, we can find larger varieties depending on the growing conditions to which they are exposed.
  • Textures The petals of the peach rose look so silky and velvety that they make you want to touch them.
  • Aroma. If you approach a rose of this type, you may notice a sweet aroma, but in no case is it as intense as that of other varieties of the rose family.
  • Internal structure. Between the petals we can see the reproductive organs of the flower, the stamens and the pistil, which are surrounded by a crown of longer stamens. This helps make the flower even more striking.

As with many other fruit trees, the peach blooms during spring. The exact time may vary depending on the climate and the variety of peach in question.and. In places with mild winters, it is possible that peach blossoms appear in the first weeks of spring, or even earlier if it is a hot year. In colder regions, where winter is longer, flowering occurs late in spring.

The peach rose is born from the buds of the tree, forming clusters along the branches. It is no coincidence that it is such an attractive flower, nature has made it this way so that it is able to attract pollinators.

Once the flowers are pollinated, they will then give way to fruits (peaches) that will ripen throughout the summer.

How to preserve a peach rose

How to preserve a peach rose

If you have received this rose because someone wants to thank you, or simply as a token of affection, it is normal that you want to keep it for a long time. To do this, you can follow these tips:

fresh cut

Once you have the rose in your possession, cut its stem a few centimeters at a 45-degree angle. Using sharp scissors previously disinfected with a little alcohol.

Cooling the cut allows the flower to more easily absorb water, which increases your chance of surviving a few more days.

If there are leaves that, due to their height, will be submerged in water when you put the flower in a vase, remove them. Wet leaves rot and can accelerate the rose's deterioration process.

Clean water

Place the rose in a container with clean water at room temperature. Renew it completely every two days so that the dirt deposited at the bottom does not affect the beauty of the flower.

If possible, add a special floral solution for cut flowers, which will prolong the life of the rose and keep it beautiful for longer. Other alternative is to add two teaspoons of white vinegar for every liter of water, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

To add nutrients to peach rose, oacany other flower you have in water, Add two tablespoons of sugar to the water and they will look much more vigorous.


Place the vase in a cool place that is well lit, but where the flower does not receive direct sunlight or strong drafts.

If you follow these tips, your peach blossom will stay fresh and beautiful for longer. So you can delight in its beauty for days and days. Another way to enjoy this flower is to subject to a drying process to preserve it.

Did you know the peach rose or peach blossom and did you know that it was a sign of gratitude? If the answer is “no”, I'm sure you value this flower much more now.

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