Where to place my Boston fern


The Boston fern, a popular houseplant also known as the sword fern, is popular for its large arching leaves, which looks spectacular in a hanging pot or plant stand. Its cascading fall is unmistakable and very beautiful, providing a touch of greenery in your home or garden.

It is a plant that improves air quality in the home since it Ferns are ranked as one of the top 10 air-purifying plants according to NASA. This plant also restores humidity to dry air and helps prevent dry skin, nose and throat.

They say its name is Boston fern., refers to the fact that the plant was discovered in a shipment of ferns made from Philadelphia to Boston at the end of the 19th century, this fern was the smallest of the group of ferns in the shipment, It had a more attractive shape and was grown as a houseplant.

In this article we will explore how to care for the Boston fern and its best location, as well as other useful tips to keep the plant healthy and vibrant.

Boston Fern Characteristics

The Boston fern is a type of evergreen fern that is often grown as a houseplant. It is known for its spectacular arching fronds and vibrant green color. This plant is easy to care for and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

These ferns come from swamps and tropical forests in South America and the West Indies, which is why this plant prefers a warm, humid atmosphere, without direct sunlight.

They do not like extreme outside temperatures nor the air currents inside that come from air conditioners or heating. It is important to keep conditions stable because any change can damage the plant.

Requires moderate levels of indirect light and moderate levels of humidity. Boston ferns grow well at temperatures ranging between 15 and 23C°, They also enjoy plenty of water and good air circulation.

Where to place your Boston fern


When choosing the best place to place your Boston fern, It is important to take into account both temperature and humidity levels. This plant will do best in a location with moderate, indirect light, such as a bright window.

Remember that direct sunlight can burn and dry out the leaves. A north-facing window is usually the best option, as it will provide the right light intensity without being too bright. Additionally, it is important to maintain the Boston fern away from drafts and vents, as they can cause the plant to dry out.

Plant it in a pot

It needs to be about twice as large as the size of the original nursery pot. It is very important to verify that it has drainage holes.

This plant needs constantly moist but not soggy soil, and never let water accumulate in the saucers as its roots can quickly rot.

Si vas a hang the pot, you have to place it in a location that receives indirect sunlight or in a very bright bedroom, because it also detoxifies the air while you sleep.


You can place it on a windowsill, it should be a bright but slightly shaded place, the window facing north or east. Also in a sunny room, just avoid places with very little light or intense sun like a south-facing windowsill.

If you are going to place the plant outside you can do it since it is quite resistant, but you have to place it in a partial shade place out of the midday sun. If you had it as an indoor plant, you should do it gradually, start taking it outdoors during the day and bring it in at night for at least two weeks.

How to care for your Boston fern


Once you've found the ideal spot for your Boston fern, it's important to focus on keeping the soil and plant healthy. Boston ferns need moist soil to thrive, so It is important to keep the soil constantly moist, but not wet.

This can be achieved by watering the plant once a week, or whenever the first centimeter of the soil is dry. It's also a good idea to mist the plant regularly with a mister to help maintain its moisture levels.

In addition to regular watering and misting, it is important to ensure that the Boston fern receives enough nutrients. This can be achieved fertilizing the plant every 2-4 weeks during the growing season with liquid fertilizer balanced at half power. And finally, it's important to regularly prune your Boston fern to remove yellow or brown fronds and encourage new growth.

Other tips to keep your Boston fern healthy

There are a few other tips and tricks that can help keep your Boston fern healthy and vibrant. For example, it is important that you regularly check the plant for pests or diseases, as these can spread quickly and damage the plant. If you see any signs of pest or disease, it is important to start treatment immediately.

It is essential to regularly inspect the plant for any signs of root rot, as this can occur if it is overwatered or if the soil does not drain properly. If you see any signs of root rot, you should transplant the plant immediately into fresh, well-draining soil.

A good option is to water the fern over a sink and let it drain, and if the environment is very dry, it is ideal to spray the leaves regularly. If you notice some dark brown spots under their leaves, it is not a pest, but rather the spores through which they reproduce.

The Boston fern is a great choice if you want to incorporate it into your home for indoor plants, since they are easy to care for and provide many benefits. To ensure optimal growth, it is important to place it in a location with moderate, indirect light and keep the soil constantly moist.

Regular watering nebulization and compost can help keep the plant healthy and vibrant, and it is important to keep an eye on any pests or diseases. With proper care and attention, your Boston fern will thrive and provide beauty and air purification to your home.

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