The best wooden poles

wooden poles

The wooden poles They not only serve to delimit a space or make it not accessible to others, but they can also be a beautiful decoration, both inside and outside the house.

But, what should you take into account to find the best wooden posts for garden or terrace? How should they be maintained? Are they expensive or cheap? If all those questions crowd your mind, then we give you the keys to get the best ones and know how to choose them.

Top 1. The best wooden posts for garden or terrace


  • They are made of pine wood from Spain.
  • They have a diameter of between 19-20mm and 40 centimeters in height.
  • They are well sanded and straight cut on both sides.


  • The straight cut can make it difficult to drive it into the ground.
  • They may be few for depending on what work you want to do with them.
  • There is no exact diameter for wooden sticks.

Best wooden poles

25 Square Wooden Sticks (8 mm, 100 cm)

With a square finish, they are made of fine natural wood, but of good quality.

5 Pine Wood Sticks. 100 cm long and 2,2 cm diameter

You will find special pine wood sticks for crafts and wood crafts, 100cm long and 2,2 cm in diameter. The quality is quite good, but sometimes the tips may not be the same.

Mendi 100 Square Wooden Sticks 25 cm x 8 mm

They differ from others in that shape of these wooden sticks is square, and not round as usual. They are made of good quality natural wood from Spain, 25 centimeters long and 8 mm thick.

50 Wooden Sticks 50 cm x 10 mm

You will have 50 round wooden sticks with measures of 50 cm long and 1 cm thick. Each of them weighs 20 grams. They are sold sanded and made of pine wood from Spain, ideal for both crafts, as a plant tutor and for more utilities.

Mendi 6 Pine Wood Sticks. 120 x 2,8 cm (Natural)

Measuring 120 cm long and 2,8 cm in diameter, these sticks of top quality pine wood from Spain They are used for the garden, plants, crafts, for sports or gymnastics.

Buying guide for a wooden post in h2

There are many wooden poles on the market. But you need to know how to choose one or the other. Therefore, below we leave you a buying guide with the most important aspects to take into account.

In this case, when buying a wooden post you should pay attention to the following:


The length of the wooden posts is marked by the height they have since you can put them as long as you want (as long as you have posts). Now, although the vast majority are found in the market at a standard length, the truth is that nothing tells you that you cannot cut them to the height you need.


Quality is a very important aspect of a wooden post since how long this will last you will influence (There are other aspects such as use, maintenance, etc.).

You can find multiple qualities, almost as many as there are types of posts (bamboo, wood ...).


The wooden posts are not the same if the use that you are going to give them is indoor or outdoor. While both are beautiful in their own right and try to be ornamental, in addition to fulfilling the function for which you put them, the treatment is different.

And it is that outdoors, wooden posts must be primed and specially treated so that inclement weather does not deteriorate the wood in a short time.

Price range

Prices is one of the broadest variables that you will find. Depending on the type of wooden post you want, the price will go up more or less, the same as depending on the number of posts or the meters you buy.

In general, you can find this product between 15 and 50-60 euros. You must pay close attention to the number of clubs, centimeters in length, thickness ... which will affect the budget and the price itself.


wooden poles

The best maintenance of wooden posts is to cover them with a layer of varnish. Whether you have them protected from inclement weather, or they are outdoors, this application not only gives them shine and elegance, but also protects them from the aggressions of the weather, such as sun, rain, even air. It prevents, among other things, the wood from cracking and moisture from passing through it (which will cause unpleasant fungi or insects).

Of course, taking care of the wooden posts is important, helping them to look clean and preventing some from being in poor condition (and changing it before it affects the others).

Where to buy

Now that you know more about the subject of wooden poles, you may already be thinking about the uses that you can give it in your home, both inside and outside. But where to buy them? We propose some ideas that can come in handy for you.

The Amazon

Amazon is one of the places where you will find more variety. But not as much as with other items. In fact, have more accessories for wooden posts than posts. Even so, you find some that you don't see in other stores.


In this case, we recommend Bauhaus, where they have a section where you will find wooden posts. There are not too many to choose from, but the ones that do exist are of good quality and best sellers.


It is a store specialized in DIY and has a wooden section with which we will find some wooden posts for our projects. There aren't too many, but the ones there are they are functional for the uses that we usually give them.

Brico Depot

Another of the stores where you will find this type of product is Bricodepot, specialized in DIY and gardening. In the case of wooden posts, they have a limited selection of them, both in shape and length.

Now do you dare to put wooden posts?

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