Where to place a bonsai according to feng shui

Where to place a bonsai according to feng shui

In addition to wonderful specimens of nature, miniature treasures that offer us all the power of Mother Earth in a few inches that you can place almost anywhere in the house, bonsais have great symbolism. For Zen philosophy, these specimens are a bridge between the divine and the earthly. So, imagine how important they are. Although, you have to know where to place the bonsai according to Feng Shui. Because not just any place will do. 

For Feng Shui, the elements and the place they occupy have an impact on the energies, so that we can alter the flow of it, both for good and bad. With bonsai there is no exception and, what's more, there has been a debate about whether or not it is advisable to have one at home. As we are going to see in this article, there are different opinions on this matter. 

The Yin and Yang of bonsai

Speaking of Eastern philosophy, we know that Eastern people apply the theory of Yin and Yang, which recognizes that in everything good there is something bad and in everything bad there is something good. Everything has light and darkness at the same time. With the topic of bonsai, this belief is repeated, because there are those who believe that bonsai can be related to the limitation of growth, since, artificially, it is prevented from growing freely, as the tree would do if it were in a natural environment. Here, the dark or negative side of bonsai. 

Where to place a bonsai according to feng shui

Now, if we look at it from another perspective, these specimens are the result of hard work. Considering that bonsai reflects restricting growth, it may not be good to have one at work, because we could precisely cause our business to become stagnant. However, a bonsai at home can help people who suffer from an illness, preventing it from continuing to progress or home problems from multiplying.

These are both positions in relation to bonsai according to Chinese philosophy. But ultimately it is the person who must decide what to do, taking into account the feelings that the plant generates. Are you a lover in love with bonsais? So, if when you admire one and you are taking care of it you feel great, why not encourage yourself to have one? It is clear that, in this case, it will generate very good vibes in you. 

The best place to place a bonsai

Bonsai is a Wood element and, as such, it will have to be located according to this element, that is, we will look for a bagua space, let him look towards the east or southeast. In general terms, this rule will work well for you to locate your bonsai, although it will also depend a lot on the species, as we are going to see. 

Jade Tree Bonsai

If you decide to purchase a Jade tree bonsai, you will be betting on a specimen of great beauty and that, in addition, can attract prosperity to your home or your business, if you finally decide to put one. put it in a southeastern area and, soon, success and wealth will come to you, according to the beliefs.

The pine bonsai

symbol of longevity and also from the stabilityIf you feel attracted to him pine bonsai, place it towards the east or southeast. It will favor your personal growth.

The Pachira aquatic bonsai

Also known as money tree. You will imagine then that it is an ideal species to attract wealth. To call fortune, place your plant in the east, southeast or south.

Different areas to locate a bonsai and their effects

Where to place a bonsai according to feng shui

We are talking about locate a bonsai towards the east, the south or the southeast so that it attracts good energies. But what exactly can we expect depending on each location? What will each bonsai provide us depending on where it is oriented? What do you want or can you achieve with the help of the powerful energies of your bonsai? Let's see.

El Southeast is the area of ​​prosperity and wealth. It is positive to place a bonsai that has round and very shiny leaves, which can be either jade or money, among other specimens. 

El North is the zone of career and success. If you want a project to be prosperous and long-lived, place a pine bonsai to the north. It is the perfect type of tree and the ideal area for this purpose.

The East is the family zone and also health. If you are looking to improve health and family relationships, place a money bonsai or a pine bonsai towards the east. It won't take long for you to notice its effects.

The South, is the area of recognition and fame. And the most recommended bonsai is the pine bonsai, to achieve these goals.

El Northeast is the area of ​​knowledge and culture. Those who intend to be talented and cultured or achieve goals in their studies could place a pine bonsai in the northeast to see results.

As to Southwest, is the area intended for romanticism and interpersonal relationships in general. If you want better relationships, flirt or strengthen your marriage, place a Jade bonsai in the Southwest of your home. 

A cared for and healthy bonsai is a successful home or business

El type of bonsai and the area where you place it They are important for this plant to attract prosperity. But what is essential is that your copy be well taken care of. Try to give your bonsai the best care, so that it is healthy, beautiful and makes you feel good.

In addition, the environment influences and must be free of obstacles. Allow the bonsai room to breathe around it.

Also, keep order in the place. Remember that clutter attracts chaos in your home and life.

To balance energies and, incidentally, to decorate your home, caring for a bonsai can be an excellent option. But as long as the bonsai inspires good feelings in you and is healthy, beautiful and you see it growing, within its own restrictions. A living tree, in short. You already know where to place a bonsai according to Feng Shui and everything you need to know about it. 

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