When to prune a monstera

When to prune a monstera

If you have had a monstera at home for some time, it will surely have grown on you. It is possible that a lot. So much so that you are wondering when to prune a monstera to have more visibility.

If that is your case and you have already prepared the scissors to cut the monstera, how about we tell you when you should do it and we help you know how to cut it so that nothing will happen to him or suffer? Go for it.

Why should a monstera be pruned?

leaves of a monstera

As you know, the genus of monsteras encompasses a large number of plants, specifically 45. Many of them have perforated leaves, which are perhaps what most attracts the attention of these plants. In addition, they grow quite quickly, they adapt well to any climate and they are not too fussy when it comes to care.

However, every x time it is necessary to subject them to pruning because they need it. Remove dead, weak leaves, those that intersect, those that grow downwards… are some of the tasks that are undertaken in pruning.

Keep in mind that a monstera can grow a lot, and sometimes wildly, invading the space that we don't want, or that another plant occupies. When left to her own free will, she can run amok, grow in an unexemplary way, or even damage herself (grow on one side and not on the other).

For these reasons, pruning is important. Not only for aesthetics, but also for health.

When to prune a monstera

adult monstera leaves

Although there is a quick answer to this question that you may be asking yourself at this moment (in summer the plant usually grows much more and you can see yourself in trouble), the truth is that there is actually another more complex answer.

The simple answer to when to prune a monstera is to tell you that they are always pruned in spring. Not at the end of summer and beginning of spring, but in that season, when the heat has not yet made an appearance. That means that it is better in the middle of the season (for the month of April-May) since that way it does not suffer from extreme cold or heat.

Now, we said that there is a more complex answer. And it is that, although it is in spring when to prune a monstera; That does not mean that throughout the other seasons you cannot carry out maintenance pruning. That is, remove a leaf because it has become ill, cut it because it has a plague... They are minimal cuts, it is not a pruning itself, but the objective is to clean up or avoid problems.

How to prune a monstera

Now you know when to prune a monstera. So now the only thing that should interest you is knowing how to do it. If you just want to cut it, there's not much of a mystery; but if you want to cut it and take cuttings (for example, to give to your friends or family), then you do have to take into account some points.

What do you need to prune a monstera

Let's start with the tools you will need to prune it. This will depend a lot on how big it is. But in general, what you will need are some thick gloves. The reason is that, in case you don't know, the monstera is toxic, and if you just touch it, when you cut the liquid it has, it can irritate you a lot, even more dangerous if it penetrates through a wound. Therefore, protect yourself well.

The next item you need are some Gardening scissors. You have to make sure that they are sharp to make clean cuts and also that they are disinfected. You can do the latter by passing a cloth with alcohol. Be careful not to cut yourself.

Lastly, we might recommend that you have some stairs handy. If your monstera is already big and has been growing vertically, then you need to get to the top, and that's where ladders come in. At this point, if possible, try to have another person by your side to watch them and thus avoid accidents.

plan the cut

perforations of a monstera leaf

With all the tools ready, it's time to look at the plant and see the leaves that are deteriorated (as well as the stems) and mark them for removal. As it is a plant that usually has many stems, in order not to get lost among them and end up cutting the ones that are not, we suggest that you put a rope or a bow to those branches and leaves that you see fit to cut.

That way, you'll know later to direct the scissors to the right parts.

Yes, we do not recommend making many cuts, as well as jerking it. The reason is that the monstera is a bit sensitive to pruning and doesn't like them very much (in fact, it is not recommended that you transplant it at that time because it will be very weak and can easily get sick at this point).

where to cut

We have already told you how to mark the branches and leaves to remove. But how to cut? Does it matter to do higher? Or at the base?

The experts' suggestion is cut just below the knots. Why there? Because, if you do it this way, the plant will have a better chance of recovering faster and also giving a stronger stem.

Cut to take cuttings

One of the reasons why you prune a monstera can also be because you want to take cuttings from it. That is, reproduce your mother plant. This can be done, especially since many times, through those nodes that we have mentioned before, aerial roots come out and these, in contact with the earth, develop the roots that allow a new plant to settle, small, but new and totally with the same behavior as the mother.

Some people prune monstera for this purpose, but instead of placing them in individual pots (or in other pots) what they do is put them in it. This is done especially when the plant is short of leaves and stems and thus it is given a bulkier appearance. In general, they can survive together if they have the pot or enough space, so there would be no problem in that regard.

There are those who leave cuttings in water so that they develop roots; others directly plant them. It depends on each one because both methods work well.

And up to here. You know when to prune a monstera and how to do it. Do you dare to take the scissors now?

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