When does the magnolia bloom?

magnolia blooms in spring

Magnolia flowers are large, scented, and therefore highly prized in gardening. In addition, the tree produces them in great numbers, to the point that the branches are almost completely hidden. So it is not surprising that it is a type of plant that is cultivated whenever it is possible.

So it would be nice to ask when does the magnolia bloom, because depending on the temperatures in your area it may take more or less; have a shorter or longer bloom; or even produce just a few flowers, or many.

What is the magnolia flowering time?

The magnolia flower is very big

There are about 120 magnolia species, which live in the temperate regions of Asia and America. One of the ones that is further south, and therefore one of the ones that best tolerates heat, is the magnolia grandiflora, which is native to the southeastern United States. This species is sometimes planted in tropical and subtropical climates, even in the Mediterranean when the soil allows it.

But there are many others that do not tolerate high temperatures, and therefore only flower when temperatures do not reach extremes. But even the most heat resistant variety can have a shorter flowering time if it is not sufficiently adapted.

In any case, you should know that a healthy magnolia and the conditions are favorable to it, will bloom between the spring and summer months. Regardless of the species, your flowers will bloom during one or both of these seasons.

Factors that can influence flowering

It is important to keep in mind that there are things that can delay, shorten or even prevent the flowering of the magnolia or magnolia. This is a tree, a living being, and as such it is exposed to a series of external agents that can harm it, such as these:

  • Spring or summer too hot: it would be advisable not to exceed a maximum temperature of 30ºC, especially if the magnolia is deciduous, since deciduous species prefer temperate but cool climates. For this reason, if, for example, in summer the temperatures remain between 20 and 35ºC, it is most likely that either it will not bloom, or that it will produce very few and poor quality flowers (that is, they will not open at all). , or the petals will dry faster than normal).
  • spring with frost: although we are talking about plants that can withstand the cold and also frost, if the temperatures drop below 0 degrees when spring has already begun to be noticed (due to the progressive increase in temperatures, the increase in daylight hours, and the flowering of other plants), the magnolia can delay its flowering if it has not yet started, or its flowers can abort and fall if they are covered with snow.
  • Lack of water, drought: no magnolia withstands long periods of drought. For this reason, we only find adult and healthy specimens in those places where, in addition to a temperate climate, they can enjoy abundant rains distributed throughout the year. In cultivation, if it does not rain much we will have to water it frequently; otherwise it will be very difficult not to flourish, but to stay alive.
  • The land is not the right one: Magnolia trees grow in soils with a low pH, that is, acid, between 4 and 6. In addition, these are light and fertile, so they contain enough organic matter so that the roots can absorb nutrients and, thus, maintain the well fed tree But not only that, but they also have good drainage, so when it rains the water is absorbed at a good rate, without puddles forming (and even if they did, they would be absorbed quickly). For this reason, they will not be able to flourish in clay soilsneither compact nor heavy.

How long does the magnolia flower last?

magnolia blooms in spring

Apart from the factors that we have talked about, it is also interesting to keep in mind the life expectancy of magnolia flowers, since it is very short. Although the plant is very healthy, it will be difficult for the flowers to remain open for more than two or three days.

But you don't have to worry about that, because if you're lucky, it will produce many throughout the flowering season. Thus, even if a flower closes and its petals fall, others will soon appear.

How long does it take to open?

It depends a lot on the conditions, but from when the bud appears and starts to form until it finally opens, about a week goes by. You have to be a little patient with this.

How to make the magnolia bloom?

For it to flourish, the first thing to do is to know what its basic needs are:

  • Shade or semi-shade if you are in the Mediterranean; sun if the weather is warmer and cooler.
  • acid earth. If it is in a pot, you must plant it in one with a specific substrate for acid plants (for sale here!), or with coconut fiber (for sale here!).
  • has to receive water frequently and regularly. It does not support drought.

If all this is done, then to help it flourish we will only have to do one more thing: pay it. To do this, we can use fertilizers for acid plants (for sale here!) or for flowering plants (for sale here!), or take advantage of and pay with an organic fertilizer and very rich in nutrients such as the guano that you can buy here!.

With all these tips that we have given you, we hope that your magnolia can bloom soon.

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