9 Trees to plant near a wall

Trees to plant near a wall

Walls are generally unattractive architectural elements, at least, the vast majority of the time, unless some are decorated with paintings, graffiti or a certain originality. Covering it or camouflaging it with vegetation that distracts attention from the wall is the solution, providing a living element that fills the space with color, freshness and dynamism. At the same time, it will make it even more discreet. But what tree to plant there? Not everyone is worth it. Therefore, we want to explain how you should do it and a list with trees to plant near a wall which, without a doubt, will be very useful for you. 

Keep in mind that roots can be a big impediment if proper precautions are not taken. It has not happened once, but many times, that a building or a road has been altered in its structure due to the underground growth of roots that has ended up, over time, eroding the soil and causing the foundations to shake. 

Let's see which trees are the most suitable to put near a wall and how to do it so that there are no risks.

What trees should you avoid planting near a wall

Trees to plant near a wall

He thinks that there are species that are peculiarly conflictive with the terrain. At first the dangers may go unnoticed, but by the time you realize it it will be too late. If you don't want problems in the future, study carefully the types of trees there are and decide carefully which one to choose.

For example, say not to the trees who develop a large trunk. This error is more common than we think. And you simply have to see the number of fig trees that we see planted near the walls. This tree, over the years, develops a giant trunk. However, if you love the idea of ​​having a fig tree and don't want to give up having it disguise your wall, there are solutions. You will have to measure the terrain very well, to make sure you leave a distance of at least 3 meters between the wall and the tree.

Also be careful with the serpollos! In case you didn't know, saplings are the new branches that grow at the foot of a tree when it is pruned. It is the case of some willows, de los ailantos and false acacia

Also think that not only the roots, but the branches are also a risk if they break off. If you plant a tree near a wall, make sure that the root is very deep, so that the wind does not make it wobble. The walnut trees, ash and Sauces They are the most vulnerable species. 

Trees that you can plant near a wall

Instead of trees, we recommend betting on climbing plants. There are many beautiful varieties such as, among others, wisteria. In any case, if you insist on putting up a tree, choose those that are small and do not develop deep roots. 


Trees to plant near a wall

El plum tree of the variety Prunus cesarifera It is a suitable tree for plant near a wall because it does not grow too much and its roots do not reach very deep. However, it will give you some beautiful flowers to decorate your walls.

Japanese maple

Trees to plant near a wall

If you want a more special tree or are looking for a few to give variety to your land, another alternative is the japanese maple. Its flowers and striking colors make it spectacular and will attract the attention of the neighborhood. 

Tree of love

Trees to plant near a wall

Yes, although it may seem incredible to you, there is a tree called that. Its about Cersis siliquastrum. It is also known as “Judas tree”, “redbud” or “crazy carob”. It has pink flowers that live up to its beautiful name, because they make you fall in love. And, the positive thing for you is that, in addition to offering you an attractive option to cover your wall, its roots barely grow, so you can plant it with peace of mind.

silk tree

Trees to plant near a wall

El silk tree or mimosa tree is another species of tree with pink flowers that you will be glad we introduced you to, if you didn't know about it before. Because their flowering will fill your property with color and risk the ground with their roots, because they are shallow. 

The ornamental apple tree

Trees to plant near a wall

As with the ornamental plum, the Malus apple tree it is small. Anyway, check it first, because there are different types of apple tree. If you choose a small variety, its roots will also be small.

The pomegranate

Trees to plant near a wall

El pomegranate tree you can also plant near a wall. It grows to a small to medium size, but the roots are short. 


Trees to plant near a wall

El Hawthorn It's more of a hedge, so you don't have to worry. It will fill your corner with white and red colors and, even if you don't see it much around, you won't regret having grown it. 

the crepe

Trees to plant near a wall

El crape or Jupiter tree It is a flamboyant species with pink flowers of intense hues. The round crown and open branches are characteristics of these specimens, along with their striking hot pink flowers that will brighten your exterior. Remember to maintain a distance of 3 meters from the wall, to avoid misfortunes.

Bet on the magnolia

Trees to plant near a wall

El magnolia tree It is another interesting proposal, with delicate white flowers that paint an idyllic scene. But in this case the roots grow quite a bit, so increase the distance as much as possible from the wall. There are those who decide to cut its roots, however, this can cause the tree to not grow as beautifully. 

It is a tree that requires a lot of light, so think carefully before planting it, or reserve it, when in doubt, for another space a little further from the wall.

These are the 9 trees to plant near a wall. But, as we have seen, there are some species that are more recommended than others and it is up to you to find the most suitable one for your land. Remember the fundamental thing, which is the distance that must be maintained between a wall and a tree, which will be in line with how much that tree and its roots will grow.

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